The Cup Holder Cleaning Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed


Car cupholder cleaning hack - before and after photos of car cup holder, one dirty and one clean

The Best Way To Clean Cup Holders In Cars

If a blog post that we’re working on requires a photo of the inside of a car, we often take it inside my daughter Britta’s car. And that’s simply because out of the three cars that are parked at the OGT Studio when we take photos, hers is usually the cleanest! (In fact, it was actually too clean to use for the photos in today’s post.)

Britta takes after my husband Dave in that regard, whose personal standard for car cleanliness has always been extremely high. I, on the other hand, have remained firmly outside the influence of Dave’s neurotic car care tendencies, though I do suspect that Britta’s habits may be making more of an impression on me!

I’ve been making more of an effort to keep my car clean lately, and experimenting with different methods. I recently discovered a great way to clean one of the grimiest parts of the car, and I’ll be sharing that with you today! :-)

Car cupholder cleaning hack - two dirty cup holders

Cleaning Car Cup Holders The Quick And Easy Way

If there’s one part of my car’s interior that I’ve struggled to keep clean, it’s the cupholders! It seems like they always end up with a sticky, crumby mess at the bottom, and that mess always seemed to put up a fight!

It used to take me ages to wipe them completely clean, until I discovered a simple method that made it fast and easy! So here’s the scoop on how it’s done, so you can use it to clean your cupholders in seconds. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the results!

cup holder cleaning hack - woman's hand slipping a small jar into a fluffy sock

How To Clean The Cup Holders In Your Car

You’ll need:


Start by stretching a sock over the bottom of your cup. (Fuzzy socks work really well here, both because they’re great at grabbing onto gunk and because they’re easy to stretch over the base of a cup.)

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cup holder cleaning hack - spraying cleaning solution onto fuzzy sock around a jar

Once you’ve got the sock on the cup, spray the sock with your cleaning spray of choice. (If your cup holders are really grimy, you may want to spray the cleaner directly into the cup holders and let it sit for a minute or two before moving on to the next step.)

cup holder cleaning hack - hand using a fluffy sock on a small jar to clean cup holder

Next, place the sock-covered cup into the cup holder, put some pressure on it, and give the cup a good twist.

cup holder cleaning hack - hand holding out jar with fuzzy sock, showing crumbs and dirt picked up from cup holder

The sock will pick up the majority of the gunk in the cup holder, easy as that!

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cup holder cleaning hack - collage: woman putting fuzzy sock over one hand, using fuzzy sock over hand to clean crevices in cup holder


If necessary, wipe off the remaining ledges and tight corners that the cup can’t reach. You can do this by slipping the sock off the cup and onto your hand and wiping them clean.

cup holder cleaning hack - before and after: two cup holders full of crumbs and crud, then two clean cup holders

Then sit back and admire your squeaky clean cupholders! :-)

Do you have a favorite quick and easy car care tip?

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