“I Just Grabbed An iPad Out Of The Gift Closet”: 88 Times Rich People Made It Clear To Everyone Else Just How Out Of Touch They Are Without Even Trying


‘Money talks’, they say. So do rich people themselves, but oftentimes, the things they say can seem quite out of touch with reality. And understandably so—when you’re used to a certain lifestyle, something different can be quite shocking or difficult to comprehend. How someone can’t buy a second car just because the AC is broken, for example. Or why public transportation is still a thing.

These are a couple examples that were shared by the ‘Ask Reddit’ community members after the user ‘BananaBR13’ started a thread about bizarre things rich people say. The redditors were happy to discuss what they’ve heard coming from the mouths of some wealthy people, and we’ve gathered some of the most exceptional conversations in this list today. Scroll down for the snippets that reveal how differently rich people view reality.


One time a client’s kid gave a coworker an iPad. Brand new, unopened box. My coworker was a little uncomfortable receiving such an expensive gift from a kid.

The kid just said “don’t worry, I just grabbed it out of the gift closet.”

We were confused, so we asked him what a gift closet is. Apparently, their family keeps a whole closet loaded with stuff like this - Apple Watches, cameras, iPads, etc so that whenever they need to give a gift, they always have something on hand.

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“Why don’t you just buy a house? It’s going to be cheaper than paying rent.”

Thanks. Just let me find the down payment that I don’t have yet.

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Why have roommates at all? I don't think anyone I knew had roommates. Seems like too much trouble. Just spend the extra hundred on rent and live at peace.

-an 80 year old man.

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"Oh you get seasonal depression? Why don’t you just go to the Caribbean for a week and the Mediterranean the next? It always helps me.”

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I have a friend and she is very wealthy. She was talking about finding a charity for Christmas. I mentioned that there were people going places and paying off Christmas lay a ways. I mentioned a town I grew up in as a possibility. I told them the per capita income is 9k. And she said, “9k a month!!!! How do those people live!!!” Then I had to tell her 9k a year. She was floored.
Edited to say: she is actually a very very sweet and caring person and donates millions a year to so many wonderful places and causes.

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A button fell off my jacket. My rich friend recommended where to buy a new jacket. When I took out the needle and thread, he was very confused.

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I do IT for the 1% in LA. This is my life all day. “My son crashed his Mercedes, so he and I will stop by the dealership to pick up a new one.”

“You sure he won’t crash that one too?”

“It’s just a car, we can always replace it.”

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“I don’t think I’m rich.” Said to me by an A-list actor who has made six figures per episode and owns at least 2 multi million dollar homes.

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"Poor people are poor because they're lazy."

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My boss asked me why I didn’t just buy a house in her neighborhood instead of renting an apartment. The houses there were $300-500,000 (very pricy for my area), and she was paying me $9/h….I had literally just applied for food stamps.

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This actually happened:

I work for a large tech company. My first year there, I had a co-worker that had God level money. We were booked for a business trip to London. I boarded the flight, didn't see him, thought he missed the flight.

I get off the plane and he's texting me from our hotel in London. He arrived 5 or so hours before I did. I get to the hotel, check-in and meet him for dinner. I ask if he took an earlier flight as I didn't see him.

Nope. He told me he was racing his vintage Ferrari(s) in Southern California, lost track of time. Realized he was probably going to miss the flight so he flew his own jet to NY (with the Ferraris on-board), then "grabbed a flight on the Concord" and beat me to London.

And he genuinely said this like he'd just grabbed Starbucks on the way home. He was incredibly down to Earth and very humble, but his assessment of everyday life related to travel was so far out of my realm of reality.

That was my first brush with God level money.

