Once you finished your first batch and is already bottled and ready to drink, you will want to present the best way possible to your friends and family. 


Or, did you just buy your new fancy beer and wish to keep it looking good and in place? The best thing you have is the right carrier for your bottles – and nothing seems better than a wood beer carrier. 

It keeps your bottles in place and makes it easy to transport and move around without the fear of breaking one or all of them. With a wood beer carrier, you will have your bottles looking proper and safe from breaking. 
What is a Wood Bottle Carrier?
A beer carrier is made for holding a six-pack. They are typically made out of plastic and wood. For some, shaping wood, beer carrier is a full-time job and a cool hobby. 

A beer carrier is made for keeping your beer bottles save and protected while you transport them around. If you are going to a party with your recently cooked batch, you want to keep it safe the whole way there to make sure nothing breaks. 

They also tend to come with metal or more wood. It's a comfortable way to move around with it without hurting your hands. 
Why do you need a Trendy Wooden Beer Carrier?
The reason why everybody needs a wood beer carrier relies on the protection it allows you to have while you are transporting or presenting your beer. It does deliver excellent looks and takes away the scary feeling that you can trip, and your bottle will be falling and breaking everywhere. 
Wood Beer Carrier Characteristics
A wood beer carrier is made to hold up to six bottles. Some brands stick out by adding wood beer carriers for three bottles, or just two. 

The space inside the wood box is enough to fit all the bottles inside without issues. You also have a typical wood handle or even metal to make the experience more comfortable. 

Use them to carry around your beers more efficiently and safely. 

They are not made just for bottles; you find a lot of beer carriers for cans as well. 

The way a carrier works is no science. It has walls to keep your beers inside and enough space even to put some ice inside and keep them cold. Moreover, the handle works as your best friend while your beer rests perfectly intact inside. 

They are commonly used in parties or events. Nowadays, with ecological approaches being fashionable, this is an excellent option for those running away from plastic. 
The advantages of using a wood beer carrier have their foundation on providing comfort and protection while still making your beer look good. Wooden carriers offer a fresh and sober look, and at the same time, is eco-friendly. 

You don't need to worry about damaging the planet with more plastic when the wood is taking over. 

With a wood beer carrier, you will have all your bottles save and ready to drink at any time.

Nothing better than enjoying good beers without the risk of breaking them or having to travel some distance with them thinking about the possibility that your beer would not make it. With a wooden beer carrier, you will have stability and good looks all in one.
Factors to consider before buying one
As factors, you will need to consider before purchasing a wood beer carrier; we have the price and the finish. About the price, you need to look for the one that best fits your budget and your taste. 

And of course, you need to look for ones with right looking final touches, so you won't have to deal with wood slivers on your hands.
Carrier Reviews Mealivos Wooden Bottle Caddy Sale 6 Reviews Mealivos Wooden Bottle Caddy, 6-Pack Beer Carrier with Built-In Metal Bottle Opener Natural Wood Beer Bottle Carrier And Metal Bottle Opener CARRY YOUR BEER IN STYLE: Take your brew game up a notch with the Refinery Wooden Bottle Caddy. This six-pack beer carrier protects up... BUILT-IN BOTTLE OPENER: With the built-in metal bottle opener, it's simple to pull out a brew and pop the top. It's the best brew... VINTAGE LOOK: Made entirely of wood and metal, this vintage beer caddy has a classic style that always looks great. Show off your... PERFECT GIFT FOR THE GUY THAT HAS EVERYTHING - The Mealivos Wooden Beer Caddy makes a great gift for Groomsmen, Father's Day,... Detail Page

Mealivos is the brand responsible for this carrier. It is made from natural wood, and it comes with a metal bottle opener. The mission of this carrier is to protect your bottles and at the same time, give you the right style. The dark wood is very smooth and easy to carry around.

As we said before, it does comes with a built-in bottle opener — the way to use it's by popping your beer at the top. 

It advertised itself as perfect for not just parties but also for game days, picnics and almost every environment you want to take your six-pack with you. 

It is also meant to buy to gift it on a Father's Day, birthdays, graduations, or Christmas. 

It weighs 1.65 pounds, and the size is the standard for a six-pack wooden carrier. 


– The six-pack looks: This six-pack has the perfect unique and rustic look to give you the style you want wherever you go. The best advantage of this carrier is sober and unique look it provides. The beers look protected and good-looking at the same time. 

– The top bottle opener: The top bottle opener is very convenient and easy to use at the same time, and safe because of its location. Because of that, you don't have to worry about cutting yourself accidentally while trying to take your beer out. 

– The protection: It is built to protect your six-pack doesn't matter if its soda, glass soft drinks, or craft beer. If you have children around you don't need to worry about them hurting themselves with this carrier, it is very safe to touch and handle without cutting yourself with the built-in bottle opener. 

– The materials: It is made entirely of wood and metal, and it gives it an adorable vintage look. It has a beautiful design. 

– The wood: The wood is unique and very hard and longlasting, so you don't have to worry about it falling apart if it falls or even just by carrying it out too much. 


