Graduation Gifts Under $10


Graduation Gifts Under $10



Sometimes you need to buy some inexpensive gifts especially if you need a whole lot of graduation gifts for friends. Cute Graduation Gifts Under $10 are not that hard to find if you know where to look. And if you wrap them up super cute they will charm even the pickiest gift recipient. 

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Graduation Gifts Under $10

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I am going to start with the obvious – gift cards. The key to giving gift cards is in the presentation. Buy a pile of coffee shop gift cards and order these adorable completely customizable gift card holders for only .97 each from the Almost Empty Nest Store.

I can't say this enough – Presentation is Everything!! These sacks (8 for $2.95) filled with goodies or any of the smaller graduation gifts under $10 on this post and tied with a ribbon and cute card will garner a lot of oohs and ahhs on any gift table.

These first aid kits are only $6.99 and every dorm room needs a few bandaids and items for cuts and scrapes.

Another minor emergency that can be solved for less than $10 is a missing button or loose hem. Mom and her sewing drawer will not be available in a dorm room or apartment. Give an emergency sewing kit for $8.99.

Another key to giving amazing graduation gifts under $10 each is to buy in bulk. If you buy one acrylic frame, you are over $10. If you buy a set of 5 acrylic frames for $36.99, then they are $7.40 each. Add a special photo of the two of you and you have the best gift on the gift table!

Is this not a gorgeous jewelry holder and it is only $9.99!! Give her a place to put her earrings and bracelets as she takes them off on her desk or beside her bed.

Are you giving gifts to gals who like to work out? These amazing Invisibobble hair ties have a strong hold, will not damage hair, or get sweat-soaked.

Can you believe this gorgeous chalk board with included chalk marker and 5 magnets is only $9.99 and as of this writing is on sale for $7.99???

My daughter and her roommate have several strands of these photo light sets around their dorm room. They are $9.41 each.

There are a lot of inspiring graduation books, but only a handful that you can use as a graduation gift under $10. I Wish You More is a book filled with wishes for the new graduate.

Whatever You Are, Be A Good One is another inspirational graduation gift book available for under $10.

The smaller of these grid totes is $9.99. It would be perfect for the guys who do not take as many items to the shower as the girls. The totes have holes in the bottom so they will not collect water.

Help her dress up her planner with this set of college planner stickers.

Make some Netflix binge night packs with these cute popcorn bowls – $7.95 each or a set of two for $13.95. Add some candy or microwave popcorn.

How about a cute acrylic memo block at $9.99 (currently on sale for $7.99)?

This 4 1/2 star rated make up bag is only $6.99. Customers say it is very durable and it even has an inner pocket for smaller items. 

You can rarely find something with “jumbo” in the name for less than $10. This Jumbo Weekly Task Pad is on sale for $6.39.

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