Get tons of craft and DIY projects for adding pizzazz to parties! These easy party crafts are great for kids, teens, and adults.


Are you a hostess with the mostess? Yeah, me neither. Deep down inside I want to be, but I’ve got a lot to learn. There were five kids in my family growing up (I have four younger brothers) so all of our shindigs were very simple. My mother didn’t have the time or the money to plan anything fancy, which I totally understand.

The online resources to make parties fabulous on a dime just didn’t exist back then . . . and dollar stores weren’t nearly as cool. So the basics of an awesome party back then were as follows: a cute cake, paper plates with a design, and napkins that matched.

If you were lucky you might get a banner or a few streamers. That was the 80s!

Nowadays I feel it’s way easier to have a cool party on a dime. You can be that hostess with the mostess without spending a ton of money! And I’m happy to share these party crafts with you, which are a way to do that.

There are great ideas for decorations, favors, activities, and more. A lot of these party crafts would be great for decorating OR for doing at the party. Warning: there’s a lot of glitter and confetti involved. But hey, I feel celebrations call for both of those, right?

Note: Speaking of glitter, if you use any Mod Podge in these projects, check out the Sparkle or Extreme Glitter formulas. Trust me on this.

Take a peek at the party crafts below and let me know what you think – which one is your favorite? Keep in mind they aren’t just for birthday parties. You can make any of these unique ideas for graduation, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, holiday, Christmas, and more. There are no limits! Keep on reading.
Party Crafts
Make your celebration the best ever with these unique and easy party crafts! Perfect for all types of parties from birthdays to graduations to weddings and more. Great for crafters of all levels.
1 DIY Glitter Glasses for the Best Party Ever
Make beautiful glitter glasses with Mod Podge to celebrate everything from birthday to wedding to New Year's Eve. The best part is you can wash these!
Get the Tutorial 2 Confetti Letters for Party
If you love confetti crafts, try this easy monogram letter art! This technique can be used with a variety of letter, numbers, and shapes. A perfect party activity.
Get the Tutorial 3 Make Tissue Paper Flowers Four Ways Photo Credit: Cori George
Tissue paper flowers make a gorgeous event decor with a big impact - think weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and more! Learn how to make easy tissue paper flowers, as well as different methods for cutting the petals to create four unique styles.
Get the Tutorial 4 Glitter Envelopes
These DIY glitter lined envelopes are easy and add a surprise pop of color when the envelope is opened! Perfect for party invitations.
Get the Tutorial 5 Paper Fan Photo Backdrop Photo Credit: Cheryl Sorce
Are you looking for the easiest photo backdrop EVER? All you need are some simple supplies, and the paper fans are really to make. This doesn't take long at all!
Get the Tutorial 6 DIY Lace Crown
Learn how to make this unique princess crown using lace and Mod Podge! Perfect for a princess party or just for dress up.
Get the Tutorial 7 How to Make Confetti Sticks Photo Credit: Jessica Serra Huizenga
No matter what the theme is at your next bash, these colorful straws will make perfect party favors! Your guests will leave with sparkly reminders of all the fun they had. Or if you want these sticks all to yourself, set them up in a cute display anywhere in your house.
Get the Tutorial 8 Sheet Music Mason Jars
Maybe you need table decorations for a party or wedding on a budget? Mason jar centerpieces are a great idea! This one is so easy.
Get the Tutorial 9 Make a Birthday Balloon Wreath Photo Credit: Missy Smith
This wreath is so festive and fun to decorate with for every birthday! All you need are balloons - so head to the dollar store and grab a ton of them to get crafty.
Get the Tutorial 10 Glitter Mini Champagne Bottles
These DIY glitter mini champagne bottles make perfect favors for party, wedding, or New Years! Use this technique on any mini alcohol bottles. It's easy!
Get the Tutorial 11 Easiest Hanging Paper Lanterns Photo Credit: Trisha Zemp
These really are the easiest lanterns ever - they were made out of paper by an elementary school teacher who does them with his students! Perfect for all sorts of parties and all ages.
Get the Tutorial 12 Dollar Store Plates with Confetti
Use various colors of tissue paper and Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to decorate dollar store plates. This DIY is perfect for parties!
Get the Tutorial 13 Pom Pom Trimmed Napkins Photo Credit: Kara Whitten
I agree with Kara - I think everything is improved with the addition of colorful little fluff balls or tassels. This tutorial shows you how to take plain napkins and make them party ready.
Get the Tutorial 14 Make a Confetti Bowl
Learn to make a super cool confetti bowl in three easy steps! You don't need any crafting skills for this, and the results are SO fun!
