Pico de Gallo-The Rooster’s Beak (Salsa Fresca)


Pico de gallo looks and tastes like a party on your palate! A colorful salsa fresca with meaty Roma tomatoes, zippy onion, aromatic cilantro, and snappy jalapeno is bursting with authentic Mexican flavor.

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over head shot of a bowl of pico de gallo

Why Is Pico de Gallo Also Called “Rooster’s Beak?”

Because that’s what pico de gallo translates to in Spanish, more precisely, “beak of the rooster.” Who knew?! There are a few ideas about how this Mexican dish was named rooster’s beak. Some say pico was initially eaten by pressing the index finger to the thumb, mimicking a rooster’s beak. People native to the Northwest region of Mexico use serrano peppers shaped similarly to roosters’ beaks in their salsa fresca recipes.

Tortillas chips’ festive forever partner, pico de gallo, has more than one name, such as salsa fresca (fresh sauce), salsa cruda (raw sauce), and salsa bandera (flag sauce). Flag sauce references the Mexican flag’s bright red, green, and white colors. Pretty cool, right? No matter what you call this super simple chop-and-toss salsa recipe, everyone else will call it fantastic!


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