Skip the Cash in a Card & Snag One of These Offbeat Graduation Gifts, Instead


Class of 2023 did the thing and you’re going to help them celebrate with these unique graduation gifts

If you’re looking for graduation gifts, then congratulations! It means you know and love a graduate. and that also means you played a part in supporting them to get there. Whether it’s your own child, niece, nephew, cousin, close friend—you made a difference to them. Graduation isn’t only a celebration for the student (although they’re most definitely the star). It’s a celebration for the whole crew who was there for homework, football games, band performances, laughter, tears; the whole shebang. Finding a unique graduation gift is the icing on the cake.

With so much going on this time of year—end of the school year, Father’s Day, summer break, vacation, you name it—it can be hard to find the time to get the perfect gift. It can also be hard to find the perfect gift, even if you have time. The point is: we’re here to help you pick the best (and most unique) graduation gift for the newest chapter of their lives. Maybe you’re looking for something sentimental. We’ve got you. Or maybe you’re looking for something practical that they’ll reach for over and over again now that they’re out in the “real world”. No problem. It’s totally possible you want something that combines it all, and we’re pretty sure we have you covered there, too. These gifts are seriously going to knock their caps off. Here’s to the class of 2023.

A Fully Customized Letterman Jacket

Varsity Base

Letterman jackets are already special, but a completely customized one is even better. The letterman jackets from Varsity Base are completely unique from start to finish—from the colors, materials, embroidery, patches, and placement of all of it! Commemorate their high school with their mascot, or pick their new college colors. Not into any school themes? You can also design a letterman jacket that's all about them, no matter what their loves are. There are also hoodies and coats available. Varsity Base Customized Letterman Jacket ($209.00+)—Buy Here!

An Engraved Crystal That'll Never Fade

Crystal Clear Memories

Take your favorite graduate's picture and let the wizards over at Crystal Clear Memories create a super pretty engraved crystal, complete with LED base and a personalized message. It won't fade or fog, and there are several ways to customize it. Did we mention it ships fast? Crystal Clear Memories 3D Engraved Graduation Tower Crystal ($49.00)—Buy Here!

A Sign for Signatures


This canvas is perfect for graduation parties (or any grad celebration) and is totally customizable. It's a signature-ready gift they'll hang onto for years to come. Personalized Graduation Signature Canvas ($25.00)—Buy Here!

A Sentimental Bracelet That Doesn't Look LIke One


For graduates who don’t really love sparkle, this sweet Class of 2023 bracelet is a low-key reminder that they did it. Morse Code Bracelet ($15.68)—Buy Here!

A Candy Bar Designed to Be Destroyed

Dylan's Candy Bar

If you caught this one on Good Day, New York, you know how cool it is. Help them celebrate their newest chapter with a bang, er, bash. This candy bar is filled with goodies and comes with a wooden mallet to get to them. Dylan's Candy Bar All Wrapped Up Bash Present ($40.00)—Buy Here!

A Commemorative Charm

Act Acre

This unique charm from Act + Acre looks especially cool with their Rope Chain Necklace with Cuff Keeper ($130.00), but no matter how they wear it, it'll remind them of the greatness that was 2023. What a Year 2023 Pendant ($24.00)—Buy Here!

A Book We Wish We Had When We Were 18


They may have graduated high school, but sometimes there are a few lessons that get left out. Enter Grown-Up Stuff Explained. It covers 75 topics new adults absolutely need to know about, written in a relatable, fun way. This is a must. Grown-Up Stuff Explained ($9.99)—Buy Here!

A Real Adult Bag Made Just for Them


One of the marks of adulthood can sometimes be as simple as a new bag that isn't their old trusty backpack. This beautiful tote from Lucrin comes in a ton of different colors and leather textures, plus you can personalize it with their initials. From the classroom to the boardroom, it'll be well-loved for a long time. Lucrin Everyday Tote Bag ($279.00+)—Buy Here!

A Bluetooth Speaker for...Studying


Studying or socializing, music is a requirement. This speaker from Altec Lansing not only has 20 hours of battery life; it's also waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and floats upright. It's an all-season speaker that they'll use constantly. Altec Lansing Rockbox XL 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers ($179.99)—Buy Here!

A Blanket for Traveling Home

Johnny Was

Encourage lots of visits home from school with this beautiful rose blanket designed for travel. Throw it into a suitcase or add it to a carry-on; either way, it's a special reminder that home is always there. Johnny Was Bellatini Travel Blanket ($148.00)—Buy Here!

A Dainty Charm Necklace

Hello Adorn

A sweet little disc necklace stamped with either an initial or symbol of your choice makes for a darling gift. You can even pick more than one disc for a personalized piece they'll love. Hello Adorn Tiny Dot Necklace ($48.00)—Buy Here!

