If There Is One Thing I Could tell My Past Self…



The freedom experienced after being trapped in life’s corners.

Nothing being resolved externally, but internally all is shifted.

I walk between two world — paradise and past troubles.

The jubilant exhalation of peace after turmoil.

A purification of the soul and rejuvenation of the spirit.

In flesh God resides here with me.

In waking hours it is felt as dancing within my heart.

In sleep it is felt as the nectar of honey and softness of loves kiss.

The divine present moment felt as anticipation.

Gratitude of past and present collide with excitation of what is to come.

What a divine blessing that life is always moving forward!

The struggle never lasts and Divine Will always prevails!

All we have to do is remain still in the heart in the middle of the storms.

Using virtues as life-rafts.

Set your sights on the brightest star to set your course.

Even if it seems to grand a mission for you.

Your humility is the best insurance policy for your success.

NO ONE can interrupt your course when you are love in actions, speech and mind.

If there is one thing I could tell my past self, it would be:

“Relax and be grateful.

Your love will be your protector:

Your amour. Your strength. Your success.

Rest and be grateful.

You are loved.

Be the love you are.”

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