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# Preview Product Price 1 OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair with 360-Degree Swivel, Grey Frame with Black Cushion $159.70 Check on Amazon 2 Milliard Papasan Chair with 360-degree Swivel (Wood and Tan) $179.99 Check on Amazon 3 Papasan Chair Cushion Patio Garden Cushion Cover Overstuffed Hanging Swing Chair Pad Seat Cushions... $50.99 Check on Amazon 4 OSP Home Furnishings Wicker Papasan Chair with 360-Degree Swivel, White Frame with White Cushion $177.74 Check on Amazon 5 Blazing Needles Solid Twill Papasan Chair Cushion, 52" x 6" x 52", Black $105.00 Check on Amazon 6 COTTON CRAFT Classic Cotton Duck Overstuffed Pure Cotton Papasan Chair Cushion, Charcoal Grey $78.69 Check on Amazon 7 Papasan Chair $0.89 Check on Amazon 8 LJFYXZ Waterproof Papasan Chair Cushion Outdoor, Without Chair/Round Hanging Egg Swing Removable... $35.89 $31.70 Check on Amazon 9 Oversized Overstuffed Double Papasan Chair Cushion,Soft Twill Chair Pad,Replacement Swing Chair... $130.90 Check on Amazon 10 Space Trucker Bruce $2.99 Check on Amazon
A Papasan chair is a bowl-shaped chair in an upright frame. Traditionally, they featured rattan wood, but modern-day versions tend to have steel frames to make them sturdier. Papasan chairs first became popular in World War II when American soldiers brought them home from Asia. The Philippines and Japan had been using them for hundreds of years.

While the materials in their use have changed over time, the styling has not. You do, however, have far more of a variety from which to choose than ever before. Maybe some of these chairs below could be worth a closer look.
1. Faux Fur Saucer Chair
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If you are in the market for a new Papasan chair, then there is every reason to consider this one from Urban Shop. However, it’s crucial that you read all the features and fine print to avoid disappointment. This Papasan chair is well made, comfortable, and will suit a range of situations, but the measurements, if you read them correctly, will show you that the chair is smaller in the photos.

There is a little bit of deceit from the manufacturer involving the size and plushness of the Papasan chair in the photo, but it’s also up to you as the purchaser to do your research. The dimensions are there for you to check.

Other than disappointment with the fluffiness and the size, there is still a lot to love about this seat. You can choose one of 12 colors to suit the décor in your home, and the faux fur micro mink fabric is a nice touch. You will love sinking into this chair after a hard day at work.

It has a robust metal frame, folds up to nothing, and can support the weight of both adults and children up to 225 pounds. You can use it at home, at an event, or anywhere an additional chair is necessary. Don’t let the frame noisiness, size, or plushness stop you from buying this comfortable chair from Urban Shop.  

12 color options Faux fur fabric Metal frame One size Micro mink fabric 225-pound weight capacity 22 x 29 x 32 inches Foldable Assembly free
Comfortable to sit in It has a bit of padding The frame is robust and sturdy Plenty of color options The fabric is soft Generous weight capacity Both children and adults can use it Portable as it folds up You don’t have to assemble it The cover is washable
The picture is deceiving It’s not as plush as the photos It’s noisy to sit in 2. Papasan Peacock Chair Cushion
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If you already own a Papasan chair and only require a new cushion to go with it, then there’s every reason to check out this one from Cotton Craft. Even though it’s quite expensive, you will quickly discover why – it’s not a cheaply made cushion that will let you down on day one.

This peacock blue Papasan chair cushion features pure cotton duck fabric with blue and beige-like hues. The variety of colors in the material also means it will tie into any home’s décors well. It’s also suitable for most general 45-inch Papasan chairs, giving more of the market an opportunity to purchase it.

What you will also like about it is the thickness. Once you leave it to expand out of the packaging (which, unfortunately, can take some time), it sits at around four or five inches thick. It also features quality polyester filling that lasts the distance.

The quality of the fabric also means that it can handle a lot of use. Even if you sit in your Papasan chair every day in the sun, it’s durable enough to handle it. The sun fade is also surprisingly minimal. If you don’t own a chair, then this Papasan chair cushion is not right for you – that’s the downside. For the cost, you would hope to get a frame with it.

You can also only spot clean this Papasan chair cushion instead of putting it in the washing machine. However, the delicate nature of the cushion fabric means that spot cleaning can help to extend its life. All in all, this Papasan chair cushion is a brilliant example of quality – even if it comes with no chair!

Peacock blue color scheme Cotton duck fabric 45-inch round chair compatibility Polyester construction 4-5 inches thick Spot clean only
It’s a vibrant and beautiful pattern It’s plush and comfortable to sit on It suits most Papasan chairs The fabric is pure It handles a lot of wear It manages sun fade well The material is thick and durable
You can only spot clean it It doesn’t come with a chair It takes a while to fluff out and expand from being in packaging 3. Teal Bonjo Bungee Papasan Chairs
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The Papasan chair market is full of regular cushioned chairs that look lovely in your home but not unique. What do you do if you want furniture that stands out from the crowd and becomes a talking point? You consider purchasing a Papasan chair from Zenithen Limited.

