LG’s Self-Emptying Vacuum Is a Dream if You Have Allergies—And It’s 20% Off Right Now


There are a lot of perks to living in a pre-war building in New York City. For starters, closets are plentiful, it has hardwood floors throughout the unit, and it’s more spacious than most new builds (roughly 1,200 square feet for a two bedroom apartment, to be exact.) But with a bigger space comes more responsibility, like frequently dusting and sweeping debris off the floors. As someone who has allergies and sneezes any time dust is present, cleaning is an arduous, but very necessary task. When the broom and dust-pan were no longer cutting it, I turned to LG’s CordZero Cordless Vacuum ($800), a worthy investment for my  managing my allergies that’s currently 20 percent off on Amazon right now.

The LG CordZero cordless vacuum: An overview

Touted as a pioneer in home electronics, LG is at the forefront of innovation. From smart televisions and electronics, to laundry and kitchen appliances, LG is known for making high-tech home goodies designed to simplify its consumer’s lifestyles.

The CordZero Cordless Vacuum (which normally retails for $1,000) is the latest vacuum in LG’s CordZero line. What makes this vacuum stand out from the brand’s CordZero A9 Vacuum Stick ($550) and CordZero Robot Vacuum ($1,200) is its charging and self-emptying tower, a five-step HEPA filtration system, and a debris compressor.

Using a turbo motor, the CordZero sucks up dirt, pet dander, and hair in seconds and traps the debris in a clear, vacuum-sealed dustbin attached to the vacuum stick. The dustbin comes with a built-in compressor to compact the particles, creating more bin space and allowing users to clean for longer amounts of time.

What comes with the vacuum?

  • All-in-one tower that charges and holds the vacuum
  • 2-in-1 combination tool
  • Power mini nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • Power mop nozzle
  • Power mop microfiber pads
  • Power carpet nozzle
  • Two lithium-ion batteries

My review

LG cordzero cordless vacuum
Photo: Kayla Hui

I tested the vacuum for a month over a variety of surfaces, including the hardwood floors in my bedroom and living room and the tile in my bathroom and kitchen. It’s left the floors spotless in every room, so much so that I didn’t need to use a broom afterwards.

What’s neat about the vacuum is that it does triple-duty as a handheld vacuum, floor vacuum, and mop. All that’s needed? A nozzle exchange. To covert the vacuum into a mop, I simply swap the universal nozzle for the Power Mop and attach the mop’s microfiber pads, which are washable and easy to remove. To turn the vacuum into a handheld, I use the mini nozzle, which is ideal for vacuuming the couch and tiny crevices.

In terms of ease of use and battery life, I give the vacuum a thumbs up. Not only does the vacuum operate with a push of a bottom, it features a tiny screen that displays battery life and the charging mode. I’ve vacuumed all three rooms on a single charge, and whenever I needed more juice—which I rarely used thanks to the long-lasting battery life—I swapped the dead battery for the second one, which charges when docked to the all-in-one tower.

LG cordzero cordless vacuum
Photo: Kayla Hui

What makes LG’s CordZero vacuum extra unique is that it automatically empties itself (yes, you read that correctly.) Once the vacuum is docked to the all-in-one tower, it automatically empties into a vacuum-sealed bag, so I never have to empty it myself.  The most I have to do is throw away the sealed bag (which makes it ideal for people with allergies.) The vacuum comes with three disposable bags to kick start your allergen-free home. The vacuum bag lasts several sessions worth, between 3-5, depending on how much debris is collected.  Built into the vacuum is a 5-step HEPA filtration system, which filters and traps 99.9 percent of dust and dirt. This helps to keep your home in tip-top shape and better the air quality. Not to mention, the all-in-one tower has a 3-step HEPA system, too.

LG cordzero cordless vacuum
Photo: Kayla Hui

What I like about the LG CordZero vacuum

There is a myriad of features that I admire about LG’s CordZero vacuum. First off, I love how lightweight it feels, making vacuuming around the nooks and crannies of my home a breeze. I also love that it comes with a tower that does triple-duty as a vacuum stand, storage unit, and charger for the vacuum and spare battery. Also neat: the convertible feature of a handheld vacuum and mop. We love a three-in-one device.

Yes, I might be a commerce writer full-time, but as an interior decorator at heart, I dig the vacuum’s sleek-looking design. It’s not distracting, and honestly, blends in like a work of art. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the auto-empty feature, which has been a godsend for my allergies. When I do need to empty and replace the bag, it’s easy to do so and doesn’t result in a mess. Compared to other vacuums I’ve used, I noticed fewer instances of sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes. What also helped, the LG vacuum didn’t leak dust, which happened occasionally with other vacuums on the market.

What I didn’t like

One caveat to the vacuum is that it doesn’t stand up on its own. While not impossible to prop on the wall, it took me a few tries to get it to stand up. Living in a large apartment building means that I have tons of neighbors—both below and across the hall. Since the self-emptying feature is noisy, I only gravitate toward using it in the morning and afternoon to avoid disrupting others. If I were to invent the 2.0 version of this vacuum and tower, I’d want the self-emptying feature to be on the quieter side.

Final thoughts

Whether you live in a house or apartment, LG’s CordZero Cordless Vacuum is perfect for anyone who wants a cleaner and fresher smelling home. The self-emptying feature is a bonus and comes in handy whenever my allergies start acting up. It’s perfect for people who want to keep sneezing and coughing at bay. After using the vacuum for nearly a month, I’ve noticed that I sneeze and cough less often. Plus, when I walk barefoot on the floor, I no longer have dust and dirt stuck to my soles.

Normally retailing for $1,000, the vacuum does cost a pretty penny, but with a charging station that doubles as a holder and storage unit, a mop and handheld function, suction power, and a self-emptying feature, it makes the vacuum worth it. Score yours for 20 percent off the sticker price on Amazon.

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