Five Frugal Things | the small things aren’t pointless


1. I filled out a Nielsen survey

I got an envelope from them with two visible dollar bills in it. Soooo, I opened it and found a little survey to mail in.

nielsen survey envelope.

I took a minute to fill it out, popped it in the mail, and I will get another $5 from them for my time.

two dollar bills.

Sometimes these small frugalities feel pointless to me because I am currently hemorrhaging money in the direction of my lawyer.

Like, ok, great, I’m getting $7, but I have paid my lawyer WAY MORE than $7.

However…what I know is that I will not need to pay a lawyer forever.

And my frugal habits are part of what will help me to rebuild financially after all this is over.

envelope in mailbox.

Remember when I painted my mailbox flag?

So. It is not a waste to still be frugal. It’ll all pay off eventually!

2. I got some blue plates for free

Someone on my Buy Nothing group was offering some blue dishes and I said, “Oooooh, yes please!”

blue and white dinner plates stacked on a shelf.

So now I have a few blue plates to go along with my white ones, and I’m pleased about that.

3. I got some candleholders from my Buy Nothing group


I didn’t need these. But if I’m gonna obtain something I don’t NEED, then the Buy Nothing group is a good place to do it!

lit candleholders.

I’ve gotten a lot of necessary things from my Buy Nothing group, of course…like silverware. And the afore-mentioned plates.

flatware in a drawer.

But sometimes I pick up things that are just nice to have.

Plant pots.

rehabbed free pots.


(here’s the post that has a “before” photo of this bookshelf that is rather shocking.)

shelf in Kristen's house.

That blue bowl is also from my Buy Nothing group! And do you spy the Buy Nothing white pot up on top?

A wall mirror.

Wood-framed wall mirror above bed.

These are things that just help make my house feel a little bit more cozy and homey.

It’s a slow way to decorate, but over time, my patient watching and waiting has gotten me a lot of lovely things for my house.

4. I softened some hardened honey

I had a bottle of honey that had gotten crystallized, so I put it into a bowl of hot water, with a bowl on top to weigh it down.

honey-softening apparatus.

And after a few minutes, the honey was soft enough for me to pour it into a bowl for future use. Sweet!

5. I made lots of use-it-up breakfasts

My last Hungry Harvest box gave me quite a few jalapenos and avocados, so I’ve been eating scrambled eggs with jalapenos, with avocados on the side.

I’ve also used up several sauce odds and ends on my eggs. Good thing I bought those damaged cartons of eggs recently!

marked-down eggs.

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy ALL of these.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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