Get the Tutorial 15 DIY Balloon Cupcake Toppers Photo Credit: Jeff Mindell
These are the perfect birthday balloons because they don't deflate! I like these in cupcakes and they would also be cute in a big bunch on a cake.
Get the Tutorial 16 Make a Basic Banner in Minutes
Learn how to make a banner using very simple materials! This is easy and inexpensive; perfect for parties, showers, graduations, and more.
Get the Tutorial 17 Hand Stamped Party Favor Bags Photo Credit: Sara Albers
Muslin bags are inexpensive, but they're also boring. Use them for party favor bags by dressing them up with paint - this is very easy.
Get the Tutorial 18 Simple Balloon Backdrop
Learn how to make a DIY balloon background with confetti and Mod Podge! This is fun for parties or photo ops.
Get the Tutorial 19 Pom Pom Party Hats Photo Credit: Sara Walk
Make this pretty party hats in any color combination! I have decided that a pom pom party hat is making an appearance at my next shindig, otherwise I'll probably be wearing these around the house. They're that fun!
Get the Tutorial 20 Confetti Coasters for Your Next Party
There are a million ways you can transform plain tiles with Mod Podge - these confetti coasters are one of those easy and cute ideas!
Get the Tutorial 21 DIY Ruffled Tissue Paper Garland Photo Credit: Colleen Pastoor
Looking for an awesome DIY garland? I'm obsessed with this super easy and affordable ruffled tissue paper garland! It is the perfect addition to any party, shower or holiday decor! Just make it in whatever colors fit your occasion!
Get the Tutorial 22 Crazy DIY Confetti Shoes
These DIY confetti shoes are so fun! They are perfect for back to school, game days, or any other time you feel saucy or want to celebrate!
Get the Tutorial 23 DIY Paper Flower Cake Topper Photo Credit:
It's hard to believe these beautiful blossoms are made out of crepe paper, but it's true! The tutorials are easy, and you can add a pretty topper to your cake in a short amount of time.
Get the Tutorial 24 City Themed Wine Charms
Never lose that glass at a party again! Make these DIY wine charms using Podgeable shapes, a free printable, and decoupage medium.
Get the Tutorial 25 DIY Gem Cocktail Stirrers
Get ready for the holidays or just add to your bar cart decor with these fun and colorful gem DIY cocktail stirrers! So easy to make.
Get the Tutorial 26 Make Mini Pinatas for Party Favors Photo Credit:
These mini pinatas are made out of paper plates (no papier-mâché required) and are so fun to fill with candy, messages, or other treats as a festive favor or invitation! These were made to look like little fruit slices, but you can get creative with other designs to match your theme.
Get the Tutorial 27 Goodie Bags Dipped in Confetti
Take your party to the next level with these simple DIY goodie bags! They are so easy to make with colorful confetti and Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial 28 DIY Food Picks for a Party
Learn how to make some fabulously cute food picks or cupcake picks! These are perfect for parties, wedding, holidays, and are reusable.
Get the Tutorial 29 Unicorn Surprise Ball Photo Credit: Tiffany Hewlett
Unicorns are magical, but fill them with fun little treats and gifts and you've got one spectacular surprise ball! These are perfect to have on hand for birthday gifts, or would make darling party decorations that could be given out as party favors at the end of the celebration.
Get the Tutorial 30 Confetti Pineapple Centerpiece
This pineapple centerpiece idea is SO easy and very unique! I bet you've never seen anything like it. Perfect for a summer party!
Get the Tutorial 31 DIY Mini Pots of Magic Photo Credit: Natalie Mayhew
These DIY magic pots can be used as a favor at a kids birthday party, to bring a little magic (e.g. glitter or candy) into your child’s life! Very easy to make and made out of recycled mini jam jars.
Get the Tutorial 32 Make Dessert Cloche the Easy Way
Use Mod Podge Stiffy to create unique doily dessert cloche - perfect in place of glass cloches! These are so pretty and easy to make.
Get the Tutorial 33 DIY Cake Stand
Learn how to make a DIY cake stand using items from the dollar store! This is easy and you can customize it for any celebration.
Get the Tutorial 34 Marbleized Appetizer Plates Photo Credit:
Try paint pouring and create the beautiful marbleized appetizer plates! You’ll love how easy it is and the unique patterns you will create with each pour. Easy to match with your party theme.
Get the Tutorial 35 Decorate Candles with Glitter
You can easily decorate candles with this quick tutorial - all you need are glitter, Mod Podge and vinyl stickers. It's very budget friendly!
Get the Tutorial 36 Surprise Message Confetti Poppers Photo Credit: Jeff Mindell
Learn how to make the most darling confetti poppers . . . and there's not just confetti inside, there's a secret message! This burst of confetti doesn’t just say “Hooray!”, it screams it! 
Get the Tutorial 37 Iridescent Plant Pots for a Party
These terracotta plant pots are unicorn inspired, with iridescent cello wrap applied with Mod Podge and confetti. Perfect for parties!
