Sweet Corn Mac and Cheese


For the record, I really dont want this to be my Thanksgiving post.

There are things I dream of sharing with you for Thanksgiving. Coconut Sweet Potato Pie. Loaded Baked Potato Smashed Potatoes. Pecan Praline Pumpkin Pie.

Cornbread Dressing. Carrot Jus. Korean BBQ Turkey. Brie Biscuits with Cranberries and Pecans. Sweet Potato Cheesecake.

But, I do a million things and I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a childs snot bubble fingers were coming in hot at work earlier this week.

This is to say, my mind is there, and I am really trying, but I dont know that I will be able to do much more than Sweet Corn Mac and Cheese, which was meant to be a bonus Thanksgiving recipe for yall, because cheese and noods are always great additions to any holiday.

I am just a bit worn out. For good reason. It feels good that my energy goes to good places.

It also feels incredibly good that it went to a place where brie meets sweet corn and carbohydrates. Warm and gooey. Sprinkled with pink salt and pepper out of the oven.

Inspired by that ooze you get when you squeeze brie just a little too hard (which is DEFINITELY the thing I am grateful for this year).

Love you. <3

One Year: Bourbon, Brown Butter, and Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie
Two Years: Fig, Feta, and Scallion Cornbread
Three Years: Red Potato Gratin with Thyme and Manchego
Four Years: Roasted Shallot and Apple Mashed Potato Pancakes
Five Years: Brown Sugar Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce
Six Years: Spinach with Warm Fig and Honey Vinaigrette
Seven Years: Honey Buttermilk Biscuits

Sweet Corn Mac and Cheese
Makes one 8x8x2 square pan

1 16-oz package dried elbow noodles
3 tbsp unsalted butter
3 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1 cup vegetable stock
1 garlic clove, minced (optional)
2 scallions, light green parts only, sliced into rounds
2 cups brie (or saint andre), in chunks
2 1/2 cup sharp white cheddar cheese
1 15oz can sweet corn, drained
himalayan salt and pepper, to taste

Bring salted water to a boil and cook noodles to al dente following package instructions. Be sure to stir frequently so the noodles do not stick together. While the noodles are cooking, melt butter in a medium saucepan. Add flour and stir until combined and light brown. Add whole milk and vegetable stock and bring the mixture to a boil, whisking constantly until the sauce has thickened (about 3-5 minutes). Once the sauce has thickened, add garlic and scallions and stir for another minute. Turn off heat and stir in cheeses until completely combined. Add salt and pepper to taste. Preheat broiler. Drain noodles and pour into a large bowl. Add corn. Stir in cheese sauce, making sure the pasta is evenly coated. Pour the mac and cheese mixture into an 8x8x2 pan and broil for 3-4 minutes, until the top is lightly browned. Serve.

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