From Carolina to Kansas City, 13 Barbecue Sauces You Need to Try if You Call Yourself a Pitmaster


For barbecue lovers, there’s never a bad time for a cookout. Sure, the winter might make it harder to break out the grill, but that’s just a challenge to be overcome. These wonderful events are a time when food enthusiasts can show off everything they know, delivering barbecue dishes (complemented by some of the best barbecue sauce) to rival those of the best pitmasters around the country. 

When it comes to barbecue success, one of the grill master’s most important decisions is definitely the barbecue sauce. With hundreds of options available, picking the right one can be a difficult choice. Choose the right barbecue sauce and all the grilling glory will be yours. Pick the wrong one and you’ll lose your reputation as local pitmaster.

Any enthusiast who knows even a little about barbecue sauces is sure to know that different regions of the USA do BBQ differently. Whether you like spicy, sweet or tangy, you’ll need to hone in on your desired flavors and choice of meat to pick the best barbecue sauce for you. Once you’ve selected your go-to jar of the good stuff, put it to work on ribs, pulled pork, hamburgers and more.

Below, you’ll find 13 of the best barbecue sauces available right now. Each option is well-loved by users and comes highly recommended. You’ll also find barbecue sauce sets which make great gifts for the griller in your life. Take a scroll through the list and find the right sauce to elevate your BBQ game.


1. Bill’s Best Original BBQ Sauce


With almost 80% of Amazon users awarding Bill’s Best Original BBQ Sauce a five-star review, you know it’s got to be good. The certified-organic, gluten- and high fructose-free sauce uses their original family recipe to deliver a sweet and tangy flavor you’re sure to love. You’ll also find a little kick at the end to ensure your taste buds are awake throughout the entire eating experience. 

Bill's Best Original BBQ Sauce Buy: Bill's Best Original BBQ Sauce $25.99

2. Bone Suckin’ Sauce Original BBQ Sauce


It may be our budget-friendly pick, but that doesn’t mean the Bone Suckin’ Sauce Original BBQ Sauce is any less crammed full of flavor. Customers love the unique sweet and sour combination, and it’s an especially good choice for chicken and ribs. Furthermore, thinner-than-usual consistency makes it easy to apply the sauce to your food. Plus, it’s GMO-free, kosher and made in the USA.

best barbecue sauce bone suckin' sauce

Buy: Bone Suckin' Sauce Original BBQ Sauce $8.60


3. Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce


This Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce is a well-balanced option which delivers a mouth-watering flavor to all of your BBQ food. However, its smoky flavor is especially suited to pulled pork. If you love sweet barbecue sauces, then this is the perfect flavor for you. Sweet Baby Ray’s has received numerous awards to back up its great taste. It also comes in a handy, squeezable container for easy distribution and application to your food.

best barbecue sauce sweet baby ray's

Buy: Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce $10.30


4. True Made Foods Vegetable BBQ Sauce


By removing corn syrup from the recipe, True Made Foods Vegetable BBQ Sauce is able to offer a healthier flavor for your food without losing any of the delicious taste. You’ll also find 50% less sugar in the sauce when compared to many competing brands, and spinach, carrots and butternut squash have been included in the recipe. All of these elements give the True Made Foods BBQ Sauce the self-proclaimed title of “The Healthiest BBQ Sauce” on the market.

best barbecue sauce true made

Buy: True Made Foods Vegetable BBQ Sauce $9.59


5. Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce


If you want a little post-wing consumption treat, Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce’s name doesn’t play around. You’ll be sucking on your fingers until the very last drop. With a sweet but not-too-sweet consistency, it’s so delicious that you’ll make it a point to never run out of it in your cupboard.

Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Barbecue Sauce

6. Sonny’s Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce


If you’re looking for enough BBQ sauce to cover all your chicken and pork at a large gettogether, then it’s worth checking out this Sonny’s Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce. The sweet flavor is a crowd-pleaser, while the large five-pound container size ensures you’ll have enough sauce to last for some time. In addition, the container sports an easy-pour handle for fast and precise application.

best barbecue sauce sonny's

Buy: Sonny's Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce $15.73


7. Stubb’s Original Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce


Stubb’s Original Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce uses high-quality ingredients, including black pepper, molasses, vinegar and tomato, to deliver a strong and robust flavor. Whether you’re having a plate of ribs or a roasted chicken, a few tablespoons of this delicious sauce is the taste elevation you’ve been searching for. Furthermore, it’s available in a range of flavors and is also kosher, gluten-free and GMO-free.

Stubb's Original Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce Buy: Stubb's Original BBQ Sauce, 18 oz (Pack of 4) $11.96

8. KC Masterpiece Private Stock Reserve BBQ Sauce


The KC Masterpiece Private Stock Reserve BBQ Sauce takes a supermarket classic to the next level. If you’re a fan of the KC Masterpiece original, you definitely need to try this special edition. It’s a versatile option that can be used to marinate your meat or used as a post-cooking drizzling and dipping sauce. The recipe includes real sugar which gives the sauce a thick consistency as well as a rich and smokey flavor. It also comes in a two-pack, so you get plenty to last you through the season or share this delicious sauce with a friend.

best barbecue sauce kc masterpiece

Buy: KC Masterpiece Private Stock Reserve BBQ Sauce $17.98


9. Gayle’s Sweet ‘N’ Sassy Barbecue Sauce


Get that well-deserved “wow” from even the pickiest of eaters with Gayle’s Sweet ‘N’ Sassy Barbecue Sauce. As a family favorite for years on end, most Amazon reviewers say they stumbled upon this hot commodity back in the day and are elated that it still exists. So next time you’re grilling up some ribs at the next summer barbecue, Gayle’s got your back.

Gayle's Sweet 'N' Sassy Barbecue Sauce Buy: Gayle's Sweet 'N' Sassy Barbecue Sauce $10.00

10. Rufus Teague: Sugar-Free Smoke N’ Chipotle BBQ Sauce


If you’re looking for a healthier, sugar-free option, the Rufus Teague: Sugar-Free Smoke N’ Chipotle BBQ Sauce was made for you. This thick and rich sauce Smoke N’ Chipotle hits like no other. It has also received several awards, confirming its outstanding flavor. The sauce is made from a range of natural ingredients and even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Rufus Teague: Sugar-Free Smoke N' Chipotle BBQ Sauce


11. Guy Fieri Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce


For those at-home chefs who love to feel like they’re doing what the pros do, give this Guy Fieri Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce a go. Not only is this sauce multi-awarding winning, but it was also created by the instantly recognizable TV chef Guy Fieri. The sauce comes with his personal seal of approval and offers a more complex flavor than many competing sauces with its mix of molasses, apple cider and a little black pepper heat. This is a great go-to BBQ sauce option that will give your chicken wings, brisket and ribs a whole new level of flavor.

best barbecue sauce guy fieri


12. Lillie’s Q 6 Sauce Set


Lillie’s Q Sauce Set pack contains six different bottles of BBQ deliciousness. For those who love American-style barbecue, this gift pack contains bottles of delicious BBQ sauces with numerous tastes and colors. Spread them on seafood, chicken, beef or pork and decide which flavor best suits your grilling style. This pack works especially well as a gift.

Lillie's Q 6 Sauce Set

13. Stonewall Kitchen Honey Sriracha Barbecue Sauce


Stonewall Kitchen’s Honey Sriracha Barbecue Sauce is best for grillmasters that love to spice up their sweetness. Known for their wild barbecue sauces made for any palette, including their Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce and a Bourbon Molasses Barbecue Sauce, Stonewall Kitchen has perfected barbecue sauce from the bottom up. Formed from high-quality ingredients, this can be used to marinade your food or as your favorite new dipping sauce.

Stonewall Kitchen Honey Sriracha Barbecue Sauce


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