118 Times People Spotted ‘Absolute Units’ And Felt Like They Just Had To Share Them Online (New Pics)


If you're a fan of all things big and bold, then the subreddit r/AbsoluteUnits is the perfect destination for you. This online community is dedicated to sharing the largest and most impressive things you can find on the internet, from oversized animals to gigantic buildings. And if you're not, I'm certain that your curiosity is still going to get the best of you! So let's take a minute and just marvel at the colossal stuff our world has to offer!

#1 Ooooooh Lawdy

Image credits: chemicalkin

#2 Eris And Her Absolute Snoot (12.2'')

Image credits: DonovanSarovir

#3 I’ve Been Told That My Rescue Dog Is An Absolute Unit Many Times Now

Image credits: jdawg5720

#4 Absolut Chonk Of Fluff

Image credits: FormerFruit

#5 A Husky Next To A Wolf

Image credits: PlausibleDepression

#6 Them Goddamn Caterpillars

Image credits: papasmoke

#7 Absolute Unit Of A Chicken

Image credits: downtownMangos

#8 This Is The Book Of Names In The Auschwitz Museum. It Holds The Name Of Every Known Holocaust Victim

Image credits: King_Kenobi

#9 This Fella

Image credits: JamesWinter83

#10 Chonkebeests

Image credits: jelenawoehr

#11 Chonkus, The Eater Of Worlds

Image credits: queasilycompost78

#12 Big Boi Tiger

Image credits: FaultilySpangle

#13 Hulk, The Pitbull

Image credits: netphilia

#14 Chonky Pingu

Image credits: Alpinecanticle

#15 This Guy Lands In Your Nest And Slaps Your GF On The A*s, What Do You Do?

Image credits: zeezyman

#16 This Absolute Unit Of A Wombat

Image credits: Jslays82

#17 The Hua Moa Banana, A Hawaian Variety

Image credits: Kasvnova

#18 This Tanuki Is An Absolute Unit With Winter Floofs As Well

Image credits: RaineTanuki

#19 Seychelles Giant Tortoises Just Roam Around The Islands, They Don't Have Natural Predators There Because Well

Image credits: santh91

#20 This Old Goat Looks Very Wise

Image credits: Unburiedbettong47

#21 Enjoy Retirement King

Image credits: ShotSplash

#22 This Massive Boi A Japanese Fisherman Found

Image credits: CharmaineBraggy

#23 I Was Told This Sub Might Like To See This Giant Lemon From My Sister-In-Law's Lemon Tree. She Gets A Few Of These Every Year. Regular-Sized Lemon For Scale. It's 5 Lbs!

Image credits: theemmyk

#24 This Absolute Unit Of A Newfoundland Pup

Image credits: sidewaysWithhold912

#25 These Blackberries

Image credits: _Mr_Fil_

#26 Came Across This Unit In Another Sub. A Sanctuary Took This Dog In And His Dna Testing Shows 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, And 3.9 % German Shepherd

Image credits: anthemthecat

#27 The Mighty Mississippi And Her Many Tributaries. An Absolute Unit Of A River System

Image credits: Sarasota_2022

#28 University Of Michigan Squirrel

Image credits: dominicmazzetti

#29 This Baobab Tree Is Said To Be 6000 Years Old

Image credits: DownRecite71

#30 This Absolute Unit

Image credits: Automatic_Computer20

#31 Our Rescue Pup, 11.5 Months Old

Image credits: Op_Market_Garden

#32 Giant Alligator Kept At Zoo (An Absaloute Unit)

Image credits: Athezeal

#33 These Curtains

Image credits: 589moonboy

#34 These Collard Greens!!

