Want Your Home to Feel Like a Beach Retreat? 5 Ways to Bring the Ocean to You

Bring the ocean to your home with these simple decorating ideas for your home!

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Coastal décor is more than just a method of styling your home. It’s also a way to evoke that relaxed and breezy feeling many of us get whenever we escape to our favorite waterfront getaway. One great thing about this ocean-inspired trend is that you don’t need a beachfront address to enjoy it. So, follow along as we give you five ideas on how to bring the beach home with you, even if you’re landlocked.

1. Pick a Relaxing Color for Your Bedroom

A classic way to get that coastal feel in your home’s décor is to bathe your bedroom in white. This cream hue has a way of transforming rooms into whichever beach style you’ve envisioned for your space. To get started, invest in a white slat bed from to get that beach cottage air feel, or opt for a paneled bedroom set if a shabby-chic, steps-from-the-ocean-vibe, is more your style.

2. Find Ways to Highlight Your Favorite Beach Finds

Of course, if you’re a fan of coastal décor, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve picked up a souvenir or two on your beach getaways. An old surfboard? Maybe some special shells or sea glass you found strolling across the sand? If so, these treasured keepsakes can be a great way, when added as everyday décor, to quickly transport you back to your favorite coastline. Try using a piece of driftwood as a candle holder or something as simple as placing seashells and sand in a decorative jar to add coastal accessories in and around your home.

Photo By: Blackband Design

3. Bring the Outdoors Inside

There’s nothing more reminiscent of a sand and surf setting than sitting in timeworn, outdoor furniture. But when creating your own beachy abode, break the rules and bring some outdoor elements inside. Materials like wicker, bamboo, rattan and anything woven go well together and make it seem like your living area is basically just one big beach house.

4. Create a View

While you might not be able to look outside and see the ocean from your front window, you can certainly fake a close-up beach view. Try enlarging a photo of your favorite sandy spot and framing it in the main area of your home to give you that everyday glimpse at sea. Or, hang sea life artwork or coastal-themed pictures, many of which you can easily purchase at online furniture shops, to add depth to your house’s beach motif. And while seahorses, coral and fish may be popular standbys for ocean-inspired artwork, don’t be afraid to get creative and try out more unique designs, like an octopus-centered piece or a more vibrant-colored shoreline canvas.   

Photo By: Blackband Design

5. Accent with Seaside Colors

If you want your home to truly evoke the spirit of the sea, you’ll want to add in some combinations of colors and textures reminiscent of the water. Soft blues, indigos and tranquil greens combine to create that perfect casual and carefree vibe that takes over whenever you’re near the coast. Adding in accents can be as simple as placing some nautical-themed throw pillows or rugs in your living area, or as complex as shiplap detailing and painting navy-striped seaworthy walls.

Creating a Beach-Worthy Home

To truly capture the coast in all its glory, you’ll need to find the right beach style to suit your personal taste. Whether that’s subtle beach cottage charm or more flamboyant coastal keys style, don’t be afraid to pick out furniture and accessories that make a statement. Even if you’re miles from any shore, let whatever brings you joy be your decorating guide when you’re adding a little (or a lot of) beachfront flair to your humble abode.

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