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Hi guys!
Welcome back to another post, one of my favorite blogs to read/vlogs to watch are full day of eatings so I thought you guys might enjoy this one as well! Since I made the decision to focus more on building muscle, how I’ve been eating each day has changed a little. I’m going to slowly be adding in more calories every other week & my body has actually craved more protein which has never happened before haha. I’ve been training a little harder so my body definitely needs more. I’ve been eating a pescatarian based diet for the past 1.5 years but recently have started introducing chicken & turkey back into my diet for that reason!

Happy Saturday! Every morning I drink 20oz of water before having anything else. It’s been one of my most impactful healthy habits! More water not only hydrates you, but keeps your skin hydrated & glowing, boosts energy, keeps joints lubricated, helps prevent muscle cramps & more! Your body needs water upon waking as we get dehydrated while we sleep. I find that drinking through a straw helps me get my water in more quickly, I aim for 120oz every day! I love filling up my Yeti the night before & putting it on my bed side table so I can easily reach for it every morning.

8:30 AM
I just vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher & threw in some laundry. Anyone else love getting up early on Saturday to get things done? I feel more accomplished haha. As I start to make my breakfast, I have my biotin & full-mega. Biotin helps my hair, skin, nails stay strong & grow healthy, while my Full-Mega is an omega-3 fatty acid which helps reduce inflammation in the body, improves heart health, regulates blood pressure & is known to aid in weightloss, lower cholesterol, improve cognitive function.. so many benefits!

9:01 AM
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 7.30.19 PM

Breakfast is ready! I’m having scrambled eggs with 1 egg, 3 egg whites & a little Mexican blend cheese. I usually throw in some diced tomatoes but Saturday is grocery store day! On the side I’ve got a packet of 100 Calorie Maple & Brown Sugar Better Oats. I love this brand because it’s less than 1g of sugar! Lately, I love topping my oats with a packet of Big Slice Apples  in the Cinnamon French Toast flavor. These little pouches can easily be throw in your lunch box & have alone, top onto yogurt with granola or put on some oats! I’ve only been able to find them at Aldi & bought all 20 packets they had of the French toast flavor haha oops. It’s that good!

Now that I’ve been sucked into watching Hallmark holiday movies all morning, it’s time for the gym! I’m having a scoop of Ghost Lifestyle Sonic Cherry Limeade preworkout. It’s not the healthiest supplement out there.. but I’m super sensitive to caffeine & this is the only one that doesn’t give me jitters or make me crash/feel nauseous. Plus the flavors are amazing!

Done with my workout! I’m having my post workout stack, this stack contains Phormula-1 (100% whey isolate) & Ignition (glycogen). Together these two ensure that your body properly restores glycogen lost during your workout & that your body uses all protein for muscle repair. Fun fact: Without something to restore lost glycogen, your body will actually convert some protein into glucose out of survival THEN use the protein for muscle recovery, so you’re not actually getting the 20+g of protein that you think you are. By pairing Ignition with Phormula-1, your body is able to use ALL protein strictly for muscle repair!

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 7.30.26 PM
I’m out running errands & grabbed a smoothie from Lifetime on my way out for lunch. I’ll usually wait 20-30 min after my post workout shake to have anything else to ensure it’s been properly absorbed into my body! My smoothie has almond milk, strawberries, bananas, OJ & a scoop of protein powder.

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 7.30.11 PM

Back home from getting things done & I’m feeling hungry (not new). My fav snack lately are caramel rice cakes with Maple peanut butter, banana slices & a drizzle of honey! I’m also having my Opti-reds & Opti-greens. This stack gives me a boost of energy so I love taking it mid afternoon. This stack can be bought together or separate but together it provides you with antioxidants, superfoods, 10+ full servings of fruits & veggies, an immunity boost, probiotics, promotes clearer skin, lessens bloating/stomach cramps, fights free radicals etc. My body can feel it if I skip a day!

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 7.29.59 PM
Dinner is ready! Earlier today I threw together some turkey chili in the crockpot. I’m using this recipe! I’m serving some Jiffy cornbread on the side. Anyone else have that all the time as a kid? It’s still under a dollar for a box haha.

You thought I would end this without dessert? Lolz. Chocolate Chip Cookies are my weakness & I love making them at home! I’m ending the night with 2 cookies & some sugar free apple cider!


That’s all! My day to day diet varies but I try to eat a healthy amount of fruits & veggies but also treat myself when I want. I don’t like being restrictive with my diet & think that tracking macros helps me stay in line with my goals as well. Hope you all enjoyed, let me know if What I Eat In A Day style of blogs are something you wanna see more of!


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