Image credits: BushyEyes

#35 This Terrifying Sinkhole In Guatemala Is An Au Of Terror

Image credits: mlotto7

#36 An Absolute Unit Spotted In Alabama

Image credits: tyutina1987

#37 The Iron Tree Is An Absolute Unit

Image credits: pavelde

#38 This Cheese

Image credits: DoppelGirlMula

#39 Turtle Coming Out Of Hibernation

Image credits: stormilyclap696

#40 This Absolute Unit Of A Honeycomb

Image credits:

#41 Huntsman Spider. Speechless

Image credits: SometingWong08

#42 This Unit Even Survived Getting Hit By A Train

Image credits: ResidentEivvil

#43 Daughter’s New Glasses. Even With The Thinned Out Lenses

Image credits: MentalTangerine

#44 Kummakivi - A 500,000 Kg Rock In Ruokolahti, Finland, That Has Been Balancing On Top Of Another Rock For 11,000 Years

Image credits: Ebd789

#45 Absolute Unit Of A Bison

Image credits: Athezeal

#46 Big Boy

Image credits: advancedjinks

#47 The Tallest Man To Ever Live, Robert Wadlow, Poses With His Family In 1935

Image credits: insalubree

#48 Baa Baa Motherf*©ke®s

Image credits: AdaptableRetention

#49 About To Start My Home Workout And Saw This Guy Hanging Out On My Deadball (Australia)

Image credits: Mentiroso1

#50 I Am No Longer Confident I Could Defeat A Bobcat In A Fight

Image credits: Redqueenhypo

#51 Olympus Mons, Largest Mountain In The Solar System

Image credits: Maattaann

#52 In Awe At The Size Of This Tuna, Caught Off The Coast Of New Zealand

Image credits: logblpb_5

#53 Can Hats Be Units? I Think This Counts

Image credits: Mieljean

#54 Tiny Boy Turns Into Absolute Unit

Image credits: calloutclassic

#55 The Absolute Unit Of A Tail On My Cat

Image credits: Rover500

#56 Probably Not As Exciting As Other Posts Here, But Absolute Units Of Cauliflower And Cabbage My Parents Grew In Their Garden

Image credits: Vandlan

#57 Found This Guy On Discord

Image credits: cruz_cat3

#58 Sorry If This Is Kinda A Cheat Post Lol, I Just Never Realized How Massive Ferrigno Was ? Making Arnold Look Small

Image credits: Takemeto-yourmother

#59 Double-Thicc Chonker Of A Polar Bear

Image credits: BufordTeeJustice

#60 Everyone Needs Love And Affection Even If You're A Giant Rabbit

Image credits: Careless-Day-2069

#61 My Absolute Unit Of A Baby Playpen (Ordered The Wrong Size - Didn’t Know They Came In Wrestlemania Size!)

Image credits: roselana

#62 Absolute Unit Of A Coke Bottle

Image credits: anonym0usee

#63 A Roundabout That Contains 5 Mini Roundabouts. Location Is Swindon, UK

Image credits: Lysena0

#64 Dinosaur Bone: Scientists Uncover Giant Femur In France

Image credits: excelsior_frenemy

#65 Soviet World Champion Swimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan, Who Saved The Lives Of 20 People In 1976 When He Saw A Trolleybus Plunge Into A Reservoir. 1980s

Image credits: GabrilliusMordechai

#66 This Single Clove Of Garlic

Image credits: slf67

#67 Bun

Image credits: Pivotalgallery973

#68 Absolute Units Of Marshall Cheeks

Image credits: Msclbear35

#69 Heard You Guys Might Like The Pop Tart I Made For Friends-Giving

Image credits: magooisim

#70 Absolute Unit Blue Jay, I Was Told He Belongs Here

Image credits: SouperSpooned

#71 Absolute Unit Of A Sour Patch Kids

Image credits: Jeterea

#72 Oh Lord He Sittin'

Image credits: ElvieMesa

#73 2022 Mr. Olympia Champion Hadi Choopan. Dedicated His Gold Medal To The Women Of Iran

Image credits: Afraid_Condition_267

#74 Meet Hank

Image credits: amedefeu74

#75 King Of The Kidney Stones

Image credits: NoPants252

#76 Absolute Unit Of A Plane

Image credits: WanaBeMillionare

#77 Absolute Unit Eating A Chip

Image credits: PithilyCollect

#78 This Absolute Unit Of A Tic I Pulled Out Of My Cat (2€ Coin For Scale)

Image credits: archerV34

#79 A Shark’s Brain vs. A Dolphin’s Brain

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#80 The Mountain Being Dwarfed By Morgan Treeman

Image credits: AbbreviationsOk2294

#81 The Hull Of The Ship That Blocked The Suez Canal In 2021 Being Repaired

Image credits: imll99

#82 Meanwhile In Buffalo: This Person Is 6’ 4” Tall... Just Amazing, This Has Been The Most Snowfall In A 24 Hour Period In New York History

