Pantry Storage Ideas: 16 Top Canned Food Storage Hacks


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Have you noticed how much space canned foods take up in your pantry (or kitchen cabinets)? Not anymore! Here are 16 genius pantry can organizer tips that will take your canned food storage from exasperating to dreamy. 

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Canned food can take up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets and pantry – maybe even most of the room!

Additionally, when you reach for that jar of spaghetti sauce, you may find yourself knocking over the peanut butter, canned fruits, or green beans while you’re at it.

There are very few things that frustrate me as much as that! 

After the 547th time knocking down other cans to get to the one I needed in the back, I decided it was time to investigate some pantry can organizer tips and hacks for more systematic can storage.

Getting those canned foods organized will reap rewards by saving you a lot of frustration, time, and money (no more expired foods!). 

The good news is that there are many different canned food organizing options available from simple changes to more elaborate setups. Needless to say, there are terrific and effective pantry storage ideas for your canned foods no matter what type of kitchen you have. 

Use these canned food storage ideas we’ve found to make grabbing that ONE can you need so much easier!

17 Brilliant Canned Food Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen and Pantry

Top Canned Food Storage Ideas for a Well-Organized Pantry

Do you have canned food organizational problems? Not anymore after you finish reading these ideas. This list of pantry storage ideas has a can storage solution that works for you!

DIY Canned Food Organizer Tutorial | Classy Clutter

Create a canned food organizer that slides between your refrigerator and the wall. What a great way to use under-utilized space for canned food storage! For about $100, you can also have your own (custom) sliding canned food storage unit.

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Label Can Tops | MotorHome

If you keep your canned goods in drawers, this tip will blow your mind…write the contents of the cans on top so you can grab what you need in just a second.

Why didn’t I think of that? Pure genius.

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The Container Store to the Rescue | A Bowl Full of Lemons

These super cute, inexpensive bins (the medium size) from The Container Store are perfect for storing canned foods. Also, they’re clear, so you can see how much you have at a glance.

Bonus: They even have handy labels for the front, to help your pantry stay organized.

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DIY Canned Food Storage Wall | House of Hepworths

Rather than wrap-around shelves in the pantry, this family opted for a single back wall of canned goods. It actually looks much more organized now, don’t you think?

It’s like the nail polish rack married the pantry closet and came up with this genius idea!

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Closet Racks for the Win | Family Handyman

Add closet racks to your cabinets to display your canned foods and see what you have at a simple glance. I must say, that’s an amazing (and frugal) can storage idea!

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Pantry Lazy Susans | Decorchick

We’ve linked to these pantry lazy susans again and again because this pantry can organizer idea is so clever. Fit more into corners and be able to see everything you have with the spin of the wheel.

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Use Dollar Store Bins | iHeart Organizing

Shoe bins from the Dollar Store are an affordable way to group canned goods together. Go one step further by arranging the bins according to what’s in your cans for an ultra-organized pantry.

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Use Photo Boxes | The Kim Six Fix

With just a few slight tweaks, photo boxes make a perfect (and very affordable) canned food organizer. Plus, they are also easy to label!

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Behind the Door Organizer | Clean Eating With Kids

If you have a modest amount of canned food and limited cabinet space, a behind-the-door organizer may be ideal for you. You can still fit quite a bit in there without cluttering up precious space elsewhere.

Two-Tiered Canned Food Organizers | Shanty 2 Chic

Build your own two-tiered canned food organizers. They’re easier to make than you’d think!

This quick DIY project will yield long-lasting results.

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Wall-Mounted Canned Food Organizer | Amy and Toby

Want to free up shelf space? This wall-mounted canned food organizer will make a great addition to your pantry – or your garage.

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Rotating Canned Food Rack | Ana White

This rotating canned food rack can even fit in small kitchens.

By creating a rotating can system, you make sure you’re using your oldest cans first so nothing ever expires.

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Maximize Your Pantry Space | Food Storage Moms

Measure and plan your pantry shelves to maximize space. Odds are, you can fit a few more shelves into your pantry and cabinet to make use of empty space that would otherwise go unused.

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Magazine Holders | PB&J Stories

A magazine holder is an ideal size for smaller cans of food. Isn’t that handy?

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Woven Baskets With Labels | Delightful Order

Organize your canned food by type of ingredient and place them into baskets. Here, you see canned fruits, canned soups, etc. grouped together.

This system sure makes it easy to grab and go – smart!

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DIY Pull Out Shelves | The Kim Six Fix

This pull-out cabinet solution is perfect for cans that you just have to keep in the cabinets rather than your pantry. No more sitting on the floor to see what you have!

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Whatever your storage situation is, using one (or more!) of these pantry storage ideas is 100% worth your time. From DIY to store-bought and simple to more complex, this list of canned food storage ideas can take care of that canned food clutter problem. 

Which canned food organizer idea helps you the most?

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