– What you can fit in it: One of the main problems of this product is the fact that you can fit can in it. Some bottle carriers have the option of providing at least 2 or 3 cans instead of bottles. However, it is tough to get them in and very impossible to get them out. 
Wooden Beer Caddy Handcrafted 73 Reviews Wooden Beer Caddy - Handcrafted Bottle Carrier with Opener Holds a 6 Pack - Made of Pine with a Clear Varnish PERFECT GIFT FOR THE GUY THAT HAS EVERYTHING - The Stout Crate Wooden Beer Caddy makes a great gift for Groomsmen, Father's Day,... HANDCRAFTED WITH QUALITY MATERIALS - Made of pine construction with a plywood base, the sturdy bottle carrier measures 10.2"L x 6.7"W x... INCLUDES VINTAGE BOTTLE OPENER - The wooden beer holder conveniently includes a metal vintage bottle opener on the side, so you won't... HOLDS 6 BOTTLES - The Stout Crate holds 6 standard 12 ounce bottles or cans of beer or soda, perfect for the man on the go. LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We are so confident in our product that we are willing to back it with a lifetime guarantee. If you are not... Detail Page

They made this carrier out of pine construction with a plywood base; the sturdy bottle carrier has the following measurements: 10.2″ x 6.7″ x 11.0″.

It sells itself as a handcrafted and stained carrier with a clear varnish applied to finish the whole look of it. It can hold indoor or outdoor conditions without issues. 

It comes with a vintage bottle opener. The wooden beer carrier includes a metal vintage bottle opener on the side, so you won't have to look for a bottle opener around. 

It's made for holding up to 6 bottles of beer or cans of beer or soda. 

The wood has a modern look, and it protects your beer while running around on a game or party. The size of the barriers is the perfect shape for holding right all the beers inside. 


– The wood:

This wood beer carrier is made out of a beautiful piece of wood. It does protect your beers, and you still feel with style when carrying it around the party or game. The plywood base with the pine construction provides safety and good looks at the same time while carrying it around. 

– It includes a bottle opener:

The best part is the included bottle opener at the side. The opener has a vintage look as well, and it gives the carrier a look it was built for. It is a perfect gift for father's day, Christmas, or birthdays to all the beer fanatics. 

– It fits cans entirely:

One of the best parts about this carrier is that it also fits cans entirely; it doesn't matter if they are soda cans or just your favourite beer cans. That shows the versatility of the product.

– Its glossy topcoat:

The glossy topcoat that it has makes it great for preventing it from falling apart and splintering. 

– The high quality finished:

Also, the clear varnish finished makes it longlasting and durable over time because it protects the delicate wood underneath. The wood is subtle, but at the same time, it one of the best, and it does provide quality. 


– Shipping issues: Some user complains about it coming up with a chip out of the wood, or the handles broken off or just not included in the box. These shipping problems are common, and when ordering, it feels like a hit or miss spin wheel. 
Acacia Wood Beer 6 Pack Carrier Sale 4 Reviews Acacia Wood Beer 6 pack Carrier, Caddy, Holder, Tote, Basket by Foster and Rye Quit lugging perfectly good beer around in terrible cardboard carriers: get our durable wood six-pack caddy instead and hit the road... It fits six beers - or sodas, if that's your thing, or picnic condiments, or a mix of pretty much whatever you feel like. Made of acacia wood, Holds six beer or soda bottles Cast iron bottle opener attached, Ideal for counter or table top display Reusable carrier Detail Page

You can order the Acacia wood beer six-pack carrier in a variety of colours. The wood is acacia wood. Known for being soft and not bulky. It does come with a cast bottle opener attached, which is ideal for counter or tabletop display. 

This product sells itself as a reusable carrier, meaning that it will last you the right amount of parties. 

The design is perfect for six beers or sodas, picnic condiments, or a mix of whatever you feel like putting inside. 

It comes with a weight of 2.35 pounds, which is closed to the standard weight of a wood beer carrier. 

It is also advertised as the perfect gift for father's day, birthdays, or even just as a surprise gift on Christmas. 

The wood protects the beer and at the same time, leaves a little space so you can add some ice if you feel like it. 


– Simplicity:

The advantages of this wood beer carrier come out of its simplicity. 

– How Does it Look?

The acacia wood has a beautiful but straightforward finished that brings out a lot of masculinity when carrying it around. 

– Versatility:

It is perfect for almost anything you want to put inside, not just beer, which makes it very versatile and a useful gift or present. 

– Beer protection:

It protects the beer, and the handle is very comfortable in your hand while walking around with it. 

– Its bottle opener:

It comes with a bottle opener, so you don't need to worry about where did you lose yours anymore. You will always have it right there with your beer carrier. 

– The wood material:

The wood can hold up just fine in indoors or outdoors environments without any issue or falling apart. At the same time, the wood material is very longlasting, and it feels durable in your hands. It can survive specific amounts of falls and hits entirely. 

