Light fixture with Pull chain


In attempts to open up the light fixture and figure out how to re-attach a chain to the pull chain attachment, the black wire connecting to the pull string fell out of the fixture. Im not sure if it goes (as you would assume) into the area where the black goes on the fixture, and just want to check for sure. I know the white wire coming from the lamp holder goes into the white spot, so I assume the black on the pull string attachment goes into black. See photos for clarification on my explanation to where I think they should be going.

The second question - do I have to find a part that has both the lamp holder + pull chain mechanism already connected or is it possible to buy just the pull chain? Seems like it may be soldered but wanted to double check.. (see photo 2 of where pull chain mechanism is connected to lamp holder

Thanks in advance!! enter image description here enter image description here

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