People Are Sharing Pics Of Nearly Perfect Food, And Here Are 70 Of The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Ones (New Pics)


The primary fuel of the internet is, and you probably won’t be surprised, cat and food pics. Just like our fascination with felines is unparalleled, so is our endearing love for food.

Think of ice cream selfies, beautifully served dinner pics, cocktail dates, and all the times that people realized food is life and life is food.

This massively popular subreddit with 5.6 million members serves as proof of how much we all enjoy looking at the appetizing pictures. Below we prepared a new batch of freshly baked posts from the subreddit, so enjoy!

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#1 Sourdoughbaguette

Image credits: chikara27

#2 Cube Croissant (Filled With Pistachio Creme) - Copenhagen, Denmark

Image credits: cheesytodd

#3 My French Toast Jam Sandwich

Image credits: ohhomelygirl

The internet is run by cats and food pics. Correct me if I am wrong, but did you even eat anything if you haven’t posted it on social media? And the more lavish the dinner, beautifully served snacks, and wine glasses, the more food pics need to be taken.

Our enduring fascination with food reveals a lot of profound things about being human and bonding with others. Bored Panda previously spoke about the significance of food in our culture with the pediatric dietitian and feeding expert Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC, who is also the owner of Nutrition in Bloom, who explained why food is so much more than nourishment.

#4 Lemon Custard Dessert Called “Not A Lemon” In Duoro Valley, Portugal

Image credits: cheesytodd

#5 Amazing Curry Platter At My Local Curry Shop

Image credits: Osaka_Rambling

#6 Butter Chicken

Image credits: tokemynuts2

Rachel believes that food is about culture, history, joy, memories, and tradition. “From a social standpoint, food connects us with friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers. When you think about get-togethers with others, how often does it involve food?”

In fact, the universality of food connects us in a way that not many other things can. “The smell or taste of specific food can trigger vivid memories from the past, both positive and negative. The creation and repetition of these memories form traditions that are critical to the bonds which bring us together,” she explained.

#7 Homemade Rustic Cheese And Vegetable Quiche

Image credits: ohhomelygirl

#8 My Beef Wellington

Image credits: dirtybirdy1993

#9 My First Time Making Blueberry Pie

Image credits: thenameofbeautiful

So it’s only fair that food plays a quintessential role in internet culture. Since eating is an essential, universal daily activity, there's a very large potential audience for content about food here on the internet.

“When you combine that universality with the internet's obsession with authenticity, niche food traditions can explode into the mainstream in exciting ways,” Rachel explained.

On the other hand, the same virality can also have questionable consequences, Rachel warned: “whether by amplifying fad diets, introducing odd creations (pink sauce, anyone?) or playing into the negative stereotypes about what constitutes a healthy body size.”

#10 Homemade Tuna Salad

Image credits: ProjectA-ko

#11 My Attempt At Spicy Miso Ramen

Image credits: nix0nn

#12 One Of My Most Beautiful Boards I've Made Yet

Image credits: drocup_

#13 Thick Cocoa Brownies

Image credits: L0v3_26

#14 Cast Iron Shepherds Pie

Image credits: emorphousform

#15 Happy Pancake Day

Image credits: aminorman

#16 Chicken Katsu

Image credits: otiso_niloc

#17 My First Pizza

Image credits: Hl_IM_MR_MEESEEKS

#18 Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Pecan Cookies - Usually Found In The Oven 20 Mins After The Kid Is In Bed

Image credits: SlightMammoth1949

#19 Homemade Sunday Meatballs For The Family

Image credits: Nespower

#20 I Make Bagels; My Labmate Makes Gravlax. This Week, We Did A Collaboration

Image credits: vee-effekt

#21 Rice Cooker Pancake

Image credits: alejbondra007

#22 Mac And Cheese

Image credits: Kzombi3z

#23 15 Hour Potatoes With Chilli Aoli

Image credits: samspastic

#24 Dutch Farmers Gouda One With Sambal And Jalapeno

Image credits: mitch-mma

#25 My Mom Picks A Dessert Every Sunday, I Make It For Her. This Sunday It's Pistachio Cheesecake!

