Introducing, My Kitchen Little


We are so excited to share here with you that we’ve started a brand new website dedicated to the many varied aspects of food that we love and that we want to continue to explore – My Kitchen Little.

For 6 years, I’ve loved writing and exploring my own culinarily creative interests via this blog, Harvest and Honey. But where H & H has, frankly, been all about me, My Kitchen Little is meant to be all about YOU. This is why I felt the need to create an entirely new site – a new, fresh beginning.

I want to create helpful, valuable content that will inspire other people who share my own creative interests, be they photography-based, writing-based, or more in the cooking realm. Designed to be a nurturing space filled with resources for “the culinarily curious,” My Kitchen Little is filled with easy, realistic recipes for people who have small budgets, small spaces and who are short on time – every original recipe takes less than 10 ingredients to make. What’s more, they’re all distinctive and unique … you’re not going to find 50 other versions on Google or Pinterest. We wanted to create fresh recipe content that will inspire you to get cooking, and we work hard to write recipes that are truly simple to prepare.

In addition to being a solid, reliable recipe resource, our hope for My Kitchen Little is that it will also serve as a place for other culinarily creative souls who are seeking information, inspiration and a supportive space to further their own work. We’ll share everything from food photography and styling tips – things that we employ every single day, to free Lightroom presets, social media know-how, and successful writing and content creation strategies that really work. We have worked in the food realm in several capacities for over a decade now, and have so much to share – and that’s exactly what we’re going to do over on My Kitchen Little.

A helpful haven. A home cook’s handbook. A space to learn and grow and, if none of the things in the previous paragraph strikes a chord – then it is simply a place for your next favorite dinner recipe. Because we know a thing or two about how to dinner.

We hope you get the chance to click around and check it out. If you cook our food, let us know! We’d love it. If you read the articles in our crEATive’s Space, we hope they’re truly helpful to you. With that, we’ll leave you with a quick taste of what we’ve got going on over at My Kitchen Little Right Now

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