DIY Hair Masks That Will Transform Your Hair


Does your hair need some TLC? Try one of these amazing DIY hair masks and transform your hair!

DIY Hair Mask You Have to Try

Everyone would love to have healthy, thick, strong hair. However, not everyone is blessed with this at birth. There are a lot of beauty products that can help improve your hair, but if you are looking for dramatic results in one treatment, you need a hair mask.

What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is made of nourishing ingredients that can hydrate and repair your hair. You leave them on your hair longer than a conditioner, so it has more time to to penetrate the hair to achieve your desired result. You can purchase them in your favorite beauty store, or if you are looking for a more cost effective approach, you should try DIY hair masks.

What ingredients should you use in a mask?

This depends on what results you are looking for in a mask. A hair mask can moisturize, de-frizz, remove build-up, strengthen, repair and even promote hair growth! Here are some common ingredients you may have in your pantry right now:

  • Oils help moisturize hair and hydrate hair.
    Olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are the ones you may already have. However, there are a lot of other oils that are beneficial for your hair.
  • Eggs support hair growth and add shine
  • Bananas reduce dandruff and frizz.
  • Honey is a powerhouse! It can promote hair growth, condition, shine, moisturize and reduce severity of some skin conditions.
  • Apple cider vinegar reduces hair loss and adds shine.
  • Mayo is made from oil, eggs and vinegar so it has all of the benefits each of those ingredients provide!

The items listed above are not only common pantry staples, they are definitely common hair mask ingredients for the reasons listed. You’ll find one or more of them in each of the recipes below. Go ahead and check them out. If you try one, your hair will definitely thank you!

DIY Hair Masks

Transform your hair with one of these 20+ amazing DIY hair masks!


Moisturize Hair & Tackle Frizz

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Check out this natural hair mask recipe if you want to reduce those frizzies! Ingredients include shea butter and 4 oils.


Soften Hair & Stimulate Growth

This coconut oil hair mask DIY is life changing! It’s an overnight hair mask that will make your hair feel amazingly soft and help with stimulating growth as well.


Detox Your Locks

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Clay is a great hair purifier. Make this DIY clay hair mask if you want to give your hair some love and nourish your scalp.


Ultra Conditioning Hair Mask

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Get beautiful, shiny and healthy hair with this super conditioning hair mask treatment made with honey, raw eggs, geranium essential oil and high quality olive oil.


Dry Hair Fix

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With 4 items from your kitchen, you can moisturize your hair. You just need avocado, egg yolks, honey and olive oil.


Remove Scalp Build Up & Grease

This aloe vera hair remedy is great for when you start noticing build-up on your scalp or you have greasy hair soon after washing.


Amazing Shine & Strength

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Repair damaged hair while boosting hair growth with this overnight rice mask. It contains cooked rice, aloe juice and argan oil.


Repair Chemically Treated Hair

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This 2-ingredient hair mask can help you repair dry, brittle and chemically treated hair. You just need mayonnaise and egg!


Healthy, Shiny Hair

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Green tea is an awesome ani-inflammatory when used in your diet and in your hair! Try this matcha green tea hair mask and rinse to see all of the benefits.


Increase Volume

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If other hair masks haven't worked for you, try this DIY beer hair mask. It will make your hair more voluminous and exfoliate your scalp!


Repair & Shine

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This 20-minute coconut oil hair mask is made with coconut oil, raw honey and apple cider vinegar.


Soft, Shiny & Smooth Hair

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This homemade coconut oil and honey hair mask works best if you use raw and organic ingredients.


Combat Oily Hair

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With just 3 ingredients, this easy hair mask will help you deal with an oily scalp and hair!


Hydrate Curly Hair

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After weeks of experimenting, Isabelle found this mix of ingredients worked best to hydrate her dry curly hair.


Reduce Hair Loss

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A banana hair mask (or smoothie as Minaz calls it) is great for thicker hair growth and it will help make your hair soft and smooth!


Cure Dandruff & Thinning Hair

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This DIY ginger oil mask will help your hair grow and reduce dandruff. It is made with fresh ginger and jajoba oil.


Intense Moisture Hair Mask

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Winter weather can make your hair dry and brittle. Get some relief with this winter mint intense moisture hair mask.


Amazingly Soft Hair

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Get a natural recipe for giving your hair the nutrients it needs. Plus you can get a free printable tag if you want to give this natural hair mask as a gift to a friend or loved one!


Post Travel Hair Rescue

Traveling can wreak havoc on your hair. Try this remedy when you get home to rescue your locks.


Hydrating Hair Mask

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After a couple weeks of using this homemade hydrating hair mask, you’ll notice that your hair is healthy, with less split ends and fly-aways.


Strengthen Hair

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Get shiny and strong hair with a DIY gelatin hair mask. This one has 6 ingredients and has amazing results.


Cure Limp, Dull Hair

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The coffee that energizes you in the morning can also energize your hair! If you are a blond, this may not be for you since coffee can darken your locks.

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