Personalized dog piggy bank for kids, Custom pet savings bank for girls & boys, Wooden puppy coin bank, Gift for dog lovers, Nursery Decor by PromiDesign


34.95 EUR

This is a wooden piggy bank dog. Coins are thrown through the opening at the top, and the glass must be unscrewed to remove them. The personalized puppy coin box is made of natural and ecological materials and organic glass and is safe for kids.

This wooden dog coin bank is made of 100% natural and ecological materials. Wood is a real tree - an ashwood block. Transparent organic glass is placed on the saver so that the contents inside the piggy bank can be seen and rise motivation to fill it even more. When the piggy bank fills up, you won't have to break the glass - just unscrew it and take out the savings, and when you screw it back in, you can save further.

The piggy bank can be used for the purpose of collecting coins, especially pet savings or other animals as well, but it will also be a great room decoration, a wonderful and unique gift for a dog lover and newborn baby gift. Perfect long-lasting coin holder and nursery decor as well.

Custom money box personalization: available in 2 colors - natural unpainted ashwood and brown stained ashwood, examples visible in the last photo. Both colors are equally good and do not have any benefits over each other, so pick the one you like more. Also, laser-engraved words or names can be made on glass or wood, we left you an option to pick the place.

Dimentions and weight:
25,6 x 21.3 x 4cm / 10.6 x 1.6 x 8.5 inch
0.48 KG / 1.1 LB

Made and designed in Lithuania
We promise you'll like it!

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