This post is all about gifts for sister.


Finding gifts for your sister can be really freakin' challenging. How is it so hard to find a gifts for sister that you know so well?! Don't worry, we've been there.
Whether it's your little or big sister, these gifts are in all different price ranges and are basically guaranteed that she will obsess over them.
This post is all about the best gifts for sister.
Best Gifts for Sister:  1. Polaroid and Photo Holder A polaroid is always fun to use and a creative idea that you can look back at in the future and remember all the fun times you had with it.
You can complete the gift with giving her a cute frame or wall hanging to display the polaroid pictures like the one above. 
2. Diptyque Candle Set
We're not going to lie, this candle set is a bit of a splurge and something your sister may never buy for herself (which makes it the perfect thing to get for her!). 

These are an extremely popular high-end candle that is beautiful to spread throughout different places in your house. 
3. Makeup Bag with Gift Card With almost 600 reviews raving about this makeup bag, it is also guaranteed that anyone who loves makeup will appreciate this gift. 
This gift is really inexpensive and the perfect opportunity to include a gift card to Sephora or Ulta so they can pick up some new makeup products to fill this bad boy up with. 
{RELATED POST: 17 Best Gifts According To College Students} 4. Sister Necklace One of my go-to gifts for my little sisters (who aren't so little anymore haha) is a necklace that they can wear all the time. Something more simple and delicate that will match all of their outfits but have a special meaning behind it.
This necklace is a perfect reminder to your sister how much you love her.
5. Fuzzy Socks 
I don't know one girl who wouldn't love to receive a pair of fuzzy socks!!

This is a great gift idea for sisters if you need a quick and inexpensive gift to give them! 
6. Salt Lamp  If your sister is into VSCO, Tumblr, or good vibes and trying to be as aesthetic as she can be, then this is the gift idea for her.
A salt lamp makes any room feel like it’s put together and relaxing. The calming vibes it gives off will have your sister more relaxed and happy! 
7. Oil Diffuser  Oil diffusers are so popular, so if your sister doesn’t have one yet then this is a great gift idea for her! 
I love to throw some essential oils into my diffuser when I am cleaning or am sick and they really do make your home feel better.
8. Insulated Water Bottle  We are pretty sure that there is no such thing as having too many water bottles. Especially when they're insulated and keep your drink hot/cold for so long that you're convinced it has super powers.
Yeah, that is how good these water bottles are. You're sister will LOVE them.
9. Spa Gift Set If you need a quick gift that doesn't involve much thinking, this Spa Gift Set is for you.
It's under $30 and gives you all the essentials for your sister to have a relaxing spa night (and looks really cute too). 
10. Instant Pot An Instant Pot is a great gift idea for someone who loves to cook AND someone who hates to cook. So, basically it's a perfect gift for anyone ;).
It's an "it" cooking product and can have bomb a-- meals coming out of it in like 15 minutes. It's pretty amazing.
{RELATED POST: 15 Extremely Cute Dorm Decorations To Copy This Year} 11. AirPods  We're just going to assume that you already know how popular and what a great gift AirPods would be.
Both my sisters have AirPods and they claim that they are the best gift for sisters and they couldn't imagine their life without them. Sounds a little like #firstworldproblems to me, but I can guarantee your sis will love this.
12. Weighted Blanket  Case confirmed- a weighted blanket IS as good as people say they are.
I recently got one and I can't imagine going back. It makes me feel so cozy and secure at night. Both my sisters get stressed very easily and is a great gift idea to take some of that anxiety away.
13. Card Game Give your sister the gift of being able to do something new with her friends, or even just something new to do while hanging out with you!
There are SO many card games out there that you are bound to find one that your sister will love as a simple gift! These are two of my personal favs and one my friends and I love.
14. Charging Phone Station  For major Apple fans who have all the gadgets, this is a great gift idea! 
This is a great gift idea for sisters who love being functional and organized. It charges everything, and keeps it all in one place. She’ll definitely find this gift to be super handy! 
15. Makeup I love receiving makeup from my sisters (mhm neutral makeup - let's not get too crazy). They are always in the know of the newest best product and oftentimes, it's makeup that I wouldn't splurge on! I use both of these products every single day and they are my favorite!
16. Lululemon Hat This is a great idea for a sister who loves to throw her hair back and top it with a cute hat.
Everyone in my family has a Lululemon hat and we all love them!
17. Scrunchies Click Here To Buy From Nordstrom These Slip Silk scrunchies are the BEST!
They're pricey (in scrunchie terms) but are amazing and won't leave kinks in your hair. 
18. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer YOU GUYS - this product is amazing!!
It has changed the way that I do my hair and EVERY girl in my family has bought this because it's so freakin' good. It's basically going to take over the world.
19. Ice Roller  Ice rollers are really popular right now and a great gifts for sisters who love to take care of their skin.
Plus, it's extremely budget friendly!
20. Coffee Mug  This a really cute mug to get your sister if they love to drink coffee and/or tea.
Plus, it's a cute way for your sister to get a little daily reminder on how you love them.
21. Photo Frame  This is a really easy and inexpensive gift that you can throw together pretty easily. Personalize it with one of your favorite sister pictures and you're good to go.
22. Custom Coordinate Necklace This is a special personalized gift that you could get custom with a location special to you and your sister.
23. Letter Sign These wood signs are really popular and a cute decor piece for your sister to add to her home!
24. FireTV Stick  Give your sister the gift of unlimited Hulu and Netflix by getting her a FireTV stick. It’s a gift that she will use all the time and love you forever for... I promise! 
25. Nail Kit  ​Having a Gel Nail Set at home is amazing and something your sister will love if she likes to have her nails looking goooodd!
Plus, it will save her a lot of money and you can borrow it too ;).
{RELATED POST: 68 Best College Care Package Ideas College Students Will Love} 26. Perfume Perfume is a go-to gift for any kind of women, but it's especially great for a gift for sisters because who doesn’t want an extra supply of their favorite scent.
It’s a gift idea for sisters that shows you care, but haven’t gone over the top! 
27. Makeup Mirror Light This is a great gift idea for sisters that are younger than you, because selfies are all the rage in the younger generation! 
Feed their selfie habit by getting them a ring light that attaches to their phone so that they can take selfies with great lighting wherever they go!
28. Cute Office Supplies All girls love nice pens. They just make us feel like we have it together ya know?
Give your sister the gift of self confidence by getting her some nice pens as a gift!
29. Wall Art  Wall art is always a classic and a great gift idea for sisters because it shows that you want her to love her space and have it decorated as great as possible!
30. Sneakers What sister doesn’t want to always be rockin’ it when it comes to fashion. Sneakers have become all the rage and TBH girls are here for it because it means that comfort meets fashion.
 You can never have too many sneakers, so adding to her collection is a great gift idea for any sister! 
31. Apple Watch Bands Click Here To Buy From Etsy This is a newer trend that is popping up and we love it!
Basically everyone has apple watches now. While we love them, we don't always love the sporty bands. Enter this gift idea, which adds a bit of unique and luxury style to your sisters everyday look. She’ll love it! 
This post was all about the best gifts for sister. Other Posts You May Like: 17 Best Gifts According To College Students 15 Extremely Cute Dorm Decorations To Copy This Year 68 Best College Care Package Ideas College Students Will Love
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