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#83 George Hackenschmidt (Creator Of Hack Squat And Bench Press)

Image credits: drobotcs

#84 Leg Of Former Cycling World Champion Janez Brajkovic After Riding A Race

Image credits: therra123

#85 Russian Typhoon Class Submarine

Image credits: Rich-8080

#86 I See Your Allen Wrench, And Raise You This Unit

Image credits: NEAWD

#87 Statue In Dakar, Senegal

Image credits: kunal-998

#88 Unit Of The Fresh Water Variety

Image credits: nartziss

#89 No Matter The Outcome, Let's All Celebrate This Absolute Unit. I Personally Hope To See This Giant Rubbing Shoulders With The Shorties On Capitol Hill

Image credits: JFMIII

#90 50 Ton Road Legal Truck With Fully Furnished Interior

Image credits: xd-LittleFlo

#91 Rain Worm / Shoe Size 9.5 For Comparison

Image credits: Burek666

#92 This Chicken Tender I Had In My Lunch Today. I Asked For It Specifically And The Lady Said “Honey, You Look Like The Right Person For That Chicken Tender”

Image credits: Flatf3et

#93 This Burrito They Serve At The Taco Stand Near Where I Work

Image credits: Silvercaptain69

#94 Look At How Much Of A Unit The Big Mac Used To Be Before 1975

Image credits: 31karlito

#95 This Pigeon Statue In Singapore

Image credits: bazcoint

#96 This Absolute Unit Of A Slice Of Carrot Cake I Got At A Local Bakery. Yes That’s A Standard Size Take Out Container (Banana For Scale)

Image credits: Odd-Emergency5839

#97 55in TV vs. The New 98in We Sell

Image credits: BlazeFox1011

#98 Friend Didn’t Get The Full Thing But This Absolute Unit Of A Truck That Was At My Small Town Bar. The Owner Was A Bouncer And He Was Almost Half My Size

Image credits: velvethacker

#99 This Absolute Unit Of A Water Leak

Image credits: Barchizer

#100 The Katy Freeway In Houston, Texas, Spans Across 26 Lanes Making It The Worlds Widest

Image credits: Fofman84

#101 April Of 1987; Myself At 5 Months

Image credits: JermytheWormy

#102 My Sons Wallet

Image credits: HamAlien

#103 If This Doesn’t Cool The Room Down, Nothing Will

Image credits: waystone17

#104 Lil Wayne’s Boots

Image credits: pettybonegunter

#105 Absolute Unit Of A Moose

Image credits: NegotiationVivid985

#106 The Legs Of Tom Platz Who Was Aptly Nicknamed "The Quadfather"

Image credits: ihavebirb

#107 This Absolute Unit, Designed To Withstand Absolute Units, At Bhm Airport (Alabama)

Image credits: FishyFry84

#108 World's Biggest Burger Weighs 777 Pounds

Image credits: MathiasCruz2099

#109 Y E A S T

Image credits: toljuik

#110 This Cruise Ship

Image credits: Ellf13

#111 4x Worlds Strongest Man Brian Shaw Next To 212lb Pro Bodybuilders

Image credits: DerisiveGibe

#112 Corviale, Rome, One Of The Longest Single Residential Building, 1 Kilometer In Length, Housing Around 8000 People. (1970s). The Building Was Created To Be A Self-Sufficient Experiment Of Social Housing With Stores, Services, Medical Clinics, Etc. It Was Designed To Be A World Of Its Own

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#113 This Pie

Image credits: mlotto7

#114 Chicken Parm My Sister Ordered Last Night

Image credits: _TheLucci_

#115 Beautiful Unit Spotted In The Night, I Am Absolutely Stunned

Image credits: 4738132

#116 This Receipt, Some Guy Bought $6750.00 Worth Of Gift Cards

Image credits: MVatore3

#117 This Italian Hoagie I Got Today

Image credits: Chaz_Beer

#118 Absolute Unit Of A Saltwater Crocodile

Image credits: isthebiblereal

#119 Absolute Unit Blue Jay, I Was Told He Belongs Here

#120 University Of Michigan Squirrel

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