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I am a lover of food.

Living in Kansas is difficult for a foodie! I remember driving through the city for the first time passing one chain restaurant after another literally a Sonic on every street. I was feeling pretty devastated. With apparently nothing but an endless option for popular fast food franchises, I concluded Wichita had no food culture.

Well, I was wrong. Hooray. Over the years, I enjoyed many exciting foods here in Wichita. These memories, tastes, scents and atmospheres are ones I will cherish for a long, long time.

Espresso To Go Go popular outpost offering artisanal espresso drinks at the counter in a minimalist, pint-sized venue.

This first place is Espresso To Go Go. I was excited about this little coffee shop because it emulated minimalism (see: trendy_). I like this place because it pays attention to aesthetics and that is a winning detail for me.

Milkfloat celebrate dessert.

When I first came upon Milkfloat, I was probably way too excited. This was everything I hoped fora pastry-selling, good coffee-making placeand 2016 finally blessed us with this. In all honesty, the desserts are ok and the coffee can do better, but if you live in Wichita youll learn to welcome literally everything with 100% satisfaction

Also, I recommend the iced honey delight latte-its a lovely concoction.

Carriage Crossing folksy, longtime American fixture with family-style dishes & house-baked goods, plus a gift shop.

Notable mention: Carriage Crossing. This is a restaurant from Yoder, KS approximately 40 minutes outside of Wichita. The town is home to no more, no less than 700 people!!! I often wonder how bored one might get living in a such a quiet town. This restaurant is definitely the happening place of Yoder. The food was surprisingly lovely, genuinely heartwarming and somehow felt like home (though Ive never lived in a city of 700 people before).

Dempseys Burger Pub at Clifton Square gourmet burgers made with Kobe beef, fish, chicken or veggies in a warm tavern setting with a patio.

Gangnam Korean Bar & Grill classic Korean cookery is on display at this refined restaurant with a low lit dining room & a bar

Pho MC excellent value, huge portions.

Dempseys Biscuit Co. bustling cafe with no-frills decor & a down-home vibe whipping up familiar American comfort food.

Yokohama | Ramen Joint-casual Japanese eatery serving traditional & vegan ramen & rice dishes in a compact setting.

Noble House Hawaiian Foods authentic Hawaiian plate lunch, sushi, group sushi classes, pupu items and drinks.

Los Cocos Mexican Restaurant

B&C Barbeque bare-bones shack for buffet-style barbecue & all the fixings, plus salad bar & catering services.

And that is a wrap!

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