First Car-boot Sales of 2022


Before I get to the subject of the post I must say hello and welcome to some new followers. It hovered around 719 or 720 going up and down but I see now at 722 - thanks for clicking.

I found some comments on the Library Book Photo post that I need to reply to. Thanks to Susan for the idea for a good printer/photocopier. Aril mentioned a book called The Lore of the Land - so I had to look that up of course!....think it will be added to my wish list. Hello to Cath who I've added to my reading list as she writes about books which are similar to my reading.

 Now to the boot-sales............................

 With the price of diesel for the car shooting up every week there will be fewer boot-sale bargains this year. I'll only visit  the Wednesday/Saturday one at Needham Market if I need to do  shopping or other errands afterwards or if I'm not going anywhere else in the week. No more trips to Woolpit now - that's much too far. I shall have to get over my car-boot sale addiction PDQ! The Sunday boot sales at Stonham Barns starts on 3rd April, only a short ride down the A140 so much more affordable and excusable.😀

Finds from the first week were these below plus another puzzle/sticker book and 3 more toy vehicles which I took to  Youngest Granddaughter and Middle Grandson.

I gave 20p for the small pack of Traidcraft Christmas cards, £1.50p for the five vehicles, £1.50 each for the two baskets ready for Christmas Hampers (never too early to prepare!) and the new puzzle/sticker books were 50p each.(one was an Usbourne publication priced at £7.99!)

The next boot sale I went to was on Saturday and you never know what strange things you can find among the boxes of things cleared from cupboards by the people who do house clearances .....including tins of fruit! 


I paid £1 for the 4  tins of fruit and 50p for the nearly full packet of washing soda crystals. Topsy and Tim book was 20p and a bundle of 5 cards for £1. The brass and glass thing is a candle holder, complete with snuffer - this is ready for the next time the electric goes off! It's not the sort of thing I usually buy as I'm aiming to find things that will save me money rather than add to 'stuff', but it just appealed and after that storm a few weeks ago it seemed like a good idea. That was my big spend of £3.

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