Top 3 Reasons Movers Have Carolina on Their Minds


Music legend James Taylor recorded the hit song Carolina in My Mind in 1968 as an ode to his North Carolina roots. Nearly 55 years later, the song remains a soft rock classic, and more people are moving to the Carolina than ever before. Millennial movers are attracted the growing tech cities in the North Carolina Triangle and more urban Charlotte. At the same time, more retirees are long-distance moving to the Carolinas in places like the Outer Banks along the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina is home to fictional Mayberry, NC which made southern hospitality famous on The Andy Griffith Show during the 1960s. Beyond hospitality, Carolina has become an attractive relocation destination for out-of-state movers looking to escape from expensive, big city life.

NC Tech Jobs Continue to Grow in 2023

The North Carolina Research Triangle is the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill cities that have become a key tech hub with more than 150 companies owning / leasing significant office space. In fact, every notable player in technology has a presence including Microsoft, IBM, NetApp, Google, Amazon, LabCorp, and perennial SAS Institute in nearby Cary, NC. And while the Boston, MA and Silicon Valley ended 2022 with layoffs, the North Carolina Triangle is still adding jobs in an uncertain economy.

Why? North Carolina is attractive for corporate fixed costs. In fact, Los Angeles professionals who want to move to North Carolina could easily absorb a 30% pay cut without any financial hardship. That gives people real options for day-to-day living, especially in today’s virtual economy. While this is a top motivation for relocation, it goes deeper than just relocating for the next job. Inbound movers also include families and retirees too.

Reasons to move to carolina

Top Three Reasons Americans are Moving to Carolina

Affordable Communities

North Carolina has low rent, reasonable home costs, and low taxes making cost of living astonishingly more affordable than cities like New York, San Jose, Boston, and Chicago. New York to North Carolina movers can trade their 650 sq ft studio in lower Manhattan for a 3-bedroom condo in a Raleigh suburb (with plenty of free parking).

Top Private & Public Colleges

Moving to North Carolina with school aged children means top public and private colleges and universities. Duke, Elon, and Wake Forest highlight the private schools, while University of North Carolina, NC State headline some of the best educational buys in the U.S. Notwithstanding, the tobacco road sports rivalry between UNC and Duke is intense and legendary.

Friendly Neighbors

LA or NYC long-distance movers are in for culture shock (but, in a good way) In the tar heel state, North Carolinians are authentic, kind, and friendly. It’s likely you have a neighbor named Beatrice and the only thing folks want fast is NASCAR racing.  Living in Carolina is a team sport, and, like it, or not, you will get to know and speak to your neighbors without contempt. Pro tip for men: All women will address you as honey, sweetie, or baby. Most are not interested in you; it’s just their friendly, endearing chatter.  You’ll see!

With great higher education, affordable living, and some of the kindest neighbors you’ll
ever know, the Tar Heel state has become more than just a corporate relocation spot. It is attracting 
Millennials, families, and retirees alike. Interested? Take the next step and get a FREE Quote today.

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