Dry Oats


I think I ate this for about 1.5 years straight for breakfast I would go to bed feeling excited to wake up so I could make this to eat, to the point that I got scared I was addicted (thank God I have since branched out to other breakfast options LOL).

Its impt that the banana is sweet and ripe/spotty ripe cos I dont use honey/sugar! If you buy it from NTUC, the malaysian selangor? baha-smth one is better than the Dole one. When I started to poke holes & microwaving it for about 20s, it made the slightly under-ripe bananas much sweeter so I could speed up the riping and increase the sweetness. The peel will become black but its ok!! i think..

The optional ingredients rly add depth to the flavour (I put if you can afford it for vanilla extract because the legit ones I got on iHerb are quite expensive). The instant coffee makes it abit more bitter & dark which is really YUMS esp if you like dark chocolate.

Okay if you try this lemme know if you like it :)


- 4 tbsp whole rolled oats   
- 1/2 tbsp peanut butter (Adam's naturals unsalted)
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder (Hershey's)
- 1 sweet medium banana (poke holes using a fork & microwave)
- 2 tbsp hot water
- 3 sprinkles of sea salt

Optional Ingredients

- Splash of chia seeds   
- Dash of Cinnamon  
- Half tsp instant coffee (Nescafe works) 
- 2 drops of vanilla extract (if you can afford it)


1. mash everything together with a fork
2. done

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