The Strawberry Milk Recipe of Your Dreams


Hi guys, today I wanted to quickly share a fun drink that I made with Zaza in the kitchen. It’s cute, it’s pink and fairly healthy for a toddler’s diet. LOL, you never know what you’re gonna get with her – one minute she’s asking for cookies or eating green beans by the handful.

Anyway, this strawberry milk is super easy to make at home and you can make it as Barbie pink or baby pink as you like. I like to use frozen strawberries but you can obviously use fresh ones and throw in a few ice cubes.

Strawberry Milk Ingredients:

This recipe is so easy, has the best creamiest most mouth-watering delicious flavor too. It’s so much better than anything you can find at a store. Trust me here.

♡ 8 oz of water

♡ 1 tbsp coconut butter

♡ package of Arrae [“Bloat Latte”]

♡ few drops of Sakara’s beauty water

♡ 3 oz of frozen strawberries

♡ a squeeze of coconut nectar or honey

Blend it all together and sip. Zaza and I are big fans of fun cups. Her favorite recently is this Barbie tumbler and you’ve seen these ones with the daisy straw on my IG that I use.

Strawberry Milk Benefits:

♡ strawberries are packed with Vitamin C.

♡ you get healthy fats from the coconut butter.

♡ you’ll top up on important minerals thanks to the Beauty Water.

♡ you’ll be feeling so good because of Arrae [“Bloat Latte”]. It improves digestion, provides relief from gas and bloating within an hour, reduces IBS symptoms, contains herbal, organic ingredients, and is good for your microbiome. Just love all things Arrae, and you guys can use code SKINNY for 10% off your first purchase or 25% off a subscription.

♡ & it’s easy to spice it up with flavored almond milk, coconut milk, or even ice cream to make it more of a dessert drink. Even top it with some whip cream.

There it is, just wanted to quickly share it with you because you know we’re all about quick, easy & efficient recipes with health benefits over here. Super fun to do with kids.

It’s also the perfect drink to have while habit stacking. Here’s what you do: put on your favorite sheet mask (I love YINA right now), whip up your strawberry milk, grab your HOT MINUTE PLANNER & best pen ever, then head outside to get your morning light and plan your day. Sounds like the ideal morning to me.


x, Lauryn

+ be sure to check out how to make my Erewhon Pink Drink at home.

++ also, stalk this turmeric golden milk for so many benefits.


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