40 Internet Users Warn Everyone About ‘Harmless’ Things That Are, In Fact, Dangerous


Let’s not beat around the bush—living is a dangerous thing, no matter what you do. Accidents can and do happen. On the road. In the kitchen. At work. You have to be aware of the biggest risks you might face in your day-to-day life, so you can avoid most of them. Knowledge and practice are powerful and they help you remain calm in case there’s an emergency. It also means you’re not living in panic and paranoia, afraid to take a single step outside your home.

However, not all risks are immediately obvious. Some of them are quite subtle and insidious. Redditor u/figinjosejospe sparked an informative discussion on r/AskReddit after they asked internet users to share the seemingly harmless things and behaviors that are “actually incredibly dangerous.” Read on to see what they had to share. It’s a learning opportunity, as well as a chance to refresh what you might already know.


Having a loose animal in the car. A safety instructor once told me doctors had to dig dog bones out of a person after it got between them and an airbag.

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Bullying. Sounds dumb, and I might get downvoted for a few reasons, mainly because adults know that it's insanely stupid, and reason two being it's been cracked down on within the last decade or so, but for kids and quite marginally it still happens.

I'm sure almost everyone out there has poked fun or teased someone in their life but it's actually extremely serious how quickly and severely it can deteriorate someone's mental health and esteem, especially in their teen years, and how most kids don't even know what they're doing.

On top of that you never know someone's situation. Be nice. They could be going through something rough.


Pushing someone's face into a cake, even relatively lightly.

Some cakes have skewers inside to support them. A seemingly harmless prank could lead to being impaled, approach it from just the wrong angle and it's bye bye eyes.

Image credits: TheIrishninjas

So long as you’re aware that you’re not doing dumb stuff like putting your feet up on the dashboard of your car or driving while you’re exhausted, there’s no need to sweat over every teeny tiny possibility of something bad happening. It helps to get some perspective so you know what you should focus on. The world is full of risks, but you can’t hide in a corner somewhere, afraid to take opportunities and live to the fullest just because you might get hurt. It's your responsibility to balance safety with purpose and happiness.

For instance, the CDC reported that in 2021, the leading causes of death in the US were heart disease (695,547 deaths), cancer (605,213), Covid-19 (416,893), accidents (224,935), stroke (162,890), and chronic lower respiratory diseases (142,342). Meanwhile, that year, Alzheimer’s killed 119,399 Americans, while 103,294 people lost their lives due to diabetes.


Tired driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Image credits: Dull-Geologist-8204


Water on the roadway, way too many people don’t understand that it does not take that much water to turn your situation into life or death.

Image credits: SoVerySleepy81


For kids, someone online with a sympathetic ear for their problems. Responsible adults will try to put you in touch with real-life help, not encourage a pattern of reliance and inappropriate intimacy. Bonus danger points on anyone who throws down "You're really mature for your age." Predators online work just like real-life hunting predators; their first goal is to separate you from your herd.

Image credits: CamilaTY

Clearly, taking care of your physical health takes priority here. The best way to fight back against becoming another victim of these statistics is to eat a healthy diet (less sugar, processed foods, and saturated fats) and get plenty of exercise (walking, lifting weights, and moving in ways that you genuinely enjoy).

Something else to consider is having an active social life because isolation and loneliness increase your risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, depression, and anxiety. Meditation, spending time out in nature, and carving out some time for your passions and hobbies are also wonderful ways to improve your quality of life.

If all you do is study or work all the time, without making meaningful connections with others and ignoring your needs, you’re bound to burnout.


Putting your feet on car dashboard.

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Kids picking flowers in the park. I am a conservation Technician for a county park system, at least once a year I have to stop parents with kids picking flowers off the trail because I see kids with either poison hemlock (one of the deadliest plants if injesting even a tiny amount) or wild parsnip, which can cause some serious permanent scarring, burns, and boils if the sap gets on to your skin and is exposed to sunlight. Don't let your kids pick or eat anything you aren't 100% sure of.

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Not getting enough sleep

Image credits: thelittleweido

The CDC reports that back in 2020, there were 24.2 million emergency department visits for unintentional injuries. Back in 2018, the numbers were very similar, standing at 24.8 million.

Some of the leading causes of death due to accidents included falling (44,686 in 2021), traffic accidents (45,404), and unintentional poisoning (102,001). So when it comes to mitigating the risk from accidents, the top things to focus on are being safe behind the wheel and when crossing the street, making sure that that you’re careful when you’re walking down the stairs, climbing ladders, and getting out of the shower, and ensuring that you don’t ingest any harmful chemicals.


Backflips into a pool.

As a lifeguard I can tell you, you WILL break your neck. I don’t care that you’re good at it. Stop doing them.



Just because they don't eat you doesn't mean they won't hurt you...

Carnivore look at you and think are you a good prey and are they hungry ...if they think no ,they will just leave you.

Herbivores gets a flight or fight response..99% they preferred flight but God save if they decide to fight..

Carnivores are designed to kill you in one instance to save energy but herbivores willl keep attacking you killing you slowly and might even do after death..

No wonder , hippos have a higher kill count than lions in Africa


Pool covers. It's like being wrapped in a bedsheet underwater. You cannot get free and you cannot scream for help. Once you're in the only way to get out is to be incredibly lucky and get free or have faith that someone saw or heard you fall in and hope that they get you in time.

It's a lengthy, terrifying, death that's completely avoidable.

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Image credits: Donut_Different


Getting into a car is one of the riskiest things we do on a daily basis.

Image credits: notmyting


Getting in and out of the shower/bath. One slip can be all it takes to sustain some very serious injuries.


Poor fitness levels.

There are so many things that go wrong with the human body later in life based on activity levels throughout midlife.

Additionally, this has nothing to do thinness. People of all sizes should strive to exercise appropriately to their ability and life situation.


News edited for us. when i was growing up i could read what was said. now al that is found is an opinion


A patch of calm, smooth ocean between sections that look rough.

Image credits: Otherwise_Window


Voting without doing any research


Sitting all day long


Playing with a blue ringed octopus.

Image credits: illessen


Bison. Just go to Yellowstone, grab some popcorn, find a tourist route and watch. You'll see.

Image credits: Spraynpray89


The home. 100% of household accidents happen in or around the home.

Stairs. my serious answer is stairs. I've fallen down a lot of them in my day and can confirm they are dangerous.

Image credits: TheCoolerL


Breathing in cinnamon.


Social media, espocially if you don't turn off notifications


Alone baby wild-animals. You many think they are alone but most of time mama is nearby.


Staying with a crazy person because they are hot/the sex is good


Garage springs and hippos

Image credits: EmbraceTheCorn


Colorful and pretty wildlife you’re unfamiliar with.

If you wouldn’t eat a berry you’re unfamiliar with, why would you pick up an animal you’re unfamiliar with?

Image credits: sketchysketchist


Coconuts. You are 20X more likely to get killed by a falling coconut than a shark!

Image credits: JonnyRottensTeeth


Distracted driving


Ai algorithms and deep fake technologies. It can be use for far more nefarious things than creating videos about three presidents arguing about videogames.


Staying up all night. Humans are not nocturnal and it can really take a toll on your mental health long term.


Giving honey to an infant


Oil painting in a closed studio

Image credits: Bennettt1




Black ice. It seems harmless, because it's invisible, but deadly.


Always threatening to fight people. If you’re first go to is to threaten to fight someone. You may actually come across someone who severely hurts you. Also you look like trash always threatening to fight people


Eating too much sugar.


Not boiling dried kidney beans long enough.

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