I Think I’ll Have The Stewed Prunes Please...


There has been a lot of talk lately about diets. With the weather warming up it seems a common fad to cling to the latest greatest offering in the hopes of obtaining that bikini body – not me, I gave up on the bikini body somewhere in primary school ( I have the photo somewhere to prove it!)

However, this doesn’t mean I’m exempt from the hype – actually to be honest Im probably the instigator. Having road tested every fad known to man several times over I’ve currently just finished one to jump ship and try another – (Im on a quest to loose some pre-Christmas weight so I can return to ‘normal’ size after the feast of pudding, it’s my logic!). Diet’s never seem to suit me. Im always hungry….go figure. It was only when I was looking through an old recipe book from the 1970’s that I came across this one that I thought looked pretty doable. With the exception of all the things listed that I actually would NEVER eat, I did feel that I might be able to manage the ‘Hot Buttered Scones’, ‘Homemade Ice Cream’, and Toast with Honey accompanied by a milky coffee.

By the way, I do like the fine print at the end that goes on to say ‘Everyone is different and you can basically ‘swap’ out foods you or your family may not like. This is just a guide’.

If only all food plans where so relaxed maybe my ‘staying power’ would improve x

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