Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Home


Did you know that 80% of all housing moves occur between the months of April and September? We are in the middle of peak moving season and for those of you thinking of selling your home, here are some questions you should be considering. (Bonus: For a free home valuation click here!)

How much is your home worth?

Most of us like to think if we just pull up our favorite national real estate site and, boom, your home value is ready for you, right?

Unfortunately, it still remains true that we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet. These automated estimates are sometimes close to your home’s value but often times they are far off. The algorithms used to determine these values might not always be accurate when accounting for the age of your home, size, condition, similar recently sold properties and they certainly can’t calculate the value of any upgrades you have made to your home.

The only way to get a REAL home valuation is to talk to a real estate agent. You want someone who is selling homes in your neighborhood frequently and will be able to tell you what your specific home with its specific features will capture on today’s market. Better yet, a real estate agent can help you to figure out what you can do to your home to get that value up even higher. Which is a perfect segue to . . .

How do you sell for the highest price possible?

Your neighbor’s home just sold for $15,000 higher than any estimate of your home’s value you have found online. What made their home so special?

This is where using a real estate agent to get all the details about the home is valuable. They’ll be able to give you specifics about the condition, upgrades, bonuses, and what the “selling points” of the home were.

There are a few things you can do before reaching out to an agent though, including decluttering your home, sprucing up the landscape, and making any needed repairs to your home. Check out my post on Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value for more tips.

When and if you do decide to put your home on the market, you’ll want to make sure to work with an agent who offers to have your home staged and uses a professional photographer (all agents at FresYes offer this, btw). By making your home shine, you are going to get more showings, more offers and a higher sales price for your home!

How much time will it take to sell your home?

This depends largely on the market. In the Fresno area, we are seeing homes sell in about 40 days on average. Some homes are selling faster, and some are taking a little longer of course. Pricing, availability of homes for sale, the marketing of your home and buyer demand will all factor into the amount of time your home spends on the market. Pricing it correctly and having great marketing will not only help you to sell your home quickly but also get you the most amount of money for your home.

If you are needing more time to move but want your home to be on the market now, there are many options for extending an escrow period or maintaining occupancy after a sale. Your real estate agent will be able to help you navigate this process.

Finally, should I use an agent to sell my home?

Yes, yes, yes! Full disclosure, I’m a real estate agent so of course, I’m going to say yes but here’s how I and my fellow agents can help:
We help you to see the big picture. You still have a life to live! Laundry, kids, working out, friends, work, etc. don’t stop just because you’ve listed your home for sale. A real estate agent will help you to navigate selling your home with the least amount of stress possible. We have the tools to help you market your home. Professional photographers, stagers, access to the MLS, and call/email lists are crucial to marketing your home. A good agent knows the best repairmen, electricians, landscapers, pool cleaners, etc. to get your home ready to go or make an necessary repairs during the sale of your home. Your agent can help you manage the sale of your home while simultaneously helping you to make your next move whether it is purchasing a new home, moving into a rental or relocating.
Selling a home can be as simple as putting a sign in the yard and snapping a few quick pictures but if you want the most amount of money for your home at terms that are favorable to you, you definitely need an agent. There is so much that goes into the sale of a home that most sellers can’t, and really shouldn’t, handle it on their own.

Answering these questions is a good start and once you are ready to move forward, the entire team here at FresYes Realty is ready to get to work for you.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Reach out to me at and connect with me on Instagram.
Bonus: For a free home valuation click here!

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