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“Money doesn’t buy happiness”.
I understand the intent behind the saying and obviously money doesn’t physically buy happiness in and of itself, but anyone who has lived poor can understand that that’s kind of nonsense. I’ve been at points where I had zero anything. No money, no resources, nothing to fall back on. I’ve gone hungry. I’ve struggled just to pay for the most simple things. Anything that breaks is a huge problem. When you’re completely broke or struggling to make ends meet, more money would absolutely make you happier. Not having to worry about food makes people happier. It seems that it’s always people with money who say that phrase.


"I think there's a book bound with human skin in here."

- billionaire showing me his sibling's extensive library. He was high and immediately retracted it when he realized he'd said that to someone he'd literally just met hours before.

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My ex was a teacher in a private college in Switzerland. Once she asked her class (5-6 kids coming from ultra rich families) if they knew the price of a loaf of bread. First reply: “uhm… 100 Euro?”

Another time a kid from UAE told her he was paying about 15k of phone bills a month, because he was still using his Emirates SIM card, in roaming all the time. He said it wasn’t much.

Some of them were usually ordering sushi delivery for lunch or dinner, from the nearby city (like 20-25km down from the college which is up in the mountains). It’s like 1 hour round trip by car. They were paying 100-150 CHF delivery fees and thinking that was normal.

The horrific thing is that these kids will be the top managers of tomorrow.


I was complaining about mortgage payments, and she said "I know, I finally just took the money out of savings and paid mine off so I wouldn't have to worry about it every month."

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New CEO started for a large company I used to work for, and six months in she announced changes to the office schedule. No more work from home days (this was years before Covid), and no more flex schedules: strict 8-5 for everyone. This negatively impacted parents like me who dropped their kids off at school on the way to work.

In a subsequent meeting where many of us expressed the difficulties with this new schedule, she at one point said, "look, I get it, change is hard. When our kids were little we had to have three nannies!"

I started looking for a new job right after that.

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When I had to explain to my roommate that I couldn't go with him on an expensive multi-week vacation because I had to work and all of my money was going toward the rent/car payment/etc coming up. His dad paid for his rent, his car, his university tuition, his vacations, etc.

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I complained about going an entire summer without ac, and she asked me why I didn't buy a new car.

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Our CEO mourned having to sell 4 of the company’s private jets in a town hall meeting because it was really personal to him and hurt. Meanwhile the personnel cuts were described as necessary in the same meeting.

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“My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.”

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“Why does public transport still exist?” This dude was legitimately convinced that there is no reason for public transport to still exist. He thinks that everyone is rich enough to afford cars

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Back when I worked in payroll a doctor yelled at me because his administrator didn’t process his bi-monthly incentive on time so it missed his check. He was supposed to go pick up his new Mercedes with that money (it was 6 figures) so he threw a fit to have a check cut that day. Two weeks later that same doctor did not approve a check to be cut for an hourly employee whose hours (2 weeks worth) didn’t get approved on time because it was only $1000 and they wouldn’t miss it. I had to go above him to get it approved because I knew that employee would definitely be negatively impacted by not being paid on time.

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A coworker of mine was talking with a parent once (summer camp in a rich town). The parent mentioned how she loved my coworkers dress, and wanted to know where she bought it, with the stipulation that it cost under $10,000… turns she had bought the dress on clearance for something like $10. When she explained this, the parent just laughed like it was a joke, saying “no really, how much was it.” Never seen someone thaaat out of touch.

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In college I was washing a bowl in the sink and someone said "that's the weirdest thing about college for me, not having a dishwasher."

I said "man I didn't have one until high school and it was s**t so it couldn't clean pans."

Him: "oh, I meant like someone to wash the dishes for us..."

Me: "you're joking, right?"

He was not joking, but I got invited to their upstate place for spring break so that was cool

Edit: it had a pots and pans mode, which we tried exactly once. Turns out it couldn't wash anything even remotely stuck on, so we usually just washed them by hand anyways

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I was at a table full of wealthy people in Boston where they all lamented about how difficult the upkeep on their second and third houses was. This is while I can barely rent 1 place.

