17 Things I Want To Do In 2023 – Week 15 of 52


Go On A Solo Adventure.  Done

A solo adventure to Fair Isle. I don’t think I could have picked a more unique, isolated and cozy spot to spend a few weeks. I’m already dreaming of going back. 

Take An Adult Education Class Done

The Girl and I took a 3 day British Baking Classics course at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont and had a good time. 

Revisit An Old Friend.

I’m working on it! I’m nearly there. 

Card by EmilyYoung on Etsy

Send 52 Cards To 52 Different People. {14 of 52 mailed so far}

Currently working on card #15. 

Make 12 Totally British Recipes In The AGA. 

I made sticky toffee pudding and it turned out wonderful. The best part about this treat is that it freezes well so I can have a slice anytime I like. 

This week I’m going to try and re-create the Chelsea Buns we made in class at King Arthur Flour. 

Set Aside 200 Items For A Yard Sale 

This past week the HH and I cleaned out the barn and I was able to find a few more things for the yard sale. I’ve actually lost count at how many items I have now but will get a final tally before I put everything out for sale.

Earn $1,493.04 {Last Year’s Grocery Expenses} Selling Totally Random Things Online

Things are starting to get out of control… Or at least that’s what my husband says when it comes to my growing collection of driftwood. 

Just wait, I keep telling him! Just wait. I’m going to make a mint.

Sold so far:

  • 1 Box of “Native Organically Harvested Maine Driftwood” for $89.95
  • 1 Box of 12 Heart Shaped Rocks for 24.95
  • 1 box of 6 Heart Shaped Rocks for $22.95
  • 1 box of 2 Folgers Coffee Cans for $29.95
  • Set of 3 Brim Coffee Cans for $39.95

*Money earned selling random stuff so far $207.75

* At the end of the year I will deduct all the shipping/supply/selling fees from the grand total. 

Go On a Staycation/Craftcation With The Girl

Québec City is still at the top of our list. And thank you SandyF for the hotel recommendation! It’s just what I was looking for. 

Turn The Craft Room Into a Proper Studio Space

I finally got a big batch of wool bundles listed on Etsy, so hooray for that! I still have about 4 more days to go to finish up my dyeing projects… and then I’m done dyeing wool until fall {I hope!}. 

Of course after I dye it I’ll still have to fold, stack and bundle it… But I’m confident I’ll be done with this job by the end of the week if I can stay focused.

Changes I plan on making to the space:

  • Rip out the old gross carpet and replace it with pine floors
  • Fresh paint
  • A proper light fixture
  • New serger
  • New work table
  • A sitting area with a spot to hook

Hook 100 Rugs {38 of 100 done so far}

I’m still chugging along on pieces for my next Etsy shop update the first Saturday in May. I should have between 12-15 pieces {rugs and pillows} to list.

Create 15 New Rug Hooking Patterns 10 of 15 completed so far}

New patterns I’ve added to my Etsy shop in 2023:

Grow 1,000 Pounds of Vegetables In The Commune Sized Garden

It’s still too cold and soggy to plant anything out in the religious sized family garden but I did harvest some more parsnips for the kitchen garden last night.

Empty The Canning Cupboard / Fill The Canning Cupboard

I did empty a few more jars this past week but I forgot to snap a picture. This week I think I’ll crack open the last jar of apple pie filling and make a small batch of apple galettes.

Make $500 Selling Plants, Flowers or Vegetables {I’ve made $3 so far.}

I dropped off a tiny little bouquet of daffodils at The Duck Lady’s stand yesterday and they sold within an hour. I also had 3 extra 6-packs of seedlings that I didn’t need after planting peas in my garden, so I dropped those off too.

This might be my strategy for making $500 from the garden this summer… Don’t grow to sell, but rather drop off what I don’t personally need or use.

Buy 12 Handmade Items {From 12 Different Artists} 2 down, 10 to go

So far this year I have bought from Rachel of Barkland Croft and had my friend Zoë turn all my fabric squares into 2 quilts for me. I love supporting crafty people who love what they do!

Update Every Single Recipe On The Blog To A Printable Format 

I didn’t update a single recipe this past week. Shame on me!


26 Official Date Days With My Handsome Husband {7 down, 19 to go}

Yesterday we visited the Rockport Farmer’s Market for the first time {it’s open year round, so I need to make a note to go there during the winter months} and bought breakfast {quiche cups from one stand and scones from another}.

It’s a small market, but has a good variety {prepared food, vegetables, plants, honey, eggs, meat etc.} and we’re looking forward to going back this summer as more things are available. 

I LOVE the farmer’s markets here in Maine as they are FILLED with things farmer’s actually produce {meat, cheese, plants, flowers, fruits, veggies, baked goods} rather than a bunch of craft stalls. 

I’m looking forward to visiting more of them as more of them open for the season. 🙂

How about YOU? How are you coming along with your goals for this year? 



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