Get the Tutorial 38 Gold Glitter Fortune Cookies Photo Credit: Jenni Yolo
Fortune cookies aren't just for your takeout Chinese food! Why not add a little fun to your next get-together with custom gold glitter fortune cookies?
Get the Tutorial 39 A Glittery Paper Garland
Do you want to learn how to make a simple decoration for your next party? Learn how to make this easy glittery geometric paper garland!
Get the Tutorial 40 Cupcake Liner Wreath Photo Credit: Haeley Giambalvo
You can make this wreath for under $10 as the main supplies are inexpensive cupcake liners! Grab liners in the colors of your choice; perfect for any type of party and really easy to do.
Get the Tutorial 41 Confetti Balloons for a Colorful Celebration
If you want the colorful look of confetti as part of your celebration, try these DIY confetti balloons. It's easy to do and inexpensive!
Get the Tutorial 42 Make a Ticket Photo Booth Photo Credit: Brittany Jepsen
I absolutely love ticket rolls! They are fun to craft with, and as it turns out are perfect for parties. All you have to do is unroll them.
Get the Tutorial 43 Decorate an Envelope with Confetti
Learn how to decorate an envelope with confetti! This tutorial shows how to add a little extra something to make a note feel more special.
Get the Tutorial 44 DIY Plates Your Guests Will Admire
Create these unique holiday / party plates your guests will love - use clear glass plates from the dollar store, fabric, and Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial 45 DIY Colorful Place Card Holder Photo Credit:
This DIY colorful summer place card holder also doubles as a favor! Once dinner is over, you can give your friend their place card which doubles as a holder for photos, cards, notes, fortune cookie fortunes- whatever they desire! Best of all, they are easy to make and super affordable.
Get the Tutorial 46 Confetti Champagne Bottle
Use your favorite confetti to customize a champagne bottle for New Years Eve or any other party! These have a nice twist as a party number too (you'll see in the post!).
Get the Tutorial 47 Colorful Confetti Tray
Ready to party?? You can decorate a clear acrylic tray with confetti and Mod Podge. This confetti tray is easy and perfect for a celebration.
Get the Tutorial 48 Confetti Candle Holders on the Cheap
Decorate simple glass candle holders from the dollar store with inexpensive confetti. Perfect for a celebration or fun home decor!
Get the Tutorial 49 DIY Wood Cake Stands
I love festive touches at holiday parties! David did just that with these Mod Podge DIY cake stands - they even come apart for storage.
Get the Tutorial 50 Gold Votive Candle Holders with Bling
These DIY gold votive candle holders are guaranteed to make your table setting sparkle this Christmas, New Year, or any celebration!
Get the Tutorial 51 Wine Bottle Coaster
Learn how to make a coaster for a wine bottle using PVC pipe! This is such an easy and unique project that is perfect for gatherings.
Get the Tutorial 52 DIY Party Cups Dipped in Confetti
These budget friendly party cups are dipped in confetti! If you need some easy decor for your next celebration, get the tutorial here.
Get the Tutorial 53 Lace Mason Jars for a Party
Make lace mason jars for a fun spring project! You can add lace to jars with Mod Podge for home decor or party/wedding favors.
Get the Tutorial 54 Party Favors in Four Easy Steps
These simple and cute DIY party favors are so easy to make - and use a supply that you already have in your house! Click for the tutorial.
Get the Tutorial 55 Tissue Paper Mason Jar Centerpieces
Make mason jar centerpieces out of recycled jars - using tissue paper and Mod Podge! Grab items from your stash to make this project free.
Get the Tutorial 56 Polka Dot Birthday Backdrop Photo Credit: Lindi Haws
Lindi has provided this backdrop for free - so you can download from her and print, OR you can recreate using your own paints and materials.
Get the Tutorial 57 Cardboard Sandcastle for a Beach Party
Learn how to make a cardboard sandcastle out of recycled boxes! This is such a great tutorial for a party or anywhere you need a cool castle.
Get the Tutorial 58 How to Make Sprinkle Candles Photo Credit:
Sprinkles aren't just for delicious treats - you can also use them for decorating! I love the idea of placing them in votive holders with tea lights for cute party decor.
Get the Tutorial 59 Rustic Family Reunion Centerpiece
Make a DIY family reunion centerpiece to make your gathering beautiful! Looks perfect with a rustic or farmhouse decor style.
Get the Tutorial 60 DIY Wine Glass Markers
Use Dimensional Magic to make personalized wine glass markers that are disposable when the party is cover! These stickers are SO easy.
Get the Tutorial 61 Chalkboard Place Card Holders
These DIY place card holders are completely unique! You can re-use them for every new party or holiday. Get a free printable too!
Get the Tutorial
Let me know your favorite party craft in the comments, even if it’s not on this list!

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