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Not to me but near me "I would pay money to see The Hunger Games if it was real".

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Taught high school at a private school making $35k a year busting a*s to barely make ends meet as a single parent. Lots of rich kids and out-of-touch parents. At conference time, this mom whose husband was the CEO of an energy company pulling an annual salary of like $30 mil came in. The conversation turned to house projects. They were renovating their 3,000 sf basement and she was complaining about the expense.

In an effort to find common ground with her, I told her something like "Oh I get you. I'm having plumbing problems and need to replace all of my exterior plumbing lines. Thank goodness for my tax refund or I wouldn't be able to cover it." Her response: "Oh honey, be grateful you even GET a tax return. I haven't gotten ANYTHING back in twenty years!"


“If you’re worried about flooding, why not just go to your second home until the storm passes?”

I rent

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My husband and I were in the process of buying our house abs I was discussing with a coworker that I was concerned that we didn't have enough for closing costs. My boss says "just ask your parents to help. My in-laws gave us $50,000 when we got our first house and we've given each of our boys $25,000 to buy their first homes". I had to explain that my parents were poor and couldn't do that. She couldn't comprehend why my parents couldn't just give me thousands of dollars.

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Just last week, this rich, ultra-libertarian a*****e I know from a hobby club I'm a member of told me that "everyone can get rich if they only work hard". He said this in response to me telling him about my financial problems (afterwards I deeply regretted having done so). He also said that poor people don't deserve any pity because they're just lazy. He then went on to brag about how much he had worked in his life. I always find this so stupid and obnoxious. Why do these people assume that I'd be impressed by them throwing away their life like that? "Look at me, I never spent any quality time with my kids, neglected my wife and my friends and never went on a long vacation despite my immense wealth because I spent every hour of every day of my life working. Ain't I amaaaazing???"

Anyway, I pointed out to him that his logic was complete nonsense because his cleaning lady would never become a millionaire, regardless of how hard she worked. He actually flat-out denied this. He claimed that even for a cleaning lady, it was possible to become very rich if she works hard and saves up her money. I was like: "Okay dude, you clearly don't live in reality."

He had other very annoying and offensive opinions that he shared with me. For example he complained about minorities being over-sensitive and receiving too much protection. He said this stuff to ME, a member of a minority group (I'm physically disabled). He complained about a prominent case of racism that happened in our country and said how it was "nothing" and how "no one is actually harmed by this." I told him: "That's hardly something you can judge, considering you're a white person." He claimed that he could judge it just as well as any colored individual. Later in the conversation he also claimed that he knows what it's like to be disabled and that he can judge whether something is ableist or not, even though he's never been disabled himself. I was extremely hurt by this to be honest. It was so incredibly disrespectful. And the whole conversation was just beyond frustrating.


Overheard but - "yea I keep my golf membership there (different state/city) in case I pop in. It's only like 100k so worth it".

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Husband’s friend grew up very wealthy. We were walking through a mall and someone commented on how people had left a mess at one of the tables at the food court and how s****y it was that someone had to clean it up. He said- “well, if he didn’t want a s****y job, then he should have gone to college” as if everyone can afford it- mind you this kid’s parents put him through college and he never even had a job until he graduated and Daddy’s business hired him. So out of touch.


I'm a university professor, and years ago we had a really fancy fundraiser/event to open a whole new building, with a bunch of very rich people at a reception and concert. Faculty members were there to mingle and make connections, dressed much more nicely than we do normally, as staff employees (mainly student workers, *in uniform*) wandered through the crowd serving drinks and finger food.

So there I am in a nice suit, in a group conversation, and this woman in a fancy gown turns to me as says 'would you please get me glass of champagne?', to which I reply (with all friendliness, because this is embarrassing, right?) 'oh I'm sorry, I'm not event staff, I'm a member of the faculty.' To which she replies 'oh, I know, would you get me that champagne?'