Image credits: TheCroatianCookie

#26 On A Cold, Winter Night Nothing Beats A Pot Of Stew

Image credits: bae_guevara_

#27 Burger I Made Last Weekend

Image credits: pixelatedvegene

#28 Double Smash Burger Deluxe I Put On Special Today

Image credits: BBQMeatTrain

#29 Bulgogi Burrito With Bok Choy, Rice, And Cheese. We Call It The "Korrito"

Image credits: BBQMeatTrain

#30 Cheese Tortellini In Cheesy Cheese Sauce With Cheese On Top

Image credits: szthesquid

#31 Creole Spicy Shrimp Étouffée

Image credits: aminorman

#32 Fish And Chips From Not London But A Little Restaurant In Bainbridge, Wa

Image credits: kellyyyannee

#33 Cremia Softserve (Made With Fresh Hokkaido Milk!)

Image credits: allstupidthings

#34 [oc] Would You Try A Sweet And Spicy Sourdough Pizza With Mangos?

Image credits: ItsZaTime

#35 Customer: "I Want A Lot Of Salmon“ Me: " Say No More Fam"

Image credits: Jackie_Rabbit

#36 Pizza With Chives

Image credits: naxotech

#37 Gnocchi In A Blue Cheese/Chives Cream Sauce W/ Bacon, Black Pepper And Parsley

Image credits: balalaikagam3s

#38 A Quick Attempt At 'Tonkotsu Style' Ramen

Image credits: Samlevistewart95

#39 Air Fryer Roasted Parmesan Potatoes! Recipe And Tips In Comments

Image credits: homecooking9

#40 Blt With Cheese

Image credits: guyinthesky

#41 Making My Waffle Stash

Image credits: kupzkie

#42 Friend Flounder For Dinner

Image credits: mibenyce

#43 Orange Chicken

Image credits: CaptainPussy

#44 Made My BF His First Chili Cheese Dog

Image credits: xbbn1985

#45 Matty Matheson's "The Bodega" Submarine Sandwich With A Side Of Onion Rings

Image credits: muddertung

#46 Home Made Pad See Ew

Image credits: KaleidoscopeNew745

#47 Homemade Bagels, First-Time Try

Image credits: SanDieganNewYorker

#48 Homemade Pan Pizza

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#49 Poached Egg Money Shot

Image credits: Dufusbroth

#50 At-Home Pepperoni And Hot Honey

Image credits: longstrangebeak

#51 I Made Bone In NY Strip, Caprese On Focaccia And Asparagus

Image credits: garypiginthecity

#52 Internals Of A Cube Croissant (Copenhagen Denmark)

Image credits: cheesytodd

#53 I Wanted Egg Rolls, Damnit. So I Made Some

Image credits: skyburn

#54 Breakfast Sandwich - Egg, Sausage, Hash Brown & Cheese (Belfast)

Image credits: kaworuscott

#55 Reverse Seared 2 Inch Ribeye

Image credits: Infamous_Chapter8585

#56 Sausage And Shrimp Gumbo. I Know You're Not Supposed To Mix Land And Sea But Yolo

Image credits: Levangeline

#57 Sunday Morning Full English

Image credits: FeelTheOneness

#58 Saturday Lunch-Beef/Lamb Gyro With Fries

Image credits: Ok-Difficulty5074

#59 Tonight's Party Dinner Is Chicken Strips (Normal, Garlic Parm, Gochujang, Buffalo, & BBQ) W/ French Fries

Image credits: softrotten

#60 Trying To Eat More Veggies, First Try At Beef Pepper Steak

Image credits: Moto_Glitch

#61 Heart Shaped Salmon Rolls, Practice For Valentine's Day Menu

Image credits: Jackie_Rabbit

#62 Chicken Wings On Point

Image credits: Jron690

#63 Poutine

Image credits: cookinwithclint

#64 Steak With Red Port Sauce, Glazed Carrot And Horseradish Puree

Image credits: brightonmann

#65 I Cooked A5 Japanese Wagyu Steak Served On A Bed Of Jasmine Rice

Image credits: BMWer2016

#66 Beer Daddy's BBQ- Nb, Canada

Image credits: maxwell_otto

#67 Mozzarella & Calabrese Salame Sourdough Pizza

Image credits: ItsZaTime

#68 Would You Eat A Burger With Two Thick Slices Of Melted American Cheese? Or Is That Too Rich For You? Breaking A 24 Hour Fast With This

Image credits: Crunchy-Banter

#69 Bacon Cheese Fries Fron My Local Pizza Place

Image credits: Therenegadegamer

#70 Homemade Spicy Meat Rolls In Puff Pastry

Image credits: mitch-mma

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