I managed an honest tracking day!


Friday 27th January 2023
Be the reason someone smiles today.

Well 6am and the idea of a lie in didn't happen!  Hey ho, I've slept really well the last few nights and apparently I haven't snored so what's changed I don't know but if it stops him having a dig it's all good.

A cracking day yesterday, lovely huddles, new members, success and struggles alike but all going home positive and ready for the week ahead - that's one of my good things for the day for sure.

I managed a full day of tracking 100% honestly FINALLY, it's been a while since I can say I did that, actually I've just looked it was the 6th January when I did an entire day!  It felt good because I was honest, my day wasn't perfect but I need to get over the fact I don't just track on good days.  My day looked like this; 
368 calories for toast!  I need to think about breakfast and what to have.

I found this in the freezer, it's the last Admiral Pie I buy, it was all sloppy mash and barely any fish.  
290 calories which is low but I can find better foods. 

Fish Finger bap with tartare sauce and cheese slice plus salad.  The boys had onion rings with theirs, I ate one.

I found a handful of honey cashews on the coffee table he'd left and ate them just because they were there!  I also had some wine, I finished on 1999 calories - it's progress!

Another good thing was dropping off £130 to The Arc Cat Rescue from our members, just brilliant! 

My blog isn't being read so much this week, I think partly because I can post it in groups anymore I think but that's going to be a permanent thing because Facebook will keep banning me from the groups if I do.  It's been difficult not being able to comment on anyone post in our group, I keep forgetting and commenting only to be told, I'm not allowed until the weekend! 

Well my morning has changed, I've now got to drop his car off at the garage to be fixed and he's took mine to work!  I was going swimming but I'll walk back from garage instead, it's all exercise, just a different form.  When I get back I'm having some tv time though, I'm on second series of Power, my sister was right, it's good.  It's bliss not having to watch car videos on YouTube, that's what I got back to last night, him and Aryn talking about cars, which is lovely because their connecting but damn it's dull.

Chicken for tea but I'm yet to decide what to serve with it, I have the makings of a risotto from Hello Fresh which I might cook and instead of using the chicken they sent which I've frozen, we can have the rotiserrie chicken I want to cook nom nom.  I'm going to be a rebel and cook it lunchtime and eat all the skin then give them skinless chicken for their tea ;)   Now I've just googled chicken skin calories and if this is true, it's worth every calorie!

Right I'm gonna get myself dressed and ready for my day, let's make it a good one shall we!

Mwah, luv ya 

love me x

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