A Pair of Sneakers for Trotting All Over Campus

Magnolia Boutique

Let's face it: college comes with a lot of walking. Make it easier with these fun corduroy sneakers from Magnolia Boutique. They're colorful enough to be anything but boring and muted enough to go with just about anything. Magnolia Boutique CL by Laundry Desert Dog Multi Corduroy Sneakers ($69.95)—Buy Here!

A Bracelet That Keeps You Connected

Bond Touch/Amazon

No matter how far apart you are physically, these oh-so-sweet Bond Touch bracelets keep you and your loved ones connected. They vibrate and light up when the other wearer touches theirs to let you know they're thinking of you. With the Bond Touch More, you can connect up to 3 people, plus they're waterproof and have a 4 day battery life. Bond Touch More Bracelet ($89.00)—Buy Here!

A Pendant That Reminds Them of Their True North


Help them always remember to keep their focus, no matter what's in front of them at the moment. The Distance North Star Pendant is created with 14K white gold and lab-grown diamonds that are just as stunning as mined stones, but they're sustainable and ethical, too. Keyzar North Star Pendant Necklace ($750.00)—Buy Here!

An Organizer for All the New Jewelry They're Getting

Buddy Love

Yep, graduation is definitely a time to start their grown-up jewelry collection, and this organizer is not only cute; it's super functional and ideal for travel. Buddy Love Hollis Jewelry Organizer ($85.00)—Buy Here!

A Sweet Grad Treat


If there's anything we know, it's that graduating requires lots of snacks. Customize their M&M's with their school colors, initials, image, or a combination of them all. M&M's Class of 2023 Gift Jar ($29.99)—Buy Here!

Drinkware for Aspiring Designers


Featuring one of 4 iconic Pantone hues, this water bottle is a fun and fashionable way to nod to keep them hydrated. Pantone Tritan Drinking Bottle ($33.00)—Buy Here!

A Ring to Help Guide Them


This piece from the Pacific Style Collection is a great way to keep your grad pointed in the right direction. Abalone Shell Rhodium Over Silver Mens Compass Ring ($78.29)—Buy Here!

A Mental Health Memento

Chasing Paper

There's nothing like knowing that everything you feel is valid, important, and more than okay. This print from Chasing Paper comes in multiple sizes, and framed or unframed options. It Can Be Everything All At Once Print ($12.00+)—Buy Here!

A Dorm-Friendly Pick-Me-Up

Copper Cow Coffee

Maybe coffee makers aren't allowed in their dorm room, but Copper Cow Coffee is ready in 90 seconds as long as they have access to hot water. You can even set up recurring deliveries (in different blends, too). Copper Cow Coffee Salted Caramel Pour Over Coffee ($16.00)—Buy Here!

A Dedicated Grad Display


Rustic is very in, and this frame really captures the importance of their special day. Brown & Navy 'Congratulations' Two-Photo Frame ($16.99)—Buy Here!

A Sentimental Sports Keepsake


Customize a basketball with your new graduate's name and school logo in full color. O Magazine agrees with us that this is a fab gift. Custom Basketball ($32.95)—Buy Here!

A Cash Cake


Money is a traditional grad gift, but that doesn't mean it has to be given traditionally. You can customize this fun tiered money holder to represent your graduate's school. Graduation Gift Money Holder ($22.32+)—Buy Here!

A Watch That Does It All


New adults can use all the help they can get keeping up with work, class, family—all of it. Help them stay on top of it all with this sleek Google Pixel Watch. It looks great, is so easy to use, and really affordable for a smart watch. It's available in several colors, too. Google Pixel Watch ($399.99)—Buy Here!

A Daring Bracelet


Inspired by Brené Brown, this bracelet with its hematite stars inspire the wearer to dare to be vulnerable, to set healthy boundaries, and to be themselves. Dare Greatly Hematite Bracelet ($40.00)—Buy Here!

A Little Wisdom From T. Roosevelt


This inspirational quote print is available in multiple sizes and frame options. We'll admit to getting goosebumps every time we read it, too. "The Man in the Arena" Quote Print ($18.75+)—Buy Here!

A Solid Dose of Preparation (Even If They Never Need It)


Keep them totally prepared for anything with the DormDoc First Aid Kit. It's 175 pieces of help when they need it and they can keep it all in the handy carrier (that also comes in red and black). DormDoc Emergency First Aid Kit ($54.95)—Buy Here!

Some Vintage Vibes


A vintage leather bound notebook and pen set that's sure to wow the creative graduate who always has something on their mind. Vintage Journal Set ($38.97)—Buy Here!

Classic Words from a Classic Band

Lyrical Artwork/Amazon

Choose from a variety of sizes and frames. This Beatles print is perfect no matter where they choose to hang it. Blackbird Wall Art ($19.95+)—Buy Here!

A Planner They'll Want to Show Off

Everything does is show off-able (it's a thing), but we're partial to this cute planner with a 17 month calendar and lots of fun artwork. Large 17 Month Academic Planner ($34.95)—Buy Here!

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