That's the day I learned that, to the truly wealthy, **all the rest of us are servants** who have to work for a living (dirty, filthy work), and since we're workers, we do all the work, all the time. They don't work, *at all*; they're rich.

(I did not go get the glass of champagne.)


From my old boss: "I feel like you can't find a decent place to live around here for less than $8 million"

I bet you can...

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"If your car is broken why don't you just go buy a new car?"

He was dead-pan serious.

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I didn't go to college for seven years after high school due to struggles with alcoholism and bipolar disorder. A kid I worked with asked me what I was doing working and going to school at 25, and when I said i took time off due to personal issues, his response was "Wow, if you're not making at least 100 K a year at 25, you've basically f****d your life up."

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Not a quote from the person but me and my sister were planning a weekend trip with our two cousins and one of them just could not understand how and why we couldn’t make the trip longer and couldn’t seem to understand the concept of taking time off work and that we can’t just not show up whenever we feel like it.

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The person who underpaid me told me to get my kids out of public school and pay for private schools.

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Not my story, but my best friends.
He was at work and got a call from his boss who had been out to lunch. So he answers, and his boss goes:

“So… I just tried to use my card to pay for lunch and the machine said “insufficient funds”.
What does that mean?”

This boss was about 26 and came from a very rich family, and had never had the problem of “running out of money”.

My bestie who grew up in housing commission and had worked his a*s off to get to where he was had to very calmly explain that it meant there wasn’t any money left on that card.

The reply:
“Oh whatever, I’ll just pay in cash - (to the server) can you break hundreds?”


Some corporate jackass big shot with his f*****g head up his a*s who’s never worked a day in his life came into the supermarket I worked at the one night, and was mad we sold out of rotisserie chickens a half hour before close. He said the case should still be full until close, and asked why it wasn’t. When I told him that if I put too many on after a certain time of day, we only end up with tons extra that we have to throw away at the end of the night. This dumb useless f**k said “I don’t care, the important thing is that we create the *presentation* (pronounced like he was onto some genius idea I’m too much of a peon to understand) for our shoppers that we always have an abundance of food ready for them.” So now, as per his command, I have to throw away 64 chickens a night - close to $700 worth of food. Meanwhile, all of us who work OT there still don’t make enough to pay rent and food shop in that every same store. It took every bit of patience in my body not to punch this m***a fuckas teeth out.


A friend of mine said to me about a year ago (I'm paraphrasing);

"You should really get your own house man. I know it's hard to leave your parents behind but I can tell you from experience it's completely worth it. Just do it and I promise you won't regret it."

He, of course, received as a gift from his parents for his 25th birthday a 4 bed 2 bath home in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Houston. A gift as in, they paid cash upfront, bought it outright and signed it over to him.


The owner of the pool supply company I worked for was looking at gold coins on a website on the computer I used to sell swimming pool parts online. I was on my lunch break, so it was no big deal. He pointed to a solid gold coin that was being sold for $2,400.

I admired it, saying it looked nice. He turned his head to look at me, and said, as if it was perfectly reasonable, "There's two of them, want me to put you down for the other one?"

I was making $9 an hour and only working part time. Like I could afford to throw down that sort of cabbage on a f****n' coin.


I worked as a tow truck driver for a little bit. I got a call that a customer needed their car towed from the police impound. I get there, and it’s a 7 series BMW. I didn’t even want to touch it, because they’re expensive af and are notorious for transmissions that disintegrate when moved in park. The owner wasn’t even there, it was his man servant, and he knew nothing about the car. We ended up having to call the owner for something, and he basically told me he didn’t really give a s**t what happened to the car because he already got another one, because he couldn’t wait for the impound to open.


My husband was on a business trip w some rich people in Hawaii. They asked why I didn’t come-he told them I was home with the kids. The guy says “well-couldn’t the nanny just stay with them?”

Nice enough guy-just out of touch for sure.


