What can be done to better support women pursuing their PhDs in Africa | OpEd - The Citizen


A Doctor of Philosophy – commonly known as a PhD – is the highest level of academic training, summarizes Anne M. Khisa, PhD, Post Doctoral Research Scientist at African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)  

   Photo: The Citizen It allows the degree holder to teach the chosen subject at university, conduct research or practise in the specialised area.

However, in many African countries like Kenya there are gender gaps when it comes to women enrolling in, and completing, their PhD studies. This subsequently affects their recruitment into university teaching and research positions. Women make up just 30 percent of Africa’s researchers...

The programme is a timely initiative that ought to be replicated for greater coverage across the continent. It would take careful programming, commitment of resources in cash and kind and sustainable partnerships by African state and non-state actors with northern partners. But these could help create a more gender equal mix of successful PhD researchers and faculty on the continent.

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Source: The Citizen

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