Let them eat PIE.


As pumpkin spice everything hits the market again this fall, it reminds us that every season seems to call out for its own flavor profile in the culinary. This seems to ring particular true in the world of pies as we think of the way ovens seem to call out for key lime pies each summer, an all-American apple pie every 4th of July and of course pumpkin pie this time of year. So move over cakes, this holiday season we are donning our dessert tables with pies that sing of the bounty of the season.

Our recently released holiday take-away menu once includes some fan-favorites such as the classics -  apple pie, traditional pecan pie and chocolate fudge pie. You can easily order and pick-up a variety so that each relative has a slice of their personal favorites.

For those wanting to kick-it-up a notch, we recommend the streusel-topped pumpkin pie with buttery streusel crumbs that will have guests coming back for “just another sliver” all night long.

Of course, for those who want to serve a plated dessert that ups the ante on pies, our newest creation is our Chai Pear Pie. We wrap fresh pears in a pie crust filled with fall Chai flavors and serve this with ice cream and a drizzle of local honey which makes for a beautiful and delicious finale to all your holiday meals.

We recently shared the recipe for our new Chai Pear Pie on Talk of the Town for those who want to try to recreate those at home, or better yet, give us a call and we’ll get your holiday order on the books that will make your dinner prep easy-as-pie. You can find our full holiday menu on our website.

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