Years ago I was hired to fly a helicopter for a woman with 9 kids. For a few weeks I would pick out different aircraft and show them to her so she could decide. The cost difference between a helicopter that holds 4 people and a helicopter that holds 11 is about $20 million dollars.

She asked me if some of the kids could just hang on the outside since it was only a short flight to the airport where her two gulfstreams were.

That was my last day. I despise being the reality broker for crazy.


“People shouldn’t be buying steak with food stamps.” What the hell do you care what other people eat? People on food stamps get a finite amount of money per month either way. It’s like saying that the peasants shouldn’t be allowed to eat what the wealthier get.


While I was waiting on them, I had a couple ask me what kind of boat I have. I said "sir, I'm a waitress. I have a used kayak".


I used to work for a charter jet company and one of our most popular destinations was a mountain resort town. One time on a holiday weekend a massive snowstorm blew through said town and pretty much closed everything down including the airport. We had several people offer to pay extra for us to still fly them in. After being told that the airport is closed so nothing they could offer us would get us to fly in they asked if they could pay the airport to let us fly in anyway.


My old roommate said of his then boyfriend "If he needs a new car why doesn't he just ask his parents for one?"

This is also a man whose parents bought him a brand new Volkswagen SUV when he was 31 years of age.

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I dated a girl from France who was just like insanely rich. She was a good egg and like scary smart, But she just been insulated her whole life. Private school private college straight into a well-paying job.

Couple of gems:

Didn't know public pools were a thing. First she thought they were just an American thing that I had to sit her down and say" no they have them in Europe too"

Had to explain that no the woman we saw in the park picking recycling out of the garbage cans was not doing it just to be an environmentalist

Showed me her insanely expensive jewelry after knowing me for less than 2 weeks. Had to sit her down and tell her why that was not a good idea


2008, Great Recession: My job was cut from full time salary to hourly and then my hours were cut regularly. My boss, the business owner who was in the midst of a company-paid whole home remodel, handed me my paycheck and said “Wow, you don’t make s**t!”


"youve really never been on vacation? i cant imagine not having my yearly trip."

some people grow up low income, emily.


I used to work in private schools,

Story 1) I heard on of the kids (aged 14ish) say “I’d eat the pizza the sell her if they put truffles on it, the pizza is just poor” dead a*s that was some top f*****g tier pizza

Story 2) the head teacher of my second school (it was a really small school 11 staff and 60 kids) refused to drink tap water because it apparently gave her panic attacks and anxiety she spent so much money on water it was stupid. At that time I was buying my first motorbike and tried to say it was a “irresponsible waste of money” and “I need to better represent the school” I replied “I don’t say your water is a waste of money and if you payed me better I’d be able to afford a car”


"Wait, when people stay overnight at your house they don't get their own bedroom?"

And yes I clarified that she didn't mean a guest bedroom. Apparently her parents would convert rooms to bedrooms for semi-frequent overnight guests. Her family of 3 had 8 bedrooms at that time and 2 guest bedrooms. Oh, and both of her parents were orphans so they had no extended family to speak of.


Had a boss ask me why I wasn’t participating in the fundraiser bike ride the company was sponsoring. I said because admission is $5k. He said, why don’t you just ask your parents for the money? (My father was still in prison and my mom lives off social security and is disabled). I just didn’t answer him and went back to work.


The stepdad to my then girlfriend asked me whether he should get a G6 Gulfstream or a Learjet.

Bro. I was 21. I drove my parents’ 85 Chevrolet station wagon.

So I was like “get the G6” because I had heard it mentioned in a Black Eyed Peas song.


Money has no value in life.

~A multimillionaire owning real estates across the country.


"We all have it hard" was said to me when I complained to a rich friend about insurmountable student debt and the fact that I can't afford a place to live.


Wasn’t said to me but by my client in the back. (I was a chauffeur. Felt like pulling over.)

“We can get the executives another $100 million but we’d have to throw the employees under the bus.”


