2 Pack Hanging Kids Art Project Picture Display Photo Holder with Metal Cable Strings and 48 Magnetic Clips Metal Black


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2 Pack Hanging Kids Art Project Picture Display Photo Holder with Metal Cable Strings and 48 Magnetic Clips Metal Black
  • Quick and Easy Photo Collage: Each hanging photo display comes with 3 49-inches long cables and a 16-inch-wide cable along with 24 magnetic clips to help you hang your Polaroids, print-outs and other images with ease, vertically or horizontally
  • Great for the Office or Home: Create a hanging display unit with inspirational photos from Pinterest to inspire you and your employees or co-workers. You can also showcase your life at work, so everyone can get to know you better or simply use it at home
  • Dress Up Your Walls: Don't leave your walls empty and begging for attention, add sass and style instantly. You can hang one or more the walls of your hallway, so walking through rooms with your memories floating around will be mesmerizing
  • Create a Memorable Corner: With all your favorite moments and photos from your favorite vacations you can create a wall space to help you jump on the bandwagon to take a walk on memory lane whenever you want to remember and cherish those moments once more.
  • Fuss-Proof and Affordable: Creating a wall collage with multiple picture frames can be frustrating, expensive and a lot of work. Don't put holes through your walls to showcase your favorite moments. This fool proof hanging photo display holds up to 24 pictures and it is cost-efficient.


THE HANGING PHOTO DISPLAY WILL HELP YOU TO: Create a wall collage with your favorite memories, photos, etc. without damaging your walls.
Keep track of events, achievements, projects and more or plan your life ahead.

PROJECT DISPLAY: You can use this hanging display inspiration board for other things as well.
While it is great for hanging photos it can also be utilized to display your school, work or life projects and future plans or your favorite greeting cards
Create a visual board to boost your productivity.

PERFECT FOR ANY CLASSROOM: This hanging display unit can be used in a nursery, day care or any classroom.
Great for hanging student's pictures, projects, weekly assignments, achievements and more.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Affordable, unique, multi-functional and can be utilized in any room or space with ease.
Order now in the comfort of your home to make someone special happy without breaking the bank account.

COLOR: Black
DIMENSIONS:Each Rail W 16'' Each Cable H 49''

WHAT COMES WITH YOUR ORDER: 2 Rail, 6 Cables, 48 Clips, Mounting Hardware and Installation Hardware