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Hello guys! I am here with a refreshing recipe of my own experiments with food. I really loved the taste of cranberries in savoury, the flavour of raisins in Kashmiri pulao rice, the flavour of honey with chicken. This is what inspired me to try more combinations of sweet flavours in savoury.

Obviously health is the first thing that comes to my mind and the next thing is busy life. What can be better when you combine health and taste but yet save time. So try out this sweet and sour healthy wrap, perfect for lunch or a snack.


  1. Baby leaf Salad (Buy a small bag for multiple time usage and will need generous amount on a wrap)
  2. Rocket leaves (Less in proportion to Baby leaf salad)
  3. Green apple (Half apple per wrap-properly diced)
  4. Greek style Cheese (Buy less fat one- I buy from Sainsburys Be good to yourself50% less fat Greek style cheese)
  5. Raisins (I use red raisins, cranberries could be used as well)
  6. Honey and mustard dressing (I use light version)
  7. Balsamic glaze of Modena (I use Sainsburys Balsemic glaze of Modena)
  8. Tortilla wraps (I use multi seeded but wholewheat works too)

Once you have all the ingredients, you are just minutes away from this delicious, refreshing wrap.

  1. Heat the tortilla for 30 seconds in the microwave and then lay baby leaf, rocket leaves and diced green apple on it.
  2. Then take a slice of cheese (I use one block for 5 wraps at least) and put crumbled cheese on the salad of wrap.
  3. Sprinkle some raisins generously.
  4. Add some honey mustard and balsamic glaze on top.
  5. Wrap it and either swallow it or wrap in a foil for a later snack.

I cant wait to hear your responses and any recommendations are most welcome. Enjoy!


My experiments with food.

23rd February 2020

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