– The perfect carrier:

It is also the perfect carrier for a fishing trip or just working in your garage for a while. You can take it to the beach, and the sand and saltwater won't damage it. 


– Wood protection:

The wood's not protected by any time of varnished or topcoat, which makes it easier to get a splinter in and hard to handle it carefully. 

– The weight: 

The weight is over the standard weight for a carrier, which means that your beers will feel heavier while walking around with them. 
Personalized Wood Beer Caddy With Magnetic Cap Catcher 5 Reviews Personalized Wood Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener and Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher. Handmade Rustic Wooden Six Pack Tote/Carrier - Boxed Split Monogram with Est. Date Detail Page

They made this product in Rochester, NY. Where they locally sourced and handpick all of the wood used in the making of this wood beer carrier. It comes with a width of 7 inches, 12 inches high, and with 12 inches length. 

The color of this wood carrier is black, and it is made out of pine, hardwood, metal, and nylon. The finished style is hand-painted with acrylic. 

It is made for holding the standard 12 ounces beer bottles or cans. The dividers can be removed to carry even a large craft beer bottle and growlers. 

The nylon is thick, and it long enough to keep your knuckles clear and safe from bottle caps. 

This item can be personalized as well. 

It came with a heavy and sturdy design to keep all the bottles inside and protected without any issues. 

The style is rustic and mainly. 

It can be used for picnics or game days or to fill it up with whatever you want. 


– The look:

The rustic looks are very mainly and nice to see. The wood is smooth and soft to the touch, as well. It is perfect for fitting bottles or cans without any issue. The best part is that ever beer caddy comes with a rustic style bottle opener attached with powerful and rare earth magnets installed to catch the bottle caps as they fall from the opener

– Great as a gift:

It also works as the perfect gift mainly because you can personalize it with your favorite logo or a special message. 

– It is handcrafted:

The fact that is it handcrafted and hand-painted makes it more beautiful and easy to admire. The thick nylon that fits the part of the handle is very comfortable and easy to hold even with sweaty hands on a hot day. It is also perfect for keeping your hands away from the bottle caps and free of scratches.

– You will never have to worry about forgetting your bottle opener:

With this package, you will never have to worry about forgetting your bottle opener, and the cap catcher will keep the environment clean with a very charming wow factor to the gift in general. 


– Takes a long time to be ready:

The main disadvantage of this wood carrier is the long time you have to wait for it to be ready.

– Personalization design: 

The personalization option is tricky, and some customers complain about their design coming up all wrong. It does have a painted cover, but the wood is very rustic and comfortable to get splinters from. 
Black Solid Wooden Caddy 4 Reviews Black Solid Wooden 6 Pack Beer Bottle Holder Caddy Carrier And Bottle Opener Made of solid wood The handle is Ergonomic Caddy holds 6 bottles (bottles in photo are not included) Includes built-in bottle opener Product Dimensions 9"L x 6"W x 9.5"H Detail Page

This wood beer carrier is made out of solid wood with an ergonomic handle. It can fit on to 6 bottles and includes a built-in bottle opener. 

The dimensions are 9 x 6 x 9.5 inches. 

This item is straightforward and rustic. It is made out of wood and then covers with black paint to give it personality. It is perfect for outdoors or indoors environments without any problems. Because it is wood made, that means it is reusable as many times as you want. 

It comes with a metal and fancies looking built-in bottle opener as well. 

This caddy is perfect for any holiday as a gift for the perfect guy. The wood is soft and smooth and easy to handle. 

It does fit the standard weight for a beer carrier which means your beer will not feel heavier while walking around. 

The look and the filling of the carrier are well crafted and easy to handle. 


– The look:

The black paint gives it a fancy look. The wood very well handles, and it is easy to transport. Once it arrives, it looks just like in the product pictures, very black, fancy, and mainly. 

– The built-in opener:

It comes with a built-in opener, which is always, always a plus. You won't have lost time looking for your bottle opener everywhere at the last minute because you will already have it with your carrier. 

– Comfortable handle:

The handle is comfortable, and it makes it even easier to carry around without hurting yourself. 

– It fit bottles:

The best part is that it can fit bottles, cans, and almost anything else that you want to put inside for a picnic day. 

– Durable material:

The material feels long-lasting and durable, which is a plus when you are at a party, and everything starts to fall around.


– Some issues with the shipping: 

There are some problems between the shipping and the delicate material. A lot of users complain about it coming in shipped or with scratches or just broken, which is never pleasant or satisfying. 

– The paint:

The paint feels rusty, and the overall material look is hard to handle, which makes it easy to get splinters. 


When it comes to handling your beer, the best option is a wood beer carrier. They provide good looks, always mainly and vintage, and they also offer protection to all your bottles or cans. The majority of wood beer carriers are very comfortable and useful. They tend to add a bottle opener to give you that extra accessorize at the end of the day. 

A wood beer carrier is comfortable, easy to carry around, and it gives a charming and sober look to your beers. They are perfect for picnics, game days, or just working in the garage with some friends.

If you don't like it anymore after a while, you can use it to carry around anything else that fits inside. 

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