Known as a Bunjo bungee chair, these beautiful Papasan chairs look and function like any other – but with a noticeable missing cushion. Instead of a pillow, you get bungee-like strings that lap over each other and provide a trampoline-like base – almost as if you were sitting in a string hammock.

On the surface, you may think this Papasan chair won’t be all that comfortable, but it is. The teal bungee strings sit within a black 600-denier polyester frame which helps the colors to pop. There is almost no better combination than black and teal together. This Papasan chair also has a steel tubing frame which is robust and long-lasting, not to mention suitable for children and adults weighing up to 225 pounds.

Along with the unique style of this Papasan chair, you will also be pleased to know you can buy them in sets of one, two, or four – perfect for events, game rooms, or even classrooms. Teachers love an easy-care chair that you don’t have to try and keep clean after 20-plus children have used it on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a Papasan chair with a difference, you will quickly come to realize that this one from Zenithen Limited is it.

Set of one, two, or four Teal coloring Bunjo bungee style Black fabric 600-denier polyester rim Steel tubing framework 225-pound weight capacity 26 x 32 x 32-inch approximate dimensions
Striking color scheme Unique chair They fold down to a compact size Comfortable to sit on Affordable to buy The framework is robust Generous weight capacity Ideal for children and adults Gorgeous styling
Not suitable for bouncing on 4. Acapulco Rocking Chairs
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Whether you’re a home or business owner, you will quickly discover how funky this Papasan chair from Joseph Allen Home could look on your premises. It’s unlike many other options on the market, and that could be the look you’re going for.

The first standout point is the color. Very rarely will you come across orange chairs that don’t look abhorrent, and this set of two is the exception. The color coupled with the mid-century modern styling see them as a match made in heaven – something that’s going to look impressive sitting on your balcony.

The Papasan chair market is full of indoor options, but that’s where these buck the trend. You can use them indoors or outdoors, and they are equipped to handle both. If you are using them inside, you can add cushions to the plastic cord weave for a touch of comfort. If you are using them outside, you can omit the use of a pillow and sit on it how it is. It also has a black powder-coated iron frame, so it doesn’t succumb to rust or the elements.

Even though you need to assemble this Papasan chair, it doesn’t take all that much effort for one person. There is not much to dislike about this chair set, so it might be worth considering as your next big home or business purchase.

Set of two Mid-century modern styling Rocking style Indoor and outdoor use Plastic cord weave construction Powder-coated iron frame Rust-proof One-person assembly 32 x 30 x 29 inches Orange color
You can use them inside and outside your house or business They don’t rust They rock when most don’t You only need one person to assemble them Unique styling You get a pair of them They accentuate the décor in any home You don’t have to worry about washing cushions Easy to care for
You have to add cushions for comfort 5. Folding Moon Round Saucer Chair
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If standard event seating never took your fancy because of how uncomfortable it can be, then it could be time to invest in a Papasan chair that removes that problem. This oversized saucer chair is the epitome of comfort – even if it has a few flaws.

It’s affordable, features a padded headrest, and even has a steel frame, so you feel comfortable and confident when you sit on it. The 600-denier polyester fabric also encompasses you when you sit down, offering a sense of luxury that a standard camping seat can’t provide.

Furthermore, this Papasan chair has a cup holder for your drink, a carry bag to fold it up and put it in when you’re traveling, and a one-year warranty for peace of mind. Unfortunately, you might end up needing to use it.

For all the good points, the structural integrity can let it down. Even after regular use where the Papasan chair should be fit for purpose, some people complained about broken frames and ripped stitching – even under the 300-pound weight limit. There’s no denying it’s a quality, stylish Papasan chair that far surpasses that of a camping chair, but it can fail like cheaper versions too.

Over-sized style Round moon shape Padded headrest Steel frame 300-pound weight capacity 600-denier polyester seat fabric Cup holder Carry bag One-year warranty Foldable
You can take it to events It folds up small It’s compact and lightweight Affordable to buy Has an included cup holder for convenience You can carry it in a carry bag Has a padded head for comfort Thick and durable fabric Robust stitching Solid frame Oversized for additional comfort Generous warranty period Ideal for home use or events
With regular use, the framework loses integrity It’s challenging to fit in the bag The stitching can come apart 6. Folding Dorm Saucer Chair

If you’re camping, need a chair in a bedroom or dorm, or you’d like to sit in comfort in your patio area, then this Papasan chair from Redcamp could tick all the boxes. While it’s more of a temporary event chair than a permanent fixture in your home, it’s a desirable item all the same.

When you’re not using this chair, you can fold it up and store it in a closet. Its 24 x 24 x 17-inch approximate dimensions ensure it’s compact when you need it to be the most. You can also choose a color to suit your home or preference out of brown, black, or turquoise. Any of those colors are bound to satisfy a teenager or adult.

Even the weight and height restrictions of 225 pounds and six-foot-two are going to impress, letting you know this is a reliable chair that will last the distance. It also has robust polyester padding, cotton filling, and steel tubing with powder-coating so it won’t rust. Redcamp takes it one step further by including rubber rests on the framework to stop it from damaging your floor.

