These pieces are the perfect mix of spooky, chic, elegant, and ethereal.


Halloween is a time of year that can be deeply inspiring for designers and design lovers alike. It's full of dark, mysterious, and enchanting colors, a rich variety of textures, and an overall vibe that screams "go wild and fun." Take a look at some pieces that speak to the enticing and almost-creepy fabrics, tones, and motifs of Halloween—no sugary candy included!
An Eerie, Velvety Fabric Furniture Collaboration
Bois Paradis is the third collaborative collection between the French furniture company Roche Bobois and Christian Lacroix Maison, and the series artfully combines luxe velvet with a dose of playfulness and mystery. The "Cueillette" print, used on the undulating sofa and chair, is one of the signatures of the collection and portrays botanical items in dark shades of green set against a black background for an enigmatic and elegant collection.

Roche Bobois' collaboration with Maison Christian Lacroix highlights the use of their "Cuillette" fabric, whose dark, dramatic colors combine elegance with a touch of mystery.

Courtesy of Roche Bobois
A Gravity-Defying Candleholder
The Gambalunga candleholder designed for Roll & Hill from the Amsterdam-based, Italian-born designers of Formafantasma appears to defy gravity, almost as if it were floating in the air by itself. The elegant, slim proportions of the holder do not take away from its practicality; the circular base was carefully placed so that it catches melting wax and stabilizes the piece.

Carefully balanced on its slim metal stem, the Gambalunga candleholder designed for Roll & Hill by Formafantasma seems to almost float on thin air, as if it were held in place by an invisible hand.

Photo: Roll & Hill

Wallpaper Inspired by the Dark Moodiness of Versailles
In search of something that hits the right spot in between refined, dynamic, and ethereal? Consider covering your walls—or even just an accent wall—with some of Calico Wallpaper's expertly-crafted, endlessly mesmerizing wallpapers. Their Night Collection in Slate, inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, emphasizes contrast and depth, with a black background and gold and white veining that almost looks like a luxurious spider's web. 

As one of their first three original collections, the Night series from Calico Wallpapers was inspired by the colors and veining of the marble in the mysterious yet dynamic Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

The White Arrow

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