Easy Turkey Wrap


I don’t always have time to meal prep my lunches, or I run out of meat/veg/rice before I want to go back to the store… when that happens, I make a turkey wrap! I usually have turkey and cheese on hand for my kids’ lunches, and then just use up whatever else I have on hand.

Last summer our oven was broken, and my mom lent us her really nice toaster oven to get us through until Pete could fix it, and we ended up keeping it even after our big oven was working… we use it almost every day! It really steps this wrap up a notch.

I use Xtreme Wellness Spinach and Herb tortillas for this, I get them at Sams – I put a piece of wax paper between each wrap and throw the whole thing in the freezer… then when I assemble the wrap it thaws on the toaster oven and I don’t waste any tortillas by not using them fast enough!

One final comment – since I target high protein meals, I do weigh my turkey! I used to only put two slices on my sandwich… little did I know that was only ~30 calories / 6g of protein! Now instead of counting I weigh to make sure I am getting a full (or a bit more) than a serving…

My go-to method –

  • Add turkey and sliced cheese (I love swiss or havarti) to frozen spinach wrap
  • Broil in toaster oven 3 minutes
  • Add spinach, pickle, bell pepper, and a drizzle of low fat honey mustard dressing
  • Wrap and enjoy with fruit, veggies, Sun Chips, etc!

Get creative with your toppings! How can you add extra fruit or veggies? Matchstick carrots, avocado, tomatoes… Use mozzarella, tomatoes, and a bit of bacon to make it BLT style. What is in your fridge that you need to use up?

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