There are only two sticking points with this Papasan chair. The first is how low it sits. You can’t pull it up to a dining table, and older people might struggle to pull themselves out of it. When you sit in it, you also notice the discomfort of the frame pressing into the back of your legs. However, this Papasan chair is still ideal for a dorm room, event, or anywhere you require a temporary chair in an instant.

Folding dish style 17 x 24 x 24-inch approximate dimensions Black, brown, or turquoise coloring Foldable Safety latch locks 6.2-foot height capacity 225-pound weight capacity Cotton filling Polyester cotton layering 600-denier polyester seat PE coating Steel tube bracket structure Powder coating Rust-resistant One-year warranty
Generous warranty period Lovely color options Compact folding size Robust steel frame Rubber protectors on the legs to prevent floor damage Generous height and weight restrictions Ideal for teenagers and adults Comfortable to sit on
The frame presses into your legs when you sit on it It sits very low 7. Rattan Accent Papasan Chair

When the time comes to invest in quality furniture for your home, business, or even your café, don’t look past this Papasan chair from MIK. Multipurpose in every sense of the word, it’s a chair that will blend in beautifully with your surrounding décor – no matter what it is.

The first thing to appeal is the coloring. Even though this Papasan chair only comes in black, that can be the most popular anyway. All you need to do to add a burst of color is add a chair. Black also hides any imperfections that can come from daily use by guests and family.

This chair also has curved armrests for comfort and style, a lightweight 15-pound frame for effortless maneuverability, and rattan styling to tie in beautifully with décor. There’s almost nothing you won’t love about this Papasan chair.  

What’s more, the synthetic materials coupled with the rattan style make sure it’s a seat that’s going to last. Unlike chairs with cushions or coverings, you can clean it with a damp cloth and have it looking as good as new. If you want a stylish, low maintenance Papasan chair, this one could be it.

Curved armrests Black color scheme 15 pounds 30 x 29 x 23 inches Rattan style Synthetic materials Silhouette legs
Beautiful contemporary styling Multipurpose – use at home, the hospitality industry, or a business The color works with all styling Easy care – wipe with a cloth You can add a burst of color with cushions You can use them inside or outside Sturdy legs and framework Affordable to buy
Not overly comfortable without cushions Only one color 8. Bali Rattan Camel Papasan Swivel Rocker
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Even though you have to assemble this Papasan chair yourself, it’s a small negative point in the grand scheme of things. When it comes to quality, style, and functionality, this Papasan chair is a winner in all areas.

The first thing to appeal will be its comfort. The cushion is thick, features luxurious microsuede fabric, and has polyester upholstery that will feel comfortable to sit on. What’s more, there is a coating on the microsuede to resist stains as much as possible.

Then, the style is equally as impressive as the comfort. This Papasan chair is handcrafted with rattan wood, finished with a dual stain, then sits upon a rocking base that will see you watching TV in your home in comfort and style.

The striking look coupled with the overall grandeur of this chair will see you want to buy more than one for your living or relaxing area.

16 color options Rocking chair style Rattan styling Microsuede fabric Handcrafted Rattan wood Dual stain finish Upholstered cushion Stain-resistant Crushed polyester filling
Eco-friendly with recycled polyester Handcrafted to make it a talking point Striking style You can rock in it Plenty of color options Effortless to put together The cushion has a stain-resistant coating
The base is not thick to offer much faith in its strength You have to assemble it yourself Considerations for Purchasing a Papasan Chair
While a regular camping chair is okay for your first event or camping trip, you can start to form a taste for the more delicate things in life. That’s why it might be time to buy a Papasan chair. A Papasan chair is an egg or oval-shaped chair that encompasses your body when you sit in it.

However, every manufacturer’s definition is different – especially when they are marketing and pedaling their wares. If you need a helping hand for buying a chair, consider these points below.
The size will be at the top of the list of things to consider. After all, what good is a chair to you if it’s too small? Read the online shopping pages carefully. Too many people look at the product shot and think it’s the right size. But the dimensions are the more important thing to consider. Then, see whether the supplier markets it to a child, teen, or adult.
Unfortunately, not every Papasan chair is comfortable, even if the traditional styling of them included plump cushions and plenty of filling. Now, you can buy Papasan chairs with no pillows at all. When you are buying chairs online, you can’t sit in them to try them out.

You also can’t take the manufacturer’s word for it as they want a sale. Instead, to find out how comfortable a chair is, refer to the customer reviews. People who have purchased the chairs will happily tell you whether it’s all it’s cracked up to be.
Weight and Height Capacity
Are you heavier or taller than the “average” person? Then, you are going to need to be quite careful with Papasan chair shopping. Like most pieces of furniture, these chairs have weight and height restrictions. Failure to abide by them can result in discomfort or damage (to the chair and possibly you!) Most Papasan chairs will suit people at up to 225-300 pounds and around six feet tall.
The materials matter depending on where your chair will be. If it’s for outdoor use, it’s helpful if it doesn’t come with a built-in cushion. If it’s for indoor use, you may prefer a pillow. Most Papasan chairs have polyester and Oxford fabric of a high denier.

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