Lighting is crucial to photos get the best shot with these portable LEDs


Even though the iPhone has come a long way in terms of camera software and lighting effects, nothing beats actual lighting. While Portrait Lighting has settings like "Studio Light" and "Contour Light," it's still simulated lighting, and just not the same. If you want to have the best pictures possible with your iPhone, then you'll want to look into lighting accessories. Here are some of the best ones that we have found.

Dual lighting and protection

LuMee Duo iPhone Case

LuMee Duo is a protective case that packs in a dual set of bright LED lights right in the case. With the Duo, you get two LED light strips on the back, and the front of the case has LED lights in the bumper. With the LuMee Duo, you'll have studio lighting no matter which camera you decide to use.

$70 at LuMee

Clip it on

Whellen Selfie Ring Clip-On Light

This clip-on accessory provides you with 36 LED lights in a ring that you can simply clip on to your iPhone, iPad, or any other device. There are also three lighting settings with this accessory, and even the lowest option is still bright. It's a simple accessory that is compact and universal, but you will need two AAA batteries.

$7 at Amazon

Portable photo studio

UBeesize Selfie Light Ring with Extendable Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

This set has everything you need to have a portable, professional photo studio. You get a 10-inch selfie ring light that has three colors and 10 levels of brightness each. There is also a tripod stand that extends up to 50-inches for the light, and a flexible phone holder keeps your phone in place. There is also a Bluetooth remote for convenience.

$44 at Amazon

Portable bright light

Xenvo GlowClip Phone LED Light

If you want a smaller clip-on accessory for an LED light, then the Xenvo GlowClip is right up your alley. It is much smaller than the Whellen Selfie Ring Clip-On Light, and it has a rechargeable battery, so no AAA needed. The GlowClip also has three adjustable brightness levels for the perfect selfie or group photo.

$10 at Amazon

Twinkle twinkle little star

OURRY Selfie Light Ring

This little selfie light ring comes in two colors (pink and blue) and has adorable kitty cat ears. It features three lighting colors (cold, warm, cold & warm), with three brightness levels each, so you can customize your lighting how you want. It takes two hours to recharge fully and is small enough to be universal for all devices.

$10 at Amazon

Social butterfly

QIAYA Rechargeable Selfie Light Ring

The QIAYA Rechargeable Selfie Light Ring is like the Whellen that we mentioned earlier, except this one is rechargeable, so no need for extra AAA batteries. It does cost a few dollars more, but sometimes the convenience is worth it. The QIAYA has three brightness levels so that you can have the perfect lighting anywhere, anytime.

$13 at Amazon

If we're making suggestions

Even with all of the camera software advancements that Apple has made with the iPhone, you can't match great, real-life lighting. But if you miss the golden hour, that doesn't mean you can't get great photos, because these fantastic lighting accessories will light up the way.

We highly recommend the LuMee Duo iPhone Case. It's a highly protective phone, albeit a little extra bulk, and having bright LED lights for both the front-facing selfie and rear cameras is fantastic. A professional photographer designed LuMee, so while it's pricey, it's well worth it if you want the best photos. We also recommend the QIAYA Rechargeable Selfie Light Ring, because it's big enough to give you the best portable lighting, and it's rechargeable.

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