Cottage Cheese Ice Cream


Have you seen the videos floating around for “protein ice cream” aka a healthier version of one of our favorite dessert treats? Well I decided to dabble in the trend and attempted 3 different flavors for my container of cottage cheese.

1.    Chocolate Strawberry: I combined cottage cheese, fresh strawberries, honey, chocolate chips and a splash of milk. I blended until smooth and then froze the container.

2.    Chocolate peanut butter: Combined cottage cheese, honey, peanut butter powder, chocolate syrup and splash of milk. Again, blended until smooth and then froze the container

3.    Apple Pie: combined cottage cheese, honey, raw sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, apple sauce and a splash of milk. Blended smooth and then froze the container.

Each one tasted like cottage cheese, and were not sweet at all. I was hoping that once frozen and scooping it would give more of the ice cream feeling. But it was a complete fail. They did not taste like ice cream at all and they were not very good. 1/10 I would not recommend. I went out and bought real ice cream instead LOL.

Live to Eat,

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