Spongelle Body Buffers & Bath Products from $5.60 (Team & Reader Favorites!)


Scrub up with savings on Spongelle bath and body products!

many colorful flower sponges on wood tray

Stop & smell the Spongelle deals! 🌸

Through June 30th, zip on over to where you can score 30% off ANYTHING – including sale items with our exclusive code HIP2SAVE30 at checkout! Note that the code does not stack with Subscribe & Save or other discounts. 

Our team (including Collin) can’t stop obsessing over the all-in-one Spongelle sponges! They feature built-in body wash so you can cleanse, exfoliate, and massage, in just one fell swoop– no extra product needed!

BUT, the very best part is that these sponges also boast a patented technology that prevents bacterial growth and resists contamination so you never have to worry about your sponge looking or smelling funky. Plus, they’re made in the USA and are vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free!

hand squeezing soap out of purple flower buffer

With award-winning fragrances, these sponges are perfect for the guest room and make the best gifts too! Plus, if you’re traveling this summer they’re easy to stash in your toiletry bag and sure beat hotel soaps.😉

Consider stocking up to hit that $40 free shipping threshold and you’ll have awesome body washes to use or to share for a while!

An additional $1.50 “No Worry Delivery” shipping protection charge may be added at checkout, but you can remove this by heading back to your cart and deleting it.

Lather up with these deals…

Body sponges on a tray over a bathtub with a geranium

Spongelle Coconut, Geranium, or Lavender Travel Buffer $10 (regularly $12)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $7!

Good for 5+ washes!

Spongelle Men's Super Pedi Buff

Spongelle Men’s ExtrememPedi Buffer $10 (regularly $18)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $7!

This all-in-one foot care tool works instantly to cleanse, exfoliate, and soften feet and is made with kelp and peppermint extract for a stimulating cleanse. Good for 30+ washes!

dinosaur shaped sponge

Spongelle T-Rex, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus Dinosaur Buffer $10 (regularly $18)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $7!

Promote playtime while cleansing at the same time! good for kids 3 & up for 14+ washes!

green star-shaped spongelle sponge

Spongelle Love Holiday Star Ornament $8 (regularly $14)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $5.60!

Good for 5+ washes!

spongelle sponge surrounded by white tinsel

Spongelle Believe Holiday Ornament $8 (regularly $12)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $5.60!

Good for 5+ washes!

had holding green and red butterfly-shaped spongelle ornaments

Spongelle Love Butterfly Ornament $8 (regularly $12)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $5.60!

Good for 5+ washes!

spongelle box and sponge

Spongelle Rejuvenate Hand Defense $8 (regularly $16)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $5.60!

Designed for frequent hand washing without over-drying like regular soap. Good for 40+ uses!

body wash bottle in water

Spongelle Beach Grass Body Wash $16 (regularly $24)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $11.20!

Infused with amino acids, pro-vitamin B5, and glycerin to soothe and nurture the skin’s natural barrier. Good for 70+ pumps!

white flower sponge next to box

Spongelle Winter Rose Multi-Use Buffer $14 (regularly $18)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $9.80!

Multi-function good for all over the body for 14+ washes!

white flower-shaped sponge with cinnamon sticks and honey

Spongology Cinnamon & Honey Multi-Use Buffer $14 (regularly $18)
Use code HIP2SAVE30 (30% off)
Final cost $9.80!

woman holding wildflower assortment pack of sponges

Lina loves Spongelle products!

“What fun products! I am a huge bath fan and have enjoyed adding Spongelle body sponges to my bath time routine. It has the most glorious-smelling soap built into the sponge, so you just add water. It turns into a luxury ‘treat yourself’ moment! I love how the sponge gently exfoliates, and you can hang it on the faucet to reuse.

These would make perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys experiencing high-quality bath and beauty products. The hand cream is also very nice and moisturizing to use afterward. I especially think the holiday pack would be fun to give as a gift for Christmas.”

woman holding Spongelle Flower over her eye

And our Hip readers can’t say enough good things about Spongelle…

Our family has been using these products for several years, and we love them! The scents are all so fresh and clean, and we have found that they consistently last longer than the suggested number of washes on the package.

I can’t say enough good about their Pedi buffers! I’ve been using them for years. I use it every day in the shower and my feet have never been smoother. Complete game changer for me! I gifted them for Christmas last year and everyone loved them. Also, they last a LONG time. Thanks, Hip2Save. I’ll be restocking today. 

I highly recommend these products! My friend gifted me one and it lasted 2-3 months of everyday use for me. The scent was refreshing and did not make me itch or get teary-eyed like BBW and VS products.

These are the absolute best for yourself or for a gift. I’ve gotten friends hooked on these. They smell so good. Anytime there is a sale or promo I stock up just to have.


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