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Dave Grohl Cooks World Class Barbecue for LA Homeless Shelter.

4 People Who Were Buried Alive (And How They Got Out).

The Case For Shunning. People like Scott Adams claim they're being silenced. But what they actually seem to object to is being understood.(via Metafilter)

Their Hotel Room Came with a Surprise Cat.

Forget the Scenic Route, Take a Detour Down a Corpse Road

The Many Ways Bees Can Make Green Honey.

So, you’re in an inflationship…  Desperate young couples moving in together in order to cut costs  are playing with fire. (via Digg

This Florida House is a Technicolor Dream. Or a nightmare, depending on your point of view.

An old standup routine from John Oliver has a punch line that made me guffaw here alone at my desk.

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