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Happy Halloween and the last day of October, which means that today's post is my contribution to the photo challenge.
This month PJ gave us the theme of "liquid", now this I feel will be a very loose (pun intended) watery translation. Liquid of course doesn't just mean water and coming up with five photos was harder than I thought it would be. If you are a photographer or blogger who enjoys a good challenge. Go HERE for more information.
On the page PJ also has links for previous challenges if you're interested and a link to the FB group.
#photoblogchal Liquid

I grew up on the water and since moving to Georgia we are no where near the ocean. A few lakes but that is just not the same. My husband and I were off one weekend on an excursion and stopped at a hardware store. It was massive! We love places that are "different" so anyway, we there walking around and they had these wonderful water features for decks, porches and yards. I was just standing there enjoying the sound of the water, getting kinda teary eyed to be honest and he said "I can make one of those". Background music from Tool Time aka Home Improvement began to play in my head. LOL my husband IS a handy man, there are very few things that he doesn't know how to fix, but sometimes the process is questionable. Sorry honey but it's true.
This is my water feature, it gives off a little bubbly sound and for now helps me center myself and calm my anxiety.
When I lived in NC it was easy, I would just stop at the park, boat ramp, downtown area and listen to the waves. Not so easy to do in HOTlanta.
 If you've stopped by before you'll know I'm a huge animal lover. Any animal will do but we have a plethora of wildlife that frequents our yard. I feed them, yes, all of them. The deer, squirrels especially, chipmunks, birds, raccoons and neighborhood kitties.  Having just gone out to place the morning feed I was heading back in and saw this spider web covered in due droplets. I grabbed my camera.
As I mentioned, I grew up on the water. This past week I had the pleasure of visiting friends in Florida. So of course I had to include at least one picture from that trip.
LOL actually two, but one is a craft fail. Still liquid. In a few days there will be a post about the craft fail because it was just so much fun and entirely too funny not to share.

Reflections, liquid, color and interesting perspective of a glass of juice.

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