My sister who just bought a 2mil+ house with her husband and previously has told me they "never need to work again" was complaining about her nanny taking advantage of them and said "it's not like we're rich!" ...? Do you not know...?


From my parents a number of years ago, “why are you even looking in the suburbs? Why don’t you just buy a nice 4b/3ba in Seattle in a good school district?” Uh, gee, why didn’t I think of that.


"Ever since I donated millions to the church for a new pipe organ, our city's symphony orchestra has been hounding me to become a benefactor. They must think I'm made of money!"


Customer told me about how she has 7 boats and 2 yachts as if it was something normal...

I work a luxury retail job where I make commission. I genuinely love my job and working with people. A customer was asking me about my job one time, general things like "do you enjoy customer service" and stuff like that. I had said how I dont mind when people don't end up buying anything, but it does bother me when people come in 15 min before closing, keep me past closing for 2 HOURS under the impression that they are going to buy something, narrow down what they want to get, and then leave with an "i'll think about it" never to return. She then tells me about how not to judge customers cuz one time her and her husband were shopping for a boat and did something, only to come back the next day and buy the boat. And then said that she has bought 7 boats and 2 yachts from the same business. Nice woman, but the way she told the story... I don't think she fully realizes how we live 2 different lives.

Side note...who even needs that many boats???


I have a service job, and when I was at a very wealthy customer’s house she started telling me about how she and her husband had just bought another mansion in a millionaire neighborhood in a city next door “just because.” Keep in mind, the house I was at of theirs was already a mansion, and worth around $3 million. They were also building a completely separate $5 million mansion in a different city.

She literally told me “Yeahhh I have no idea why we even bought that house in we don’t need it. We’re already building that other house, but I think my husband just got a little carried away when he saw the for sale sign. But you know? We got bored and happened to be in , and I think the Holy Spirit (they’re “Christian”) led us there. I mean yeah we have this house ($3 million mansion) but it *feels too small* so I think we just needed more space, and I think God was leading us in the right direction. (Family of 3, and they don’t plan to have any more kids)

I guess I must not be praying right cause God hasn’t led me to purchase a third mansion on a whim yet. :/


My cousins well-to-do girlfriend met us in the hospital after our first child was born. She gave us some sound advice, “It’s not easy, but sometimes you just have to tell the nanny to let them cry.”


There was a boomer co-worker who asked her group "Hey, I'm thinking of retiring and need to sell my house. Are any of you looking to purchase a house any time soon?" Of course all of us are young 20 somethings and she knows we're all looking for something, because we're all younger and starting families. One guys says "Yeah, actually. I'm looking at houses now. What price point are you thinking to sell at?" And she says, "$1.2 million, that seems normal for the houses in my neighborhood." He just turns and walks away. She looks around at the rest of us and is like "Did I say something wrong?"


Told my boss what my 1 bedroom apt rent was (i make less in a month than what my rent is) and he was absolutely shocked. Nothing changed tho


"It's just money"

B***h, I got $0 dollars in my account, and I need to pay $400 in car repairs _right now_, or else I won't have any other way to get to work until I get paid three days from now!

(This was pre-pandemic before remote work was a thing.)


When I worked at a call center, making about $9.25 an hour, one of the executives who had an office on our floor was going on a long tangent to some of my coworkers about how great the latest Mercedes was and how we should buy one.


Went to lunch with some colleagues and our CEO. We had gotten heavy snow the week prior, and the CEO said something along the lines of “theres no good excuse for not making it into the office due to weather.” He mentioned that he doesn’t have to worry about scraping/shovelling his car out because he just keeps his vehicles in his garage.

He then turned to me, who was then a recent graduate making pennies, and asked “you have a garage, right?” I told him I don’t even have a parking spot for a car at my tiny apartment.

I just remember feeling in that moment that this person is incredibly out of touch.


