Delish oats is rich energy, with milk, apple, pecan nuts, cinnamon and honey...


No excuses… healthy and delicious porridge is the perfect way to start these cold Monday mornings! Warm and comforting, this quick and easy recipe takes just minutes to prepare, so whether you have breakfast at home or deskside, make sure it’s as tasty as it is pretty! Add some grated apple, pecan nuts, cinnamon and maple syrup to your morning porridge pot and take a minute to savour just how good it tastes! #BreakfastInspo #FlahavansOats

Serves 1|Takes 5 minutes


1 x Flahavan’s Quick Oats Pot
Whole Milk (as per instructions on pack)
1 Large Red Apple
Cinnamon Powder
Maple Syrup
5-10g Pecan Nuts


Prepare the porridge as per the instructions on the Flahavan’s Quick Oats pot

Cut the apple into thin slices and then into matchsticks.
Prepare your porridge, and add the apple as topping long with a sprinkling of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup.
Chop pecan nuts into thin pieces and sprinkle on top.

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