[Honey’s Anime Interview] RON from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION @ Anime NYC 2022!


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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION came from the musical talent known as RON and has become a rising name on the Japanese front. Producing amazing songs like Alpha, Renegade, and Genesis—which was used as the opening for Dimension W—RON is quickly becoming a talent that is being noticed not just in Japan but now, worldwide! During our time at Anime NYC 2022, we were honored with a chance to interview the talented RON, and of course, we knew you, readers, out there would love to know more about this brilliant man and his incredible creations!

What was your favorite creation or project to work on?
I think everything related to the music. If it comes to making music I love every aspect of it. From the composure to editing, I love it all. When I make anime music or produce for another artist, I love it.
Has any series inspired you from a TV drama or anime?
Is there a particular anime you love to work on music-wise?
So rather than I want to work on this or that project, I like to be asked by the producers and directors, to be asked for us—STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION—to work on their series. That they want our music for their series. That motivates me as I can work with people who want my music and it helps me by seeing their passion.
What is your muse? What helps you get into a song you’re doing?
Writing music is my routine work so I don’t wait for any muse. I wake up and just start work, check my schedule, and just do it. It is part of my life!
Have you ever tried to mirror a style or tone from another creator or do you go for your own original style?
Melody comes from within. The arrangement, however, I pull from other people to bring out different sounds. The arrangement is what influences me and comes together to create the music.
Do you ever find it difficult to switch between multiple projects or do you prefer to focus on one singular project at a time?
It is my daily routine. I have many projects that come in at the same time. I can switch my brain to focus on this project and then 2 hours later, switch to the other project with no problem. I usually make music by turning on Twitch or YouTube and playing them while making music at the same time. Essentially, I am multitasking!
Are there any goals you wish to accomplish this upcoming year?
Actually, my schedule for next year is already beginning to fill up, already! But this time, I came to New York for the first time to play for an audience and it felt very exciting and I think playing in front of a non-Japanese audience was very exciting. I felt enthusiastic because of the NY audience and now want to play overseas!
You know a lot of different instruments! But is there one you find difficult and which one do you love?
I love the piano! Many songs from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION come from the piano. However, I will say wind instruments are very difficult compared to string/piano. Writing music for wind instruments is difficult. It has a completely different scale so it is difficult to adjust my mind to that particular scale. C in piano Is very different from say a trumpet!
Was the way the audience reacted to your concert in Anime NYC 2022 different than what you expected or did you expect that reaction?
I really loved that the audience was there for the music, the song itself, and enjoying the song itself and for what it is!

Final Thoughts

We would love to once again thank RON from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION for giving us his time for the interview and giving us a wonderful experience at the concert. RON clearly has a passion not seen by many musicians and that is conveyed wonderfully through his songs and works! We can only hope that RON graces us once more in the future with even more music and live performances so we can once again sit in the front row and rock out alongside him!

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