In my neighborhood someone bought a house just to tear it down & build a new one. I was talking to a neighbor about it and she goes "Eh, it was only $65000 anyways." & then she waved her hand like "Meh."


Not even rich, but totally out of touch. At art school a lecture said “next time you’re in the South of France you must… I was like “mate I pawned some DVD’s to be able to travel to school AND eat today. Are you serious!?”


I once worked for a family of four in their home. Nannying, laundry, cleaning, chauffeuring the kids, helping with dinner and errands, etc. They did whatever on their end to have me as a legitimate employee in the eyes of the IRS, I assume to avoid getting taxed on the money they paid me. The mom told me they'd "help me out" when tax season came bc I would owe the IRS, as they never did any withholdings on their end from my pay, which is the only way I'd ever been paid before (I was in my early 20's and ignorant about this kind of stuff). Anyway, tax season came and sure enough, I owed the IRS around $900. Which I did not have. So I let her know. She said "If we give you around half will that be okay?" I responded, "We can talk about it another time" bc the dad wasn't home and he was a little more in touch with financial realities than she was. Wanted to talk about it with both of them present. She then goes on to tell me a story about how once they had some property they sold, and they didn't know the nuances of property taxes and whatnot, and they unexpectedly ended up owing the IRS around $50,000. They had to call her father-in-law/his father to have him open up their access to the trust fund so they could pay it.

She literally compared her ABILITY to get $50,000 at the drop of a hat to my INABILITY to pay $900. I did not work one single second again for them after that.


"You know what the problem is with your generation, right? You're all spoiled!"


“Why don’t you just wait until you can inherit your parents house?”

You mean the house that is my parent’s retirement fund? The one they’re planning on selling in order to retire because this country has been f****d and they have no other options? Yeah sure I’ll just sit on my hands and wait for my parents to die so I, the middle child of five kids, can get their house. Cool.


"You don't understand. I had all my money in stocks, and I lived off the dividends. Now I'm going to have to get a job." A lady complaining about the 2008 stock market crash while we were getting our oil changed at a jiffy lube. I was so shocked with my two job working self I just stared at her with a blank expression and said nothing.


Me to our CEO (who lived in CA but stayed in WA during the week for work at a condo he rented): "$3,000 a month for a studio?! That's so freaking expensive!"

CEO: "What do you mean? I think that's a steal!" All of our C-suite sitting with us agreed with him that it wasn't a big deal. For context, my mortgage doesn't cost that much.


That they must be paying me too much because I wore a designer jacket from a name his wife liked. I told him to tell his wife they had sales. Good sales too - 90% off. Was organisation shutting down do so low risk.


Retired couple when asked how higher fuel prices would impact their around Australia caravan trip. "We just raise the rents on our three investment properties"


I used to work at a record store in a high-end mall, and a guy came in, left behind his credit card, and asked us to pull together 50 or so CDs for him to put on his private plane and yacht, and he's swing by in 2 hours to pick them up. He sent his driver to pick them up.

Another time, an employee from a nearby store in the same mall was friends with our boss, and this other person came over to show off the new shirt she just bought. It looks like a red H&M sweater. Then she bragged about the "steal" she got it for...$700.


A guy in my previous school whos mom is a doctor was bragging about how he spent over €1000 on clash of clans. He now goes to one of the poshest schools in the county, and is still very much an a*s


I asked why he needed two 50kw diesel power generators to run his house as a backup, and he said it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. For perspective, 20kw is probably overkill.


Where do you summer?


When I was a cashier at a high end grocery store, we were giving out next visit coupons to people who spent $100 or more. One wealthy couple who spent close a grand refused the coupon. It was a weird attitude.


"My girlfriend said she was scared of flying, so I rented a private jet and turned out she loved it!"


"I'm so pissed off. I spent 10k in a camera and now I'll have to eat at home for the rest of the month."


That $80k/year is an embarrassingly low salary.


Wait, you've never been to Monaco?!?

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