Glazed Carrots


Quick and easy Glazed Carrots - Made with fresh sliced carrots, sweet brown sugar or honey and a few dabs of rich butter. This recipe is proof that it doesn't take much to upgrade a simple vegetable and make it beautifully shine, both in taste and presentation!

Glazed carrots shown served on a white oval platter set over a wooden tray and a green cloth.

Sweet Brown Sugar or Honey Glazed Carrots

You may find these are reminiscent of sweet potatoes but with a fraction of the time effort! And you only need 5 ingredients (plus salt and pepper).

Carrots are sliced on a biased, steamed in a skillet until nearly tender, then sautéed with butter and brown sugar or honey.

It's a simple method that has plenty of leeway for adaptations (variations I'd recommend are adding spices, tossing in dried nuts or dried cranberries, and finishing with other herbs such as chives or dill).

You'll find it to be a quick go-to side dish that will compliment so many of your favorite entrees, they may even take center stage for favorite item on the dinner plate. Even kids will love these!

It's often the simplest things that are the best.

Close up photo of glazed carrots with brown sugar and butter.

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