Essential Mom Attire Fall Edition


I get so many questions about the various products I use in my daily life (from diaper bags to brushes to kitchen gadgets), so I try to share those items on my Insta stories, but Ive decided to put together a blog series rounding up a few of my favorite Mom Essentials! These are items I use every single day and I think will help make your life easier too! Im kicking off the series with my Essential Mom Attire Fall Edition!

Essential Mom attire for Fall

Diaper Bag

Im a little bit of a diaper bag addict you might say. If youve been following me for awhile, you know how much I love this diaper bag. But, thats definitely not the only bag I have. I use this Freshly Picked diaper bag for nicer occasions. It was given to me as a gift and I adore it. Its stylish enough to not look like Im lugging a backpack full of butt cream (p.s., this is the best diaper cream out there) and diapers around, but big enough to hold everything I need. And the bonus?! It coordinates with my essential fall ankle booties (more on those later!)


This may seem silly, but a good hair tie is hard to come by. I usually love wearing my hair down, but with three littles it is near impossible to go anywhere without them pulling at any strand of loose hair. I love these hair ties because they hold my hair back in place and my hair doesnt get caught on them. Win-win.


Fall calls for all the sweaters! I love transitioning from summer to fall because I get to cover up in cozy clothing, instead of trying to worry about putting a swimsuit on ha! This sweater is a splurge, but worth every penny. For a more cost-effective option, this chunky, perfect-for-fall Target sweater is another favorite of mine.

Coffee Cup

If you know anything about my coffee consumption habits, you know I love iced coffee all the time. It doesnt matter if its -20 outside, iced coffee it is! So, Im always on the lookout for a good travel cup that will keep my coffee chilly. This coffee cup keeps it so cold! If youre wondering what is IN my coffee cupits my sweet cream iced coffee recipe! Also, Ben now says morecoffeemama because I told him I needed more coffee one day and now he always says some combination of coffeemoremama and Im like so true honey, so true!

Ankle Boots

Everyone needs a pair of classic black ankle boots and these are my favorite pair. They are waterproof, for starters, so I can wear them in almost any weather. And they are oh so very comfortable a key factor for Mom life! I love throwing them on with anything and everything and being able to run around all day. In fact, I just bought a pair in brown so I dont have to think about what shoes to wear its always one of these pairs of ankle boots.


Every Mom needs a classic pair of jeans and they are so hard to find! They need to be comfortable and easy to move around in. These are my classic pair of go-to jeans. When I find a fit I like, I buy multiple pairs so I can put off jean shopping as long as possible! My best friend and I share a secret love of Chicos jeans their so slimming girlfriend ankle jeans are the perfect length for me (Im 54) and have just the right amount of perfect stretch!

What are your fall must-haves? Are any of these items on your list? Just leave a comment below and let me know!

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