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51.99 USD

For "L.V - Neverfull MM" SENAMON Bag Organizer, Bag Liner, Bag Shaper in 7 inch/18 cm height.
Are you busy and change all the thinks you have in your bag is leeway for you? So is the SENAMON bag organizer a perfect time saver for you. It's time to be always tidily!
Do you need a solution which should protect your bag from stains and give your bag a better shape, than are this organizers a perfect way out for you...
The term Louis Vuitton ' is a trademark of LVMH. The purse
insert fits in Louis Vuitton bags, but is not endorsed or certified by Louis Vuitton brand.
●MATERIAL: Wool Polyester blend felt.
●ATTENTION: You need not to use any base for your bags as this bag organizer avoid baggy bottoms.
●The SENAMON bag organizers DOES NOT STAIN bags lining!
●Care instruction: Hand wash or gentle machine wash without wring.
●Please note: Actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings.
●We are not selling the bag on the photo! We are only selling the Felt bag insert organizer!
●POCKETS: his organizer has minimum 9 inside pockets an 2 pen holder. The 4 pockets are on the removable zipper pouch which is attached with on the wall of the organizer. On the long outside has the organizer two pockets and on the small outside wals 2 too , on the opposite long side 1 zipper pouch. The deepness off the vary completely according to the deepness of the organizer!
●HEIGHT: 7 inch/18 cm

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