Want to see your pet in the newspaper? Submit them for the Summit Daily’s Daily Pets series.


Each issue, Summit Daily News features a photo of a pet, their name and a few fun facts about them for the Daily Pets series.

If you want to see your pup, cat, turtle or other beloved pet featured, take the short questionnaire, submit a photo and keep an eye out on our back page.

Visit to submit an application.

  • A screenshot shows what the back page of the Sept. 6 issue looks like. Each issue, the Summit Daily runs its Daily Dog series where readers submit photos of their pups.
    Jenna deJong/Summit Daily News

  • Callie is a terrier mix whose favorite place to be scratched is on the neck.
    Kyle Zanetell/Courtesy photo

  • Sully for Daily Pets.
    Meagan Graham/Courtesy photo

  • Hawkeye is a Labrador retriever who loves to be scratched by the ears and on the belly.
    Caroline Bellace Hass/Courtesy photo

  • Frank is a mutt who likes to playfully attack his cat brother.
    Mandi Gerry/Courtesy photo

  • Sallie is a rescued mutt whose archnemeses are unfriendly people.
    Susan Thompson/Courtesy photo

  • Buckley is a blue heeler whose favorite toys are sticks.
    Rob Wild/Courtesy photo

  • Honey is a mini aussiepoodle whose perfect day would be to play with her puppy friends.
    Leigh Weyler/Courtesy photo

  • Eden is a Labrador retriever, pitbull, border collie mix whose arch nemesis is bunnies.
    Matthew Pena/Courtesy photo

  • Noodle is a dachshund whose favorite hike is Rainbow Lake.
    Lauren Schroeder/Courtesy photo

  • Snax is a German shepherd and husky mix whose favorite toy is her rainbow unicorn stuffy.
    Terese Berger/Courtesy photo

  • Duncan is a border collie who loves belly rubs.
    Andrew MacDiarmid/Courtesy photo

  • Apollo is a 7-month-old Siberian husky and German shepherd mix available for adoption at the Summit County Animal Shelter. He enjoys playing with his dog friends and can be high energy.
    Summit County Animal Shelter/Courtesy photo

  • Piggy is a pit mix whose favorite spot in Summit County is Carter Park.
    Andy